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My name is Jade and I am learning piano

I like learning new things and I like learning new notes and new songs

I would recommend piano lessons tulsa to one of my family members because I want them to experience the good things that I have in my class too



My name is Isaac Cain and I am learning music theory

I actually found about you guys on the app Thumbtack. I was looking for piano lessons tulsa and it was one of the first apps that I downloaded for lessons, and what not. And it was like the top one on there. And I clicked and talked to him and it was easy and he seemed awesome. It was super simple. Thumbtack! Simple answer.

Ron, of course! You’re awesome! No uh, well, that of course. You’re great. Just the hands on, intricate, specialized learning experience is really amazing. It’s really nice to have a specialized course that I, what I want to learn and be interested in learning. I think you do a really good job at that.

Oh, 100 percent. Yeah, all my friends who want to do any sort of lessons or anything close to this. I always recommend them. And even some of my family members who don’t do instruments at all. I’m like you should learn an instrument, cause this guy is awesome. He’ll teach you real good. I’m trying to get my little brother to learn the piano. He’s getting there, he’s starting to get close. But I, 100 percent recommend.



Good. My name is Kayo Custer and my daughter Sarah is learning how to play piano.

I think I Googled him. Well, maybe, it was crazy.

Ron is very patient and he got her to have fun while playing the piano.

Yes. Absolutely. It’s very fun to learn here.

Sounds, that’s great. Very, very good. And we appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you so much.



My name is Emmy Lou and learning to play guitar.

PYeah. My Dad asked me if I wanted to play guitar and so I said yes. And so he got me a guitar. He came here and we played.

That we all get to do it together as a group.


Yes, because it’s really fun and I like to do it with everyone else.

Perfect. That’s great. Emmy Lou, thank you so much. I appreciate it.



Ah, my name is Steve Garrison and I’m in the beginners, well, actually in the intermediate, but we started in the beginners guitar grill and chill class and now we’re in the intermediate class.

Um, my wife actually found you guys on Facebook and uh, thought that me and my daughter Emmy Lou would like to do that. And so far it’s been great.

Um, that they’re, they’re easy. They’re, they’re not, well, not easy, but, uh, they’re fun. Um, and you know, it was a week we learned some chords. The next week we learned a strumming pattern. And in the middle of that strumming pattern, we figured out we were playing a song, which was really cool in a week. That’s awesome. So, yeah.

Absolutely. And we’ve actually tried to get to our brother in law and other people that we know to join us in that. So, uh, it’s, it’s been a blast. It’s so much fun.

That’s awesome. Thank you, Steven.

You’re welcome.



Leah Schmid. I’m learning piano. Very good.

A referral.

Uh, I enjoy that they challenge me with my piano lessons tulsa.

Uh, I have and yes, I definitely would because it helps, uh, I think your character, I think it helps with anxiety. I think it’s helped with my anxiety and it’s enjoyable and helps to, uh, grow your yourself. So I definitely would.

Very good. Well, thank you so much for your time. Thank you.



My name is Pamela tune and I am finally learning from the Curtis Music Academy. What I’ve tried to learn my entire career playing music, which is how to improvise on the piano and play some by ear since I originally learned how to sight read, which is a skill, but playing by ear has been difficult and it provides them with the chords and Ron has been very patient and leading me in that.

Um, I moved to Tulsa recently, within the last year and about a year ago, and the first thing I did after I found a house was I went on Google to find a music teacher because I have retired and now I can do what I really want to do, which is be the oldest rock star in America. But I’ve found Curtis Music Academy first one that came up on Google and it said music theory, Guitar, voice and piano lessons tulsa and I said, sign me up. And he got right back to me.

Um, I like the ease. There’s no pressure and there’s no stress. I have taken piano from a lot of different teachers and sometimes the stress of the teacher, you know, will keep you from enjoying the instrument. Ron has, has such a laid back style and allows you to input your own creativity and it makes for a really nice lesson. The environment is very comfortable and he is always willing to be flexible in his schedule wherever possible, which is helpful to me cause I’m in the middle of moving here.

Yes, I would. Um, I have actually. And um, why? Because I get to do all my music education here in a comfortable environment with somebody that’s knowledgeable and supportive through my piano lessons tulsa. There’s no reason I would need to do anything else.

That’s great. Thank you so much.



Absolutely. So my name is Craig Chesser. Uh, my son’s name is Cole Chesser and he is learning how to play the piano this year.

Absolutely. Uh, we first heard about Curtis Music Academy and their piano lessons tulsa because we were friends with, uh, with them at church we heard about him through our church, so they were part of our small group a few years ago and uh, been blessed to be part of it.

Absolutely, what we like most about, uh, our son Cole taking lessons at Curtis Music Academy is just a one on one, uh, practice and teaching that he gets here. Uh, Ron does an excellent job of just teaching, uh, our son and a one on one small quiet environment. He really gets the attention that he needs and deserves to be able to learn how to play the piano.

Absolutely. Absolutely. We would definitely recommend the Curtis Music Academy on to all of our family and friends. Uh, the amount of growth and, and, uh, learning that Cole has experienced in this, uh, this first semester has been amazing and we would, we’d love to see our, our families and friends experience that same amount of growth.

Awesome. Well, thank you so much.


Thank you