Beginner Guitar Lessons | Why Curtis Music Academy is Great for Older Students

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Hello and welcome back for another episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and are excited to listen to another episode of our wonderful podcast. Today I wanted to talk about why Curtis Music Academy is a great school for older students, whether you are looking to get into an instrument later in life, or if you had been learning an instrument in the past and stepped away for a while and are looking to get back into it. I know it can often be intimidating for older students to seek out beginner guitar lessons, just because the general presumption about music students is that they are mostly children of various ages.

Another problem can also often be that a lot of the instructors for instruments are teenagers or other young adults that older students just have a harder time relating to on a personal level. And as I mention in a lot of podcasts because it is just so central to how we operate, we really want our instructors to have a genuine personal relationship with each of their students. We actually have instructors who are in several different stages of life. Some of our instructors are still in college, and some are married with kids. However, part of the hiring decision for each of our instructors is their ability to act maturely and relate well to their students regardless of their age or where they are in life.

And as the online reviews of our music school can attest, our students unanimously feel that their instructors and all of the staff here at Curtis Music Academy really care about them and are taking the time to get to know them. So, you can rest assured that whichever of our instructors’ best suits you and your musical goals and beginner guitar lessons, they will be understanding, respectful, encouraging, and will become your friend. Another reason Curtis Music Academy is so great for older students is the flexibility in our scheduling. One thing that sets us apart from other music schools is that we have no long-term contracts or payment plans. We will never ask you to commit to paying us for a certain number of beginner guitar lessons in the future.

Our philosophy is that we want everyone to enjoy their musical journey however they think is best suited to them, and if that means they do not wish to continue lessons with us, we always want that to be an option. We also want our focus to be on making our lessons so enjoyable and our students’ advancement so impressive that they genuinely look forward to their lessons and want to continue coming to them every week. But what that means for our potential students, if you want to try out Curtis Music Academy for a few weeks to see if it is something that you want to continue pursuing and that it works well with your schedule, you are more than welcome to, and if you decide at any time and for any reason that it isn’t for you, there is no financial risk involved for you.

We simply ask that you give us twenty-four hours’ notice before cancelling to give our instructor a chance to reschedule their day after your cancellation. Additionally, because we understand that our older students often have other commitments and priorities in their lives, we don’t charge to reschedule a lesson if you would rather reschedule your beginner guitar lessons one week as opposed to merely cancelling it. We would have our administrative assistant, or our owner look at the instructor’s schedule that week as well as your requests for a new time and find the block that best fits both of you. Additionally, we do our best to accommodate any and all requests regarding lesson structure. So, if a student wants to meet every other week or, on the other hand, multiple times a week, we can accommodate that.

We also offer various lengths of beginner guitar lessons; while our standard length is thirty minutes, we have many students who wish to take longer lesson sessions to increase the pace of their advancement, and we can also schedule shorter lessons for students who have a lot of other things going on at the moment and are unable to devote a lot of time to lesson time each week. So, regardless of how your life and your schedule looks, you can rest assured that Curtis Music Academy can create a lesson schedule that is great for you. Another reason Curtis Music Academy is awesome for older students is that your lessons will not be the same as those we set up for our younger students. We understand that no two students learn or process information in the same way, especially if they are in different stages of life.

Older students often prefer a more in-depth look at theories and ideas behind what they are learning, whereas younger students often just want to get to the level where they can play their favorite songs. But the great thing about Curtis Music Academy is that we will actually customize the content of your lessons to your individual abilities and goals. It is something that will be really prioritized in the beginning stages of you joining the Curtis Music Academy family, and you will be asked about your goals for pursuing beginner guitar lessons, what experience you may have, how you generally prefer to go about learning, any particular areas you may want to focus on, lots of stuff of that nature.

This helps us ensure that each student gets a unique experience that is tailored just for them and what they are interested in. Those are just a few of the reasons why Curtis Music Academy is a great location for older students to either begin or return to the study of music and can be free from any of the anxieties or apprehensions of not looking like the typical “new” student at a music academy. And while we do have lots of students of all ages, including young demographics, we do our best here to foster a spirit of mutual camaraderie and shared love for the joy of music in beginner guitar lessons. Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast.