Practice Times for Beginner Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

Hey, guys, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another podcast about awesome things that pertain to music at Curtis Music Academy, were famous in the local area for giving beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa, piano lessons and vocal lessons, as well as a variety of other lessons as well. Today’s podcast, I would love to talk about how to practice your instrument. So if you’re anything like me, I plan every day to play my instrument, which my main instrument is the piano. But oftentimes it gets put to the back burner with all of life demands. And so how do you really make sure that you’re continually practicing? Well, I have a couple tips about that. 

So the one thing that I would like to mention after your beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa is to break up practicing into little five minute segments. And that’s exactly what I’ll do. So I might sit down at the piano for five minutes and do all of my warm ups. So I have like a little finger power exercise book that I go through. I also do I pick one scale a week, I’m sorry, I pick one key a week. And I work on the major scale and I work on the minor scale. And I usually do like three or four octaves of that. And then I do arpeggios broken and blocked and then I’ll do four chords. I’m sorry for note arpeggios broken and blocked. And then after that I will do the blues scale in that key. These types of things will really help with your beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Then after that I will do the seventh chords, which is the major seven, the minor seven and the dominant seven. And I will do those broken and blocked. And after that I will work on my extended chords, which is the ninth, the 11th and the 13th. So ultimately that will take like five or six minutes because I’m just kind of like making sure that that’s still warm. Obviously, it’s already polished. I’m not learning those things. They’re just ways to keep my fingers nimble. So I’ll do that. And actually, normally I like to break that apart as well. So I will play just my scale warm ups and things. 

And then later on I’ll come back and do my actual warm up from a book, whether that’s Hanon, whether that’s finger power, whether that’s Czerny or whatever. So then I’ll go away and do something productive. And later on I’ll meander back to the piano and I will do something different. I will do something new. And so usually I watch a YouTube clip about beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa and I’m constantly learning new genres or new techniques, different things like that. So I’ll do that for about five to seven minutes and then I’ll go back. Whether it’s cleaning or whether it’s getting stuff done throughout the week or whatever. 

Weekly Practice for Beginner Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

I’ll meander back around the piano and I will work on composing, which is one of my goals for this season, is to produce and create some songs that have never been heard before. So I’ll come back to the piano and do that for a little bit and you get the idea. So I have several different genres that I work on at the piano and I just do one in entirety and then I’ll go do something else for an hour, maybe for a half an hour or so. One other key point in this is to keep your instruments very close to the center of your home, especially if you are taking beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa. If you have a two story home and your instrument is in the attic level, chances are you are not going to pass that area 20 times every day. 

But if you live in an apartment and take beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa, your instrument is literally right in the living room right next to the kitchen, it’s like I pass my instruments like literally three times every day. So that’s a lot of practicing that will happen if I just sit down a couple minutes and play it here and there. Another technique that teachers have used is to kind of check your brain into practicing more is to say, OK, I’m only going to practice for five minutes. So another technique that many teachers use is to kind of trick your brain into playing for five minutes, saying, I’m only going to sit down and practice for five minutes. And ultimately, people just enjoy their playing so much that they end up practicing much longer than just five minutes. 

And so that is the idea there that incorporates practicing your beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa.  That particular one doesn’t work for me in particular. Like I said before, I usually just say that I am going to sit down and practice for five minutes, then I’ll get up and do. A variety of other things in Meander back later, this is also a great method in case that you have issues with joint pain or muscle cramps or things like that. Sometimes people learn too much too quickly or they’re practicing too often and it actually just hurts their muscles. It’s not really usually a long term thing. It’s just recommended to practice in short spurts. And so that is what I would recommend for that as well. Now, in general, if you’re really serious about playing your instrument and you want to keep on going and not necessarily become professional, but become proficient, I would recommend practicing for 30 minutes every day. 

So that has always been my goal, even when I was a child taking beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa. And it has really worked for me, bringing me to the next level. So in conclusion, practice is really important and a lot of times it just kind of gets pushed to the back burner with all the different things we have going on in life. So make it a priority, make it something you do every day. Normally when I was practicing and taking beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa, I did not actually practice the day that I took the guitar lesson, but I tried to practice every other day of the week, so usually five or six times a week. And so I saw a lot of fruit from that. So this concludes today’s podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in to this podcast about beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa. And I will see you guys at the next podcast about other pointers with your beginner guitar lesson.