Adult Guitar Lessons | One Dollar Lessons for Adults

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Hi, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another podcast on one dollar piano and adult guitar lessons. So one thing that is important to the structure of Curtis Music Academy. We take them very seriously. We just want to show people how to have a good time playing the piano or any other instrument. We also offer many other types of lessons for adults. We offer vocal lessons. We even offer saxophone lessons or a variety of other lessons. Although, I would probably say that piano, vocal, and guitar lessons are our main focus. We do delve into a lot of other lessons as well. Basically, a student can come out and try a piano or guitar lesson for one dollar. And so that way they don’t feel like they’re being tied into any long term commitment. 


Also, even if that person chooses not to go back and continue piano or adult guitar lessons with us at Curtis Music Academy, our sincere hope is that they have learned something to take their music to the next level. And I’ve actually seen that happen. And the piano and guitar that I give on the piano and I’ve had students who have not come back, but we had such a great time in the one dollar piano and guitar lesson and they actually learned a key that’s going to help propel them forward in their playing. And that’s our hope, is to just blast people on their journey, whether they stay taking piano and adult guitar lessons with us or if they just come for that one dollar piano or guitar lesson. So in the last podcast, I explained what a wonderful piano or guitar lesson would look like when a child ages seven to 10 comes. 

This podcast I would like to look at if an adult beginner comes to take a one dollar piano or guitar lesson. So normally they’re treated. We come and we come through the main door. Sometimes we pull out the red carpet, which is just showing our one dollar piano or guitar lesson, students, how much we really care about them. And we are really not in it to make money. We’re not in it to become really anything. We’re here to show them that we care about them. We’re here to help them grow in their instrument. And that is our heart. And so we literally have a red carpet that we pull out. 


We try to do it every time, but it doesn’t always work out. But sometimes we do pull out the red carpet and it’s just funny and goofy and it just makes people feel like they’re special as soon as they walk in the main front entrance. And so at that point, what we do is we just say, welcome to the studio. We give them a little tour of our rooms to help them get an idea of what it might look like for a different student, especially for kids. But since this specific student would be taking adult guitar lessons, we would be in a larger room. And if you’ve never been to Curtis Music Academy studio, you have to come. You’re in for a treat. It’s a really cute house on 15th in Denver, and it’s just set up in a perfect way. It’s got four rooms that we use as studio rooms on the first floor, and we even have a baby grand piano in one of those rooms. And it’s my favorite. 


It’s just gorgeous and it sounds incredible. So usually for our wonderful piano and adult guitar lessons, we are in that room because it’s really just fun to play that piano. Even if you’ve never touched a piano before and you just play one note at that piano, it just sounds incredible. So we give them the tour. We also offer our students coffee, tea or water. We also have hot chocolate and chai latte and all kinds of stuff. We just want to really make people feel like they’re special when they come and that they’re a part of the family. For us, it’s not really a business. It’s not really like we’re just here for the numbers. It really is about getting to know people, enhancing their lives and making them feel like they belong somewhere. 


And so normally people do so well if they want coffee, they can bring it in with them during the piano or guitar lesson and they can just put it. We have like a little window sill where they can put their coffee or water as they’re taking piano or adult guitar lessons. And so every now and then they might just step on it through the lessons. So it’s really not formal. And I think that is our heart at Curtis Music Academy. It’s not strict. It’s not formal. You can really just take your shoes off, so to speak, and let your hair down and just be yourself. So anyway, all that to say is they come in and we just start our piano or guitar lesson. And so at this point, I’d like to just talk with them and just get to know them a tiny bit. So not their whole life story. 


But I like to ask them just a little bit about themselves, not in regard to music piano or adult guitar lessons like what do you do or are you from Tulsa? And just to kind of get to know them a little bit, they might mention that they have kids. So I might say, how many kids do you have? So really just letting them feel like they are connected, like we’re connected. And so at that point, I asked them if they have experience on the piano or in music. And so some people might say, I’ve never played the piano, but I took choir all the way through school. 


And actually that is a huge help when you’re starting music is to have a little bit of a background in school. And of course, it’s totally fine if you don’t have experience as well, you can start from. Scratch and go so far and totally enjoy every step of the way, and so I always encourage people who don’t have any experience, like you’ll be so surprised at how quickly you pick up the piano as well or any other instrument. So I asked them about themselves. I asked them if they have experience and I asked them if they do have experience. And I always let them know it’s not required. But if you’d like to play something on the piano, I would love to hear it. So sometimes people say, I really don’t have any songs, although I might have played when I was eight, I took piano and adult guitar lessons for a year. I don’t remember anything.