Awesome Guitar Lessons | Traits of Great Instructors

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Hello there! I hope you and your family are doing well. Here at Curtis Music Academy, we are doing very well. We are happy to see things slowly get going again in Tulsa. We are looking forward to seeing our students’ beautiful faces back in the studio soon!

I wanted to go into talking about this time why it’s important to have a music instructor or a music mentor that you can talk to in person and contact and ask questions and interact with. It’s important because we now live in an era of not only mass production as far as material goods, but we live in an era of mass production as far as information goes.

And so you can get information and the information that you can receive about awesome guitar lessons is highly impersonal. And it is catered to a large audience or a general audience, which is what makes it impersonal. It isn’t tailored or geared for you. And you can’t get feedback from an article or a video that is giving you a piece of information. When you come to Curtis Music Academy, you will be paired with an instructor that is perfect for you. And this instructor will be able to give you all the feedback necessary to see you grow and continue on down the path of your musical journey. And at Curtis Music Academy, there is only positive feedback.

We see negative feedback as deconstructive criticism, something that when you’re criticized in a negative way like that, you see. It seems that you get worse and you don’t get better because you constantly are thinking about, “Oh no! Are you going to turn me down again?”

Many of us have had awesome guitar lessons that just really know how to make you feel bad for not doing something right. And it could have been the simplest thing that you might have messed up on. But they won’t let you go off that easy. At Curtis Music Academy, we see that as the enemy. We look for opportunities to praise the students in order to build up their confidence, because confidence is something that makes you better at playing music.

The more you play music and the more you execute. Not only music, but any skill well, you build confidence in, the more confidence you have, the more likely you are to go out again and build more skill. And the more skill that you build, the higher your confidence level goes. So it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or something that kind of feeds into each other. And at Curtis Music Academy is kind of one of the approaches we take to catapult people up the mountain that is learning music at Curtis Music Academy.

It’s so easy to give positive feedback instruction because we genuinely are excited to see our students grow in their awesome guitar lessons. We look for every opportunity to notice them doing that as well. This is why it’s important to have a mentor that you can meet with in person, because you can’t get positive feedback from a video or an article like I previously stated.

Another reason that it’s important to have an in-person musical mentor is that you get to observe and you get to ask questions as well. So you not only get to observe the process of what your instructor mentor is doing and you can say, hold on, go back. I didn’t really get that part. And they will say, “Okay, we’ll go back and we’ll redo that part.”

And for other resources, it may be more frustrating going through the same exact process, the same exact video, the things that article over and over again with no difference in approaches to get you to your desired destination. Or musical goal at Curtis Music Academy. This is one of the things that I love about teaching here is that every single student has their own tailored path and own tailored lesson plans and schedules to help them progress their awesome guitar lessons at their own pace towards their musical goals and towards their musical destination, where they see themselves going or where they want to be.

This is actually one of the things that makes Curtis Music Academy’s awesome guitar lessons  a little more unique than other music schools. This is also why Curtis Music Academy is the best music school slash academy in the entire universe, because at other music institutes or schools, you’ll have the guy in. The guy always knows exactly what to do, even when he doesn’t know what to do. He always knows his way is always the right way, even if it’s not working for you. It’s not because of him. It’s because of you. That is just an example of some of the institutes that have been around.

And you can really notice them because they will have their own specific way of doing things and they will go only down that path and are not interested in doing anything else other than what has been down that path that they have been down before. Curtis Music Academy, we will let you kind of carve your own way and then we will help you guide you down that path.

That is one of the cool things about having a mentor, is that it can drastically speed up the process, especially at Curtis Music Academy, because our awesome guitar lessons are catered specifically to each student. It really helps them become more engaged with each lesson. And they really just so all of the juice out of every single lesson because they are so engaged.

And this in turn keeps them interested not only during the lessons, but this keeps them interested outside of the lessons as well. So they’re more likely to practice when they’re being taught things that they love. They’re more likely to get their guitar out. They’re more likely to sit down at the piano. They’re more likely to pick up their piano or pick up their guitar when they are excited about doing it.

And a lot of times at other music academies, we don’t get this excitement because we are sat down and told to learn this specific song, or we are told to learn this specific scale. In fact, even this specific concept will not be given any leeway at all. Some structure is good and some limitations are good because they create walls for us. And in those walls are where we will make our awesome guitar lessons. However, it is in no way positive or good to create so many limitations that the student feels just strapped down and they can’t get up and they have to be doing this one way.

This is one of the reasons that our student retention rate is so amazing is because students are excited to keep coming back and we’re just as excited to see them and hear what’s going on in their life as they are to come back and continue the next part of their amazing guitar lessons. And lastly, I’ll say this, the last and final reason that it is great to have a music mentor in person that you can get feedback from and be with is that you not only gain a music teacher or instructor, you gain a mentor as well. Of course, like we talked about, excited about hearing about your life, not just about music, but you also gain a friend as well.

And that’s what music has always been about: bringing people together and having fun. I hope you are doing amazing. If you’re ready to begin piano lessons, awesome guitar lessons, voice lessons, then please schedule your first lesson with Curtis Music Academy. It’s just one dollar. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, you just keep being awesome.