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On this episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast, what I want to talk about the importance of our team meetings. Now, these team meetings look a little bit different these days. As many of you know, we are dealing with some weird stuff regarding a global pandemic, which makes things a little bit more complicated, a little bit more difficult when you’re trying to teach acoustic guitar lessons. And also so everything. Curtis music has required a ton of flexibility on our part, but that’s OK, because that is just what it takes to adapt in this weird little climate that we’re in these days.

So what I want to talk about in this lesson is the importance of team meetings and how these are helping us move with roll with the punches. I believe with the phrase I don’t think it’s move with the punches to roll with the punches and take things as they come. What we’re dealing with old is weird and crazy stuff. Time is odd right about now, but that is all right. And we are managing and dealing with it as it comes to us. Her way at Curtis Music Academy. So these team meetings are incredibly important for all of us who are teaching acoustic guitar lessons in Tulsa. So when we’re taking music lessons of any kind and teaching them, it requires a team effort.

That’s what makes us really different here at Curtis Music Academy is that we focus on the team and not the individuals in terms of individual instructors. We do focus on our individual students, which I think is one of the best things that we do here at Curtis Music Academy. But as far as instructors go, we really focus as a team and it’s not so much about who estimates students or who is succeeding or whatever that is for acoustic guitar lessons. We want to work as a team together to build each other up and work on an awesome team together. So that’s what’s really important. Curtis Academy and I truly believe that that makes us a lot more adaptable to these changing times and heated climate than most other music academies.

I wouldn’t say so. Doesn’t thing that I think is really special having to do with teamwork here. Critchfield could cut me, but the next thing that I want to talk about are these team meetings like I mentioned at the very beginning. These team meetings are incredibly, incredibly important for us. Good music academy because they allow us to function as a unit that takes on whatever comes our way. So these team meetings that I’ve talked about before happened once a week in those really important. We actually don’t even get our instructor Bernholz if we do it in the meetings. That’s one incentive that Ron and Curtis Music Academy give us for attending these acoustic guitar lessons.

So all of our instructors that teach music lessons are at these meetings and they attend these meetings and they are incredible for their development as instructors. I will say because here’s the thing. Curtis Music Academy, we have so many instructors, so there are seven or eight of them, I believe seven or eight instructors. And we get together once a week. And the ability to get together allows us to work closer with one another and not against one another, like you said as a team, but also allows our instructors to become better instructors.

So you might ask me why work? How is it possible that these instructors are becoming better educators by attending a meeting once a week? Well, I’ll tell you, all of these instructors have a ton of experience and take music lessons of any kind with the acoustic guitar lessons, vocal lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, they take lessons of different kinds. And that’s been really awesome because I should say because it’s been awesome because they’ve got so much experience behind them. And this experience leads them to know what is freight in what is a brog when it comes to music lessons.

So they have so much experience and that they know what to expect and they’ve been adopted in places and experiences. Has it been great? Hasn’t been the best experience and they’ve got to do something different. So we’ve got to take all of that experience, so we combine it together. And then if you combine all that experience, we’ve got like eighty years with a guitar and playing. We did really awesome. But we put that together during acoustic guitar lessons and then we put our heads together. And this combined experience allows us to work to create the best, the absolute best opportunity for all of our students because they’ve got so much experience. So these experience leads aren’t instructors to know what is good?

What is bad? What they liked. What they didn’t like about taking acoustic guitar lessons wherever they took their music lessons. So that’s something that I think is really awesome and quite sets us apart from other music academies because we do have such a team foundation and that’s what we’re focused on. And that truly does allow us to give better music lessons because of all that experience. So at these team meetings, you may be asking yourself, I wonder what they do at these team meetings.

Well, I’m going to go ahead and tell you so again, according to all the stuff that is happening these days with a pandemic, the virus, all that good stuff, we’ve had to adapt our team meetings to a little bit differently than what they usually are. So typically our team meetings for all of our instructors to teach acoustic guitar lessons. We get together once a week at the studio house. We have food, we chat about the week. That’s one of my favorite parties. It allows us all to get together and talk about our week, not work necessarily at the very beginning. We just like to chat and get to know one another because Curtis Music Academy that’s so special because we’re all friends.

That’s really, really important to me because we are all friends and we get to know each other and that’s awesome. So, that’s what we do here at Curtis Music Academy for the first little part of our team meetings. Now our team meetings. After that, we go through what we call the student win of the week. And this is where all of our instructors get together and they talk about what their best student was this week. That is easily the most successful or whatever you want to say about that. But we talk about the students that succeed the best in terms of practicing or making progress, even if it’s minor progress, it is a student who’s been struggling during their acoustic guitar lessons. We will focus on that.

So I will say talking about student 1 of the week really shows our focus for little successes. Like we always talk about how we want to celebrate the small wins, the little wins. That is something that we truly do. We show that through our team meetings. That’s what’s so awesome about us here. A Curtis music academy is how we celebrate the little wins. And this like I said, this team meeting we have every week really allows us to do that. Now, our team meetings look a little bit different these days because we are not able to meet at the studio that is breaking the guidelines given to us by the state.

And we want to make sure, look, we’re all going, though, so we don’t meet at the studio anymore for the time being. We actually meet over Google Hangouts on the phone, which is awesome. It’s good. I’m really thankful for technology because it allows us to still chat with one another and talk about the important things that both Curtis Music Academy. But we are able to do that without being here, which is sad. I really do miss our team meetings and how helpful they were for all of our acoustic guitar lessons and all the instructors who teach music lessons that are really beneficial.

But thankfully, we’re still getting most of the benefits out of these meetings while doing it over the phone, which is awesome. So that is what we do at our team meeting. So after we go around talking about that, we talk about the suit. We’re the weeks and that’s where Ron steps in after that. And he goes through all the things that we need to talk about. If there are any difficulties with acoustic guitar lessons, we will discuss. He makes a little agenda every week to discuss the things that we need to discuss, which is really awesome. He’s always wearing on top of it and takes tabs on everything that we need to go over. So that is what we do at our team meetings here. Curtis Music Academy.

I truly believe that they are incredibly beneficial to our acoustic guitar lessons, our students and music lessons and all the instructors who teach music lessons. They are incredibly beneficial and help us succeed as a music academy. These team meetings are helping us in the current moment to adapt to this climate. Like I said, we’re having transitioned on my lessons and it’s weird and scary and a little bit off for all of our students. But the fact that we get to collaborate with all these brilliant minds once a week, it allows us to better serve all of our students because everyone has different ideas and different perspectives and takes on the situation. And it is really, really helpful for all of our students because every single student is reaping the benefits of these awesome team meetings here at Curtis Music Academy.