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The next thing that I want to talk about in this episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast is the way that we do our beginning guitar lessons differently than other music schools. So again, my talk about what we call the Curtis Music Academy different in this is just a sheet that we have that we hand to our students. And we used to have it hanging on the wall, but we talked about the four ways that we are different from other music academies. And this is incredibly beneficial for us because it is truly foundational to our business model into our music academy. This is what we base our music lessons on every single week. All of our students, no matter how many we have, we base each and every one of their lessons off of this model.

So this model I want to talk about some more, even though I have talked about it a bajillion times at this point, it’s really important to us at Curtis Music Academy. So I believe that it deserves a ton of podcasts about it. So this model, like I said, has four main components and I actually don’t have the paper in front of me or the poster, but I’m going to do this at the top of my head because I think that I might know it. Throughout taking beginning guitar lessons, so one of the first things on this poster is our accreditation as a Music Academy.

So it talks about some of the awards that we have earned, the Google reviews that we have gotten, that those are actually at the bottom as well. So the bottom in the sheet has a sample of some of the Google reviews that our students have written about less than I talked about this before. But Google reviews are incredibly important to us as a music academy. They help new and prospective students see how our students are feeling about their beginning guitar lessons.

Is really impactful to new students who are looking at taking music lessons with us because it allows them to see that people really are enjoying their lessons and says a lot about a business when we have over one hundred five star reviews.

So these Google reviews are, even though they seem a little bit silly, incredibly important to us as a business. They also help us get to the top page of Google, which is incredibly important, because then when you’re searching for beginning guitar lessons in Tulsa or Oklahoma, piano lessons or anything like that, it allows us to be found and not buried deep into the depths of Google. So that is super duper important to us here at Keusch Music Academy. Those Google reviews, if you were a student and you’ve left us Google. We just wanna say thank you. Thank you, thank you. Because they truly do mean a ton to us and we read every single one of them. And to truly take that information to heart. So we thrive on feedback here. Curtis Music Academy. But what I really want to talk about is the substance of this article. Those four points that I mentioned before.

So one of the first points that I will talk about is you will love, will you? Where you will learn what this means is that Curtis Music Academy, you will love the place that you’re taking beginning guitar lessons at. So we have put a ton of time and effort into designing a space that we think our students will love in a space that is conducive to learning. And it’s a comfortable environment. So the biggest thing when we were designing this space was to find a comfortable environment that is conducive to learning. And those two things might sound like their opposite. But we have really nailed it here. Kurdistan is an academy in terms of combining the two.

We recently moved into a new studio space and this new space has been awesome. It’s truly awesome for us here at Music Academy. It’s just south of downtown, right outside downtown. So it has a really cool view, has an awesome upstairs balcony, and it is just really large. And that’s one of the best things about it, is that we’ve been able to expand our music academy and get double the students that we had at our last space, because we have, you know, at this point for a studio room, plus more upstairs that we’re prepping.

So that’s been super, super awesome to see that we are able to get more students just because of the size and the way that we’ve been able to expand here at Curtis Music Academy. So this new space that we’ve designed is really critical for a lot of reasons. But for one, it’s important because it is super comfortable. If you are new to taking beginning guitar lessons, then comfort would absolutely be impactful for you. But it’s also really cool. These rooms that we’ve set up are very professional, but in a strange way, they’re professional, but not sterile. They’re exciting but not stressful. And they are truly relaxing, comfortable and an excellent place to learn.

So when you walk into the studio, we have a really nice open area. The entry way has a staircase that goes straight upstairs if you want to walk up the stairs. But to go to the right at the front door, you walk in and there’s a giant waiting room. Then you go into the conference room and all of our other studio rooms. It’s a giant circle. So it’s really cool. It’s a really open concept, which I like a ton. Having a studio space that is conducive to being a functional learning environment is very important. This is why we would love for you to give us a call at 918-361-7641 to discuss setting up your first lesson for 100 pennies.