How is piano the gateway to music?

Many of the great people that you find in music, from pop artists to country musicians to classical professionals, have all at least made some experience and skill with piano lessons. Though they likely did not take their piano lessons Tulsa here, (but we are confident that many of our future students will become ultra-mega stars in the music industry…or just at their local karaoke bars), they did see a HUGE benefit in being able to have some skill in learning the piano. The piano is basically the core instrument to any composition. You’ll in fact find composers in most situations, utilizing the piano for their full production of music.

When it comes to you and taking piano lessons Tulsa with us, you’ll find that your initial joy with learning this instrument can very easily be translated into other instruments that you find interesting as well!

How do piano lessons benefit young students?

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Brain Development

There is a reason why researchers promote infants listening to Beethoven and Bach at Daycare Centers. Some researchers believe that classical music can contribute to the brain’s ability to make connections. In a study conducted by Shaw and Ruascher, “a group of 84 college students, they showed that listening to a Mozart piano sonata for 10 minutes improved the students’ spatial-temporal reasoning skills–their ability to form mental images from physical objects or to see patterns in space and time. Such skills, key to engineers and architects, aid in understanding proportion, geometry, and other mathematical and scientific concepts.”Music On the Mind- Education Weekly

How do piano lessons benefit adult beginning students?

The motives for an adult beginning piano lessons Tulsa might vary, but there is concrete evidence conducted by scientific researchers that links individualized piano instruction with strengthening the brain. Students have been bolstering their ability to recall information by taking thirty minute private lessons once a week. To provide the most effective experience for the brain, students will continue to practice musical selections at home for at least thirty minutes. Playing the piano for thirty minutes at least twice a week has the most significant impact on adults’ ability to recall memories and process new information.
Individualized piano instruction enhances executive functioning and working memory in older adults

Is it too late to learn?

It’s never too late to learn! As you’ll find when working with the Curtis Music Academy and our skilled instructors with your piano lessons Tulsa, many times you’ll interact with other adult students learning at the later stages in life. In fact, Ron, the owner for Curtis Music Academy, will even tell you that you’ll likely learn your desired instrument a LOT faster at an adult age than as a child. That’s because you are still developing as a child and getting those core mental functions incorporated into your being. As an adult, you’ve already got all the mental skill needed to take out these piano lessons Tulsa!

We may even hypothesize that at an adult age, you’ll actually enjoy the process more with learning an instrument because you are being very intentionally about the process. As a child, you were very likely forced by your parents to learn an instrument for the sake of learning a great skill (or just to get you out of the house – haha). As a child though, you may not have fully understood why you were doing this activity and therefore, didn’t care as much about mastering the skill. As an adult, you are being very intentional about realizing how beneficial it will be to you to learn an instrument and then spending the rest of your years playing the instrument in various settings and for various occasions. You automatically, through taking piano lessons Tulsa, become one of the cooler relatives at your family reunions or the coolest friend in your group! Well, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be a cooler person, but you will definitely have a great time taking piano lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy today! Just give us a call and we’ll get you started with your first $1 lesson!

Would I be your oldest student?

Chances are, probably not! We teach many students that wear a grey crown of wisdom (as in.. they have grey hair. Haha). Here’s a testimony from one of them!

“A little over a year ago, I decided to try to learn to play the piano. I was turning 65, cutting back on my work hours and wanted to get something of value from my additional free time. I thought learning an instrument might be difficult for someone my age, but that this could actually be a good thing — helping me stay mentally sharp. The musical experiment has been everything I’d hoped for. Though I’m certainly not gifted, I’ve been able to learn a series of interesting pieces, building on what I learn in each lesson to take on more challenging works. I’ve been able to direct my hands and fingers through movements that at first seem almost impossible but that gradually become natural. And I’ve been able to enjoy the sensation of making something beautiful from my own playing after years of being only a music spectator. The lessons and practices have been a joy, not work — a testament to Ron’s enthusiasm and skill at teaching.
I’m almost glad now that I didn’t learn to play earlier in life so I have the satisfaction of learning now. I’d recommend learning a musical instrument to any adult.”

-Tom McCarthy, May 22, 2018

And in the same way that Tom has been able to enjoy the more hours that he has in his day with his new music skill, you can be able to spend your years (no matter how old you are!) doing just the same thing. That’s why we definitely recommend that with anyone who’s new to piano lessons Tulsa or new to the Curtis Music Academy, that you simply fill out the form on our website or just give us a call. We’ll get you started in our introductory lesson for just $1!


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