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Curtis Music Academy was founded in 2016 for the purpose of helping students of all ages fulfill the ambition of learning to play a musical instrument. Curtis Music Academy focuses on teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa, piano lessons, and vocal lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our instructors are focused on bringing an environment of learning in a non-condescending way. Rather than focusing our attention on the mistakes, we focus on the things that our students are doing correctly. As genuine encouragement is received, our students experience improvement through the lens of authentic inspiration and support. Our teachers sincerely care deeply for our students and their musical growth, which shows in each of our weekly music lessons.

Curtis Music Academy is deliberate in providing our students with a quality and positive experience. We hold our instructors to four core values, which is reflected in how we teach each and every lesson.

| Patience | Passion | Musical Growth | Mentorship |

Why does patience matter?

With a calm and intentional environment to allow growth through mistakes, our students will not feel pressure or embarrassed by the inevitable wrong note or buzzy chord. Rather than reacting in a negative way, our teachers are proactive in helping students learn from their mistakes. As our students take their weekly music lesson, our teachers are ready to help them to grow by responding to their growth in uplifting ways, bringing the best out of them.

Everyone knows that reactive or highly emotional person in your family or your friend group that you constantly have to be careful with. Would you want them teaching you how to master an instrument? Didn’t think so. We make sure that whoever we have teaching our students are top notch and provide the calm and collected guidance you need for success.

Why does passion matter?

As our each of our students begin their piano lesson in Tulsa, they are greeted by their instructor with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in their musical skill. According to Anthony J. D’Angelo, when a person develops a passion for learning, they will never cease to grow. Curtis Music Academy strives to ignite musical passion in our students and instructors. Curtis Music Academy will design music lessons based on the interest of the student. This ensures the fact that motivation and the momentum to move forward will promote musical growth and help the students reach their musical goals. Instructors at Curtis Music Academy continue to fuel musical passion by honing their musical talents to prepare and provide the highest quality of personalized private music education.

Why are our students passionate about taking lessons?

Learning to play a musical instrument takes time, practice, and hard work. With that being said, it is a tremendously gratifying experience, especially as our students enter in to their piano lessons in Tulsa. As each student works to develop their skill, you can anticipate a passion for music to follow.

Why does musical growth matter?

Although kindness and passion are important, it is futile without musical development and understanding. That is why we take proven steps to assure your success as a student. Through our curriculum, you will develop skills unique to your specific goals.

Why does mentorship matter?

Our instructors are kind, passionate, and invested in our students. Although the main focus is growth in musicianship, we also seek to see our students grow in all areas of life. We even find that through the discipline of learning an instrument, they naturally take that same initiative into every other aspect of their lives that they deeply care about.

Why is it important that the student should have a mentor that is better than them?

It is important to learn from a musician that has taken the steps to develop their own musical skill. Although teaching is certainly a skill in and of itself, one can only teach what they have learned themselves. Our kind and knowledgeable staff will direct the steps to guide the student in a well organized and efficient way. Our teachers will always be improving (we actually require our teachers to allot a certain amount of hours to mastering and practicing themselves), so that when they meet with your every single week, you find them actually growing stronger and stronger in their skill. They are still learning new traits and abilities to their craft via piano lessons Tulsa.


Why should students be diligent in practicing in between the lessons?

Each weekly lesson is typically 30 or 60 minutes. Because of this limited time frame, it is vital to rehearse and develop your skill through the weekly assignments that we cover in the lessons. The information and concepts that the student receives will provide plenty of material that can be rehearsed during the week. An additional benefit is that research shows practicing an instrument for 45 minutes 5 times a week increase the student’s ability to recall information, increase the ability to process information, and enhance their overall mood.

Can I learn to play an instrument through an app?

Although the amount of resources available today are numerous, there are two main deficiencies that mobile apps are unable to accommodate. The first is a lack of accountability. Learning an instrument is not a short-term endeavor, nor is it a skill that can be produced through shortcuts. Mobile apps are mostly created to cure an impulse desire to learn, not a grounded aspiration to master the skill via piano lessons Tulsa. The second deficiency is the inability to actually give constructive feedback on what the student is actually playing. Correct playing techniques are key to provide adequate results in playing an instrument, which is something that is very difficult to communicate and reinforce through an app.

About the owner:

After graduating with prestigious honors from the University of Tulsa, owner Ron Curtis has been empowering and training teachers to help students grow as musicians. After bolstering his own private music studio to over 60 weekly students, Ron began investing in the development and training of musicians to help accomplish the common goal of reaching students throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma with quality piano lessons Tulsa and with other instruments.

As his love for learning never ceases, Ron has received many awards recognizing his high standard for hard work. Some of these include the Charles Ferguson Award presented by the Missouri Valley College band program, which acknowledged his tremendous contribution. At the University of Tulsa, the Outstanding Senior award was given to Ron, which recognized the diligent effort in progressing the university’s education program.

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