Adult Piano Lessons | Core Values for Amazing Instructors

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

At Curtis Music Academy, our primary core value is patience. We do not pressure students to learn a concept within a specific amount of time. We realize that each student is special and unique. A concept might take a certain amount of time for each individual to learn and sink into thoroughly. Because our adult piano lessons are tailor made for each student, we remain calm and remember our intent with each lesson so that our students can learn the necessary concepts that would help them progress in their musical journey.

We make sure that their environment is a peaceful and loving one so that they do not feel pressured themselves to learn each concept then and there in that moment. If the student makes a mistake, which is inevitable, as we all make mistakes, we do not react negatively, we react in a proactive manner which helps each student learn from the mistakes that they have made, which inevitably progressive’s them on their musical path.

As an example, there is a story that might help you understand where we’re coming from. With this being our first and most important core value, if you look at the Chinese bamboo tree. You would observe if you had ever taken care to grow one, that once you plant it, you might water it for one year, then two years, then three years.

And so on to the fourth year, then the fifth year, and nothing has happened. Then in the fifth year, you continue to water it for six weeks after. And in those six weeks, the bamboo tree rapidly grows 90 feet. So you may be asking yourself. How long did it take for the bamboo tree to grow 90 feet? Six weeks. Rather, we would submit to you that it took five years for the bamboo tree to grow 90 feet. Because during the first five years, the bamboo tree was growing.

A root system so large that it could support a 90 foot tree in the same way at Curtis Music Academy. We will have the patience to teach you the fundamentals that will be a foundation and a root system for you to grow up from and to become a master at your specific instrument for each student. It is going to be different. That is another thing we pride ourselves in, is having tailor made adult piano lessons plans for each student so that they can succeed in the way that is best for them.

We make sure that the instructors at the studio are teaching the students in a top notch manner that provides a calm, collected and intentional environment that is needed for success in music.

This patience that is our first core value is something that we teach not only to our students who take adult piano lessons. To be patient. In their growth. That they will see exponential growth at any moment.

But we also teach it to our instructors and because our instructors have patience as their first core value. We believe this is what differentiates Curtis Music Academy from other music schools.

At other music schools, you may find that the teachers and instructors have their specific way of teaching music and getting you to understand certain concepts and only those ways will work for them. But at Curtis Music Academy, we will make sure that we use ways that are catered to your specific way of learning, and we will take the time to learn how it is best that you learn so that we can implement that and include that in each adult piano lessons in order to help you succeed and reach your musical goals. More quickly.

After patients are second core value is musical growth and growth of your musical knowledge. Although kindness and in passion and patience and love are our first core value. The next important thing. Is musical development and understanding, after all, that is what you came here looking for.

This is why we create and take proven steps to make sure that you succeed as a student of Curtis Music Academy. We want to see you grow, not only as a musician, but also as a human being. We love seeing students become amazing people and rockstars. We would love for you to take a one dollar lesson, so feel free to fill out that form on our website to get set up with an amazing instructor!

Through our curriculum, you will develop skills and talents and abilities unique to the goals that you want to achieve and unique to the musical genre. You find that you fit into as you enter each adult piano lessons. You will be greeted by an instructor.

With a smile and a passion to help you succeed in your musical goals.

Although our main focus is patients. And musical growth. We also want to see every single one of our students progress in every aspect of life. At Curtis Music Academy, we hold the belief that music lessons cross paths with other lessons in our lives, and as instructors, we want to be there to hear about the adult piano lessons in music that have helped you deal with life lessons as well.

We are proud to hear how the discipline of learning an instrument carries over into other meaningful aspects of your lives because it Curtis Music Academy, we pride ourselves on being not just your coach and instructor, but your friend and mentor as well.

Nothing excites us more than to see a student that is taking adult piano lessons grow. In fact, we have been instructing and mentoring people to \ succeed and not just playing their musical instrument. But to progress in any aspect of life. So if you are passionate about music and passionate about succeeding in life, then we look forward to seeing you at Curtis Music Academy today.