Amazing Guitar Lessons | Why We Offer $1 Lessons


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Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday and gearing up for an awesome weekend. Today I wanted to speak a bit about why we offer $1 lessons to potential new students. Obviously, offering an entire thirty-minute lesson for only $1 is not making any amount of profit for Curtis Music Academy or our instructors. However, we think it is a really good practice. Offering $1 lessons is also not just a gimmick to get potential new people who have never heard of Curtis Music Academy or met our staff through the door, either, as we offer $1 amazing guitar lessons to potential students who already know someone who attends Curtis Music Academy and have visited themselves.

For example, we have a mother of one of our students who is so impressed by the progress her son is making and how much he loves his amazing guitar lessons. Despite her having come to all of his lessons, including his $1 lesson, we are still planning to offer her a $1 lesson when she decides to begin taking her own lessons, even though she is already very familiar with our studio and instructors. The point of a $1 lesson is more about focus on the student. It is an opportunity for the student to decide, regardless of how familiar they already are with our studio and teaching methods and instructors, if music lessons at Curtis Music Academy are a good fit for them and if they feel they will have a fun and productive experience with us.

Obviously, we and our large numbers of successful students feel that we have effective and enjoyable approaches to teaching music, but we are also realists who recognize that not all students will fit into the model of what we can offer. And our goal for these students, besides giving them the opportunity to recognize that they won’t be their most productive at Curtis Music Academy, is to hopefully give them such a good, informative lesson that they are able to go off either on their own or with another music school, but that either way our lesson has a lasting impact and improvement on them and their playing of their instrument. However, as our reviews will verify, most students feel that our instructors and amazing guitar lessons are fantastic, and that we are very flexible in accommodating the needs and desires of all of our students individually.

I’ve mentioned it before, but there is no set lesson schedule mold for teaching students at Curtis Music Academy. Our approach with each student is completely individualized, and changes based overall on the student’s initial ability and goals, and also changes in the short term based on what music pieces the student wants to learn or areas they study that they struggle with and need more attention on. So, most students feel they would be a fantastic fit at Curtis Music Academy, and they’re right, because we are going to make their amazing guitar lessons fit to them, not the other way around.

$1 lessons also have the added benefit of helping potential students or their parents who may be a bit tentative about fully jumping on board with music lessons, especially if they’ve never taken lessons before and the experience is new to them. A $1 lesson allows them a chance to experience Curtis Music Academy and what a lesson feels like. And generally, at the end of the amazing guitar lessons the students and parents are in enthusiastic and unanimous agreement that taking lessons is a great idea and will be well above their money’s worth in terms of financial investment.

Oftentimes, at the conclusion of the lesson the student or their parents want to discuss options for even longer lesson blocks or lessons multiple times a week, because they are so impressed with our instructors and how much progress their students have made in just that first thirty-minute block, because our instructors are all really gifted musicians and teachers who do a great job of helping students have a really fun time but also make really great progress. We offer $1 lessons because we are so confident that potential students are going to see the value and enjoyment of our lessons that they will want to invest in regular amazing guitar lessons.

Because we believe we truly offer great lessons that are beneficial for our students, we don’t feel the need to have contracts or an expensive introduction to our school because our primary concern is helping students improve themselves musically, not maximizing our profit off of them, and we want to make sure that every single student we have is taking our amazing guitar lessons because they enjoy them and are satisfied with the progress they’re making, not because they’ve already invested so much money into it that they feel they can’t quit, because at that point lessons become more of a chore and an obligation, rather than something our students look forward to every week. $1 lessons are also a good attention grabber, so it helps increase the number of interested people who are looking to take music lessons.

Because $1 is so far outside the usual realm of prices for lessons, that initial intrigue can lead people who might otherwise not fill out a form to take that first $1 lesson. And from there, again, we think our fantastic instructors and teaching methodologies will convince the students to continue investing in themselves and taking lessons here at Curtis Music Academy. So, offering first lessons for just $1 allows us to entice potential students who are skittish about the financial costs of lessons or long-term commitments, as well as those who might be needing a small push to make the jump to be interested in pursuing the idea of music lessons. And it gives us a chance to demonstrate our awesome instructors and their musical and teaching abilities, which we always want to do as often as possible. Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast.