Awesome Piano Lessons | Why We Do Podcasts

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. I’m so glad you could join me today, and I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. In this podcast, I wanted to take a rather introspective topic. In today’s podcast, I’ll be discussing why we produce and publish podcasts to our website at all. It’s obviously not a necessity for awesome piano lessons to publish podcasts, but we think it is always a worthwhile undertaking. Podcasts are made by all of our staff members, from our administrative assistant to our instructors to Ron Curtis himself. Everyone gets a chance to produce podcasts on the subjects they care about and that they feel it is worthwhile to produce content about.

One reason we do podcasts is to allow our staff members to draw attention to the topics and ideas they think are important. Whether it is something they want to bring to the attention of instructors, students, or other members of our staff here at Curtis Music Academy, producing a podcast about awesome piano lessons allows them to do so. This is especially useful if it is something intended for the staff, but the author doesn’t want or is unable to address in weekly staff meetings, or doesn’t want to occupy time with if it is only for one individual. If it is intended for students, it can be easier to produce one podcast that explains a subject or idea thoroughly than trying to restructure each student’s awesome piano lessons that week to include whatever material they feel the need to address.

And if it is an idea directed at other instructors, our instructors have incredibly different schedules, and may not cross paths in person for days at a time, if they do so at all. So podcasts can be a really great option for spreading information from a logistics standpoint, and can help streamline and expedite the flow of thought among Curtis Music Academy and awesome piano lessons as a whole. Podcasts are also a great opportunity for our students to get to know Curtis Music Academy better outside of their lessons. They can get a better idea of how their instructor talks and thinks, as well as what their instructor thinks is important.

It also helps create a more personable image of Curtis Music Academy to our students to have our staff producing content and interacting with students outside of their scheduled weekly awesome piano  lessons. As I addressed in an earlier podcast, the vast majority of our students only come in once a week. So while that adds importance to the interaction the instructor has with their students in their lesson, taking opportunities outside of lessons to allow students to further familiarize themselves with their instructors, and get to know them and interact with them, as well as creating talking points for future in person interactions, is really important for building up the relationships we like our instructors to have with our students.

It’s important to us that our instructors and students really know each other outside of the world of music and that they have more than a working professional relationship. Additionally, publishing podcasts to our website helps us reach students who have not joined the Curtis Music Academy family yet. We know, especially here in Tulsa, students have a lot of options when it comes to where they choose to take their awesome piano lessons. By publishing podcasts, we help potential prospective students get a greater understanding of who we are at Curtis Music Academy, how we operate, and what we like to focus on in the music education of our students, and this knowledge can help potential students decide if they feel Curtis Music Academy would be the right fit for them and if they would like to schedule a $1 lesson to come check us out and get to know us further.

Another important aspect of publishing these podcasts is that we can reach those who are unable to afford or otherwise take awesome piano lessons from us at this time. Here at Curtis Music Academy, we really want to help as many people as possible discover and further their love for one or more musical instruments, whether or not we get the opportunity to give them lessons. Even with our initial one dollar lessons, even if the students ultimately decide to not continue with Curtis Music Academy, we hope to have set them up well enough that they can and will continue to improve their musical abilities on their own or with another music instructor.

We want all potential students to end up in the situation where they are the happiest, and where they are deriving the greatest possible enjoyment from their instrument and are making the best progress. We believe with most students those circumstances would be met here at Curtis Music Academy, but we also recognize that cannot ever be true of 100% of all potential music students. So, whichever of those two camps a student falls into, if our podcasts help them progress on their musical journey, it has been worth our effort to record and produce those for the general public to hear.

Podcast production can also be helpful to the person who is recording it. Especially for people who tend to be external processors, talking about a subject, even just to themselves, can help them remember and understand more about it, and maybe even see a new side of the topic or gain some ideas they haven’t had before. And we think it is always a good thing when our instructors and staff are able to bring new ideas and perspectives to the table to potentially help us improve the experience of our students’ awesome piano lessons and our practices at our academy. This is going to wrap up this podcast on the purpose of our podcast practices here at Curtis Music Academy. I hope you learned a little bit more about us and our academy. Thank you so much for joining me today, and I hope you will join us again for another podcast soon!