Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Enjoy the Studio Space

Hi, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another podcast about music and about who we are as Curtis Music Academy and about all the fun things that we offer and all the fun things that we do with piano and awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. So I thought it would be fun to kind of give a description of what Curtis Music Academy is all about and where we’re located and what our studio looks like. So kind of some fun things. So we are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and this is a great city with a lot of love for the arts. And so the people here really appreciate music and they appreciate arts and creativity in their piano and awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa.
So we are located on 5th 15th Street in Denver where we offer awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so we’re really downtown, which is great because it’s so close to a lot of people in where they live. And if it’s not close to where you live, it’s close to interstates where you can easily access the highways and get to our studio in a reasonable amount of time. So I always enjoy driving to work because I drive along Riverside Drive the whole way. And it is always a great day to be alive. When you get to drive on Riverside to and from work every day. And beyond that, you get to drive to an amazing job that you love.
So I really enjoy my drive to work. So I would like to describe what our studio looks like. And so it is actually a house. It’s a big two story house. I’m on Denver Avenue and it’s a great location. So first of all, when I first started teaching at Curtis Music Academy, we were at a different location about ten minutes away. And it was a really, really amazing house as well. It was just much smaller. And so because we were gaining so many new students, we actually had to move to a different location, one that was much bigger. And so this house actually has 10 spaces that could either be made into offices or studio rooms for piano and awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa.
So basically, if you turn into the house, the sign on the front of the house says Curtis Music Academy. So, you know, you’re in the right place. So you take the little driveway to the back of the house and amazingly, there are six parking spots in the back. And so usually we never really have a problem with too many students at once. Now we do have a full parking lot at times, but usually people can still get in and out of their piano or awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa pretty easily. And even if there’s just six parking spots, there’s even places where I think that we can actually fit eight in the parking lot area.
And and if there’s ever an event or anything, there is parking on the streets to the left and right of our studio as well. So that’s the parking lot where people come to take their awesome awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. We have a big grand entrance at the front of the house, which usually we want to welcome new students through that way just to show them like this is the official grand entrance for our studio. But usually when students come on a recurring basis, they come in through a little side door that just leads them more closely and gets them there a few seconds faster. So students come through either door.

Taking Awesome Guitar Lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy

And when you come in, it’s this beautiful home. It’s about a hundred years old and it has all of the classic antique look and feel, fireplace and big green lighting, tall ceilings. Even the walls are textured in a really unique way. And it’s been painted really cool, like modern colors that are really stylish, but also yield themselves to the feel of the house. And then the decorating is very chic as well. It’s like gold. It looks modern. It’s just really fun. So you come in, there is a waiting area, a couple big couches. So people just feel welcome. They feel at home and they get to relax while their child or while the person they came with is taking the piano or awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa.
OK, so then you go into the next room, it’s a conference room and it has a glass table usually surrounded with four chairs. And that’s actually where we as instructors get together and we collaborate good ideas and we just have a family night every Thursday night and we just have a ton of fun and a lot of good creative ideas flow from that as well. So on the bottom floor of the House, there are. Sally for piano studio rooms, the first studio room is just an upright piano and it’s a great room. I usually use it, especially when teaching very young students.
The second studio room is my favorite room. It is the grand piano room and it’s got this beautiful black grand piano in it. And it’s actually kind of an L-shaped room with tons of windows and tons of lighting, which is great for piano and awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. And it also has a fireplace in it. So it’s an amazing room as well. You keep walking and you walk through my office, which is because I am also an administrative assistant at Curtis Music Academy. I also have a little office space, which is really fun. And so then you keep walking in. There are two other studio rooms as well. And so one of the studio rooms is devoted specifically right now to online piano or awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so we really don’t use that studio room for in-person piano or awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. We really just use it online. And also, there is an electric drum set in there, too, which we use for drum piano or awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. The last studio room has this beautiful upright piano that’s just really, really nice.
And instead of having a wood covering over it, it has a plastic covering. So you can actually see the piano hammers hitting the strings, making the sounds. It’s really fun. So people love to play that piano, too, because it just shows you what’s going on inside the piano. OK, you keep walking straight and you get to our amazing kitchen, which is so fun. And it’s got this great flooring in there, too, which is recently redone, but also looks authentic to the style of the house. So I don’t know if you could visualize that with me as I was talking through it. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to come by and see what our studio house looks like in real life. Thanks for joining us for this podcast about piano and awesome guitar lessons in Tulsa. We will see you next time.