Amazing Guitar Lessons | Don’t Be the Happy Hoper

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And this episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast, but I want to talk about the difference between a diligent doer and a happy hoper in this podcast. I’m going to talk about what we want to try not to be. We want to not be happy hopers. That’s what the focus of this entire podcast is going to be today, is how to not be a happy hoper. I’m going to start by defining what a happy hoper is. The qualities of someone who is a happy hoper are and what we can do to make sure we are not a happy hoper at Curtis Music Academy. Want to talk about and define what happy hoper really is?

So at Curtis Music academy, we have this shiny document that was blown up and it was in that waiting room. When you’re home on the on the in the waiting room, on the walls. The poster was hanging up and on this poster it talks about what exactly I’m talking about. So talks about the difference in a door to door and a happy hoper that goes through what we call the Curtis Music Academy method. So on this poster, it talks about how a happy hoper is someone who does not actively work towards their goals. And you might be asking, well, how does one person not actively work through the goals? And the answer to that question would be that they truly do not know what their goals are and that is a problem. So according to the academy, we believe it is incredibly important and foundational to learning to know your goals and set them.

So it’s really critical that we set goals for ourselves because we always say if you don’t set goals for yourself, you don’t have any idea where you’re going to end up, and especially you don’t have any idea how you’re going to get there. So setting goals is incredibly important when you’re taking amazing guitar lessons. But it’s also incredibly important in every single aspect of your life, because if you don’t have goals again, you won’t know where you’re going. And direction is incredibly important for everyone’s life. And everyone tries to find direction and peace and all of that stuff.

And it’s really difficult to have direction if you don’t have any goals because you are capable of creating direction for yourself. So if you’re not making goals, then you’re not creating direction and then you’re causing a lot of those life problems that we’ve talked about. So it’s really important that you create goals and your music lessons, not only because it does benefit your amazing guitar lessons, but because it’s important for lots of other key aspects of life. So learning all about how to set goals is something that’s really important. So I would spend a little more time talking about how to set goals.

So one thing that we always tell students when they’re contemplating what to make their goals and how to set them is to tell them to go back to the very beginning when they started taking amazing guitar lessons in the first place. And we should ask them, you know, Steven, why did you start taking music lessons to begin with? I’m just going to use Steven as an example here. When you started taking music lessons, you had a goal. You had a thing in mind, a reason why you’re coming in every week to spend this much money to take music lessons. How is that? What are you trying to get out of these amazing guitar lessons?

So get them to go back to the beginning and see why they started taking those lessons in the first place, so that’s one of the things that we do. First, a promise to make sure I didn’t do it wasn’t wise to go back in time and then see why they started taking lessons to begin with, because that might spark some inspiration and might help them. So Happy Hoper is someone who doesn’t have goals and so therefore, they don’t really have much direction in where they’re going with their amazing guitar lessons. So happy hopers in addition and having goals, there are also people who skip around, and do lots of different things at once. So let’s say they’re trying to learn a song. Well, they get, you know, a couple weeks into a song and they’re like, I don’t, I can’t anymore. So they move on something else.

Once it gets hard to the type of people who jump around from task to task, when the task starts to get hard. And as everyone will know, that is not the way to do things. And that’s not how you’re supposed to go about a task, at least not in the most effective way. So we cannot jump around and switch to different songs just when things get hard, because then we’re not learning. You know, if we refused to put an effort on the hard stuff, then it shows that we are actually just not providing amazing guitar lessons or learning anything. We’re only learning the easy stuff.

And that hardly counts as learning at all. So it’s really important that you don’t be a happy hoper who refuses to focus on things when they get difficult and jumps around from song to song. Song. It’s really important that you begin something and you continue at it. You work towards it. That’s what we strive for here at Curtis Music Academy. So we want to make sure that we’re not the type of instructor to jump around for a song design when things get hard to make sure that we’re following through with our goals in accomplishing the things that we want to accomplish nothing.

Happy Hoper is prone to doing. Is there a type of person who doesn’t like to practice? And I get it. No one really likes to practice. That’s true. Not everyone likes the practice and not really enjoying it. But the happy hoper is someone who not only doesn’t practice, but they don’t practice because they don’t have the structure of amazing guitar lessons. And structure is something we are completely and totally capable of attaining for ourselves. You can’t just say, Oh, I don’t have any structure. Sorry, no, that is something that we create for ourselves. We create our own structure. And if someone is doing that, it’s an excuse. It’s because you don’t have a structure and they’re setting it for themselves. So that is definitely on them.

But at Curtis music academy would make sure that our students, the students who do have the structure. You know, when you don’t meet on the structure, when you’re not practicing it, it’s going to lead to not only the decline in your musical ability and effort that you’re putting into your amazing guitar lessons, but it’s also going to put a really big damper on, you know, everything else, life. So it’s really important that in life in general, we are people who structure. We do the things that we do and we don’t skip around with things that get difficult. So that is what we are going to do at the moment. Make sure that we are making sure that we are always on top of it and that we are always setting a structure for ourselves.