5 Star Reviews and Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

Hi, guys, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy, and I’m here with another awesome podcast about things that relate to music and things that relate to our studio in our business, which were all so happy to be a part of. And we’re happy to serve the community in Tulsa with music lessons because we really believe that we’re imparting something into our students and that we’re imparting in them a love and a passion for music, as well as a skill that they will have their entire life. So we really take it seriously and it’s an honor for us to do it. Now, at Curtis Music Academy, we teach piano lessons primarily. We teach vocal lessons and we teach acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa, and a variety of other music lessons.

So I think we have upwards of one hundred and fifty students and I believe that 60 percent of them are young adults or children. So under the age of 18 and 40 percent of them are adults. And so most people are really surprised when they hear that. So I’ve had some students say, I bet I’m the only adult that you have here. And they feel a little uncomfortable because they’re learning the piano later in life. But I always reassure them that actually we have many adults and 40 percent of our business is adults and multiple retirees as well. And so they’re usually feeling reassured at that point because it’s not just, you know, one or two people that do, it’s multiple people. 

So anyway, that’s kind of a side note. But for today’s podcast, I would love to talk about the subject of a five star review and how it relates to acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa. So at Curtis Music Academy, our reviews are so important to us. So we are actually the highest rated in most rated music studios in all of Tulsa. So it’s an honor to have that. And we do believe that our students give us five star reviews because they’re genuinely thrilled at the level that we teach, whether it’s their children or whether it’s themselves. So that’s something we definitely take seriously. 

And so I was recently just looking through some of the reviews that we’ve had about acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa, and some of them are from my students that I have, whether it’s children and their parents, what the review part of it is, because the people who wrote the reviews, they’re excited that their children or themselves, that they’re finally learning their instruments and their music. But even more importantly than that, they’re excited to interact with us as people. And so that is actually a huge part of the core of what Curtis’ Music Academy stands for. So it’s not just a place where you come in and you learn as a human and it’s not, you know, friendly. It’s a very warm environment. 

The Best Rated Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

And so we really pride ourselves in making people feel at home while they are taking an acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa. We offer them coffee, tea and water just to have that feeling like you can just relax here. You don’t have to be on edge. We can just enjoy and go through this together type of thing. We’re also placed in a home. It’s a two story home on Denver Avenue and 15th, and it’s a nice location. And I love that we’re actually in a home because it just again reinstates that feeling of. We’re friends and we can just relax, it’s not a formal endeavor, these acoustic lessons, although we do, you know, put forth all the effort in professionalism. 

Along the same lines we actually spent a great deal of time connecting with our students at the beginning of the acoustic lesson, so it’s not just like come in, sit down, play the song. It’s actually like we do connect with them. We ask them how they’re going. We build relationships with them. Oftentimes we’ll just chat a bit normal at the beginning of the acoustic guitar lesson and the end of the acoustic guitar lesson. And sometimes we’ll kind of get off into a little chat in between the acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa. And I really think that’s important to to kind of break up all of the learning, because sometimes it’s like your brain is so focused and it’s doing repetitions and it’s doing all these different things is having a major workout, basically. 

And sometimes it’s nice just to have a little chat to break up all the learning going on. And so anyway, all that to say is we really value our students as people. We really feel like we’re giving them a gift. And obviously it is a business. They pay for their acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa and everything. But I believe that they’re really pleased with the level of care that they’re getting and the level of instruction that they’re getting. We don’t just teach them one dimensionally. We actually offer a wide variety so that they leave Curtis’ Music Academy as great musicians, not just as well. I can play a song or two, but they know how to understand and read music and they understand all the different aspects that go into it. So back to our five star reviews. 

They are very important in acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa. And it’s not just about Ron and Kelly, although they are the owners of the business. It’s actually about everybody, whether it is the office administrator or just a teacher who sees the student in passing. Everybody contributes to the student’s experience. And so we usually call people by name. We ask them how they’re doing. We have like little things throughout the year to to kind of instill fun things that help people feel like they belong and that they are appreciated for who they are. Another thing that I recently read on our five star reviews is that we are not judgmental and that seems kind of random. Like, of course, we wouldn’t be because we’re a music studio, you know. 

But at the same time, I appreciate that review because people don’t feel like they have to walk on eggshells when they’re at the studio. They can totally just be themselves, which is really what we want. We want people to feel totally comfortable taking their acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa and at ease. And it’s totally OK if you make mistakes because you know what you’re learning the piano or the guitar or what other instruments you are learning. So all that to say is we really pride ourselves in our five star reviews and we also pride ourselves in just caring for our students. And that’s really what it’s about ultimately. So thank you for tuning into this podcast about the five star reviews. And we will look forward to seeing you at the next podcast about acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa.