Create Something New in Beginner Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

Hi, guys, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another podcast about the joys and delights of music. And at Curtis Music Academy, we teach piano lessons, we teach beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa, we teach vocal lessons. And we love giving guitar lessons to our students and helping them grow as musicians, not only in skills, but also just enjoying music and expressing music. So the podcast today is going to be about something unusual, probably about something that most of you have never thought about, because I had never thought about it either until just a few weeks ago when I heard a different podcast. This particular one was not about music, but I thought it really definitely applies to the subject of music and it’s the topic of birthing vs. building. 

Outside of piano and beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa, there’s two ways that things are done on the earth. Things are birthed. They come from another realm, if you will, like children or birthed. And the other way is building. Building is great. It’s wonderful and it’s an expression of really what has been. And so it’s not really something new from a different source or a different realm. So while building is oftentimes great and celebrated as it should be, ultimately things that are birthed are more spectacular and life changing. I’ll give you an example of what I’m really trying to say as it applies to music, because I once heard a quote that really saddened me that most of music is just unintentionally copied from other artists.

And I actually agree with that. And if you listen to pop music, you’ll notice that it’s really just the same four chords rearranged in a different order. And you’ll notice that melodies are often almost the same as other melodies from different artists or genres even. The same thing applies to beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa or other lessons as well. And so that is kind of what I’m talking about with building. Like when you’re writing a song and you’re building a song, it’s not bad to just kind of like go along with the other sounds that are already expressed. And I don’t think anyone intentionally writes music to copy somebody else, but ultimately that’s what happens. Their songs just even sound the same. I have to give an example because it’s so funny and I love this example at the same time, I hate this example. 

When I was in high school taking piano and beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa, I wrote my very first song. It was amazing. And I to this day, I love this song. It’s beautiful. I love music scores and playing songs on the piano that are very epic. And right around that time, Pirates of the Caribbean had just come out. And most of you know that that particular soundtrack is incredible. And so I love that I even bought the soundtrack and listened to it again and again. Well, the only thing that is really sad is every time I play that song that I wrote, the listener thinks, oh, my gosh, what a beautiful song. I didn’t know you knew how to play Pirates of the Caribbean. And to this day, I mean, it’s been like 10 or 12 years since that movie was coming out in the theaters and really popular. 

New Musical Inventions in Beginner Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

And to this day, people think of Pirates of the Caribbean. I did not intend to write that song to copy Pirates of the Caribbean, but because it was so, like, thrilling to me and important to me, I for lack of a better term, I accidentally fashioned my song and built my song like The Pirates of the Caribbean. I didn’t birth something new, something from a different place. And I just really want to inspire musicians to do that. And, um, I mean, we think of classic timeless songs that just really could be 70 years old and just really take us to another place like I can’t help falling in love with you. That is a song of the ages. I know that there’s many worship songs to like, I think how great is our God.

That’s a very simple song, but it just really released something new on the earth that can be played in beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa. And to the listener, it just opened up realms and expression. And so I just want to challenge people to find that realm of creativity that they’re just not copying. Like even in my case, I would have never, ever thought that I was copying someone else’s. But really, I was and I wasn’t really going into my own personal expression and releasing what I was inside of me to, at least I was really just making like moving different chords around. But it was really in the same style as Pirates of the Caribbean. The same thing can apply to beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Outside of beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa and piano lessons, another example of this is actually Helen Keller, who’s this inspirational person from the early nineteen hundreds, and she was born, I think maybe she had a fever that caused this, maybe in her infancy. But anyway, she was blind and deaf. And so for her early childhood, there was just no way to communicate. It’s a really inspirational story. But ultimately, she learned how to communicate with people, how to read, how to write and how to be a part of the world. It was amazing. And this particular story has stuck with me through the years because it kind of lends itself to this. This topic is one day she wrote a poem and it was beautiful. And I think maybe they put it in a newspaper or somehow published it. I’m not exactly sure. 

But then another artist came back and said, this is almost word for word, the same poem that I wrote years ago. And it actually was. And so what had happened is Helen Keller had heard this poem maybe years previously and had totally forgotten about it, but it was still in her subconscious. And so when she went to write her own poem, that’s what came out. And she didn’t even realize it was totally not intentional. But I think most people do that, whether in beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa or piano lessons. And obviously we do that with songs that we create, too. So my encouragement is and I might continue this in the next podcast, let’s birth something new. Let’s not just recreate or rehash old materials. Thanks for listening in on this podcast about beginner guitar lessons in Tulsa, guys.