Beginning Guitar Lessons | Fundamental Music Techniques

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When you begin the adventure of learning to play an instrument, it is vitally important to continue to master different fundamental techniques. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate student, or perhaps this is the very first adventure you have ever embarked upon, learning fundamentals is important. With that being said, we will begin the topic of our article today.

After many years of taking beginning guitar lessons, I decided I wanted to begin an adventure of becoming a singer. I joined Choir in my freshman year of high school, after that, I was a master. I am just kidding, I was not a master. It took many years before I felt familiar enough to sing on my own. However, even though I was not a master at singing, through my time taking piano lessons, I realize that I could read music and understand things much easier. The techniques I learned in piano lessons helped me to sing even better. Although there are absolutely specific techniques needed for singing, the piano helped me tremendously.

The biggest reason that I believe beginning guitar lessons helped me was that the notes on the page were so much easier to understand. I didn’t have to worry about memorizing where A is on the treble clef. Nor did I need to memorize where F was located on the bass clef, I already knew it. My music instructor had helped me to know which pitch to sing, because taking lessons from a musician is a wonderful thing to do. When I completed my first year of high school, I was able to learn all the techniques required to be a masterful singer. I could sing a cappella, I could sing while playing the piano, and I could even play piano while singing at the same time. It was a wonderful experience and I truly am grateful for all the time I spent learning my instrument.

After high school, I decided to begin learning the guitar. After many years of practice and countless Saturday afternoons plucking away at the strings, I was also able to play the guitar, as well. This is when my musicianship really took off. I was able to play multiple instruments, I was able to continue to learn to sing, and I even began teaching beginning guitar lessons, as well. Throughout many years of playing guitar, I now was able to have a great time understanding, writing, learning, and teaching music. Everything was working together for my benefit of music. I would encourage anyone that is interested in learning to play an instrument, to go ahead and put the foot down and begin the adventure. You never know what you will find as you begin the process. It is truly a life-changing experience.

Even though I have learned many instruments, some of the most rewarding experiences were in-between the performances. Sometimes, the greatest moments weren’t actually sitting on stage playing in front of thousands of people. I can remember going to New York City to play at different venues and having a great time with the members in our band. We did stupid things together, we traveled all across the country, and we played beginning guitar lessons to fuel the drive. If you are thinking about starting to learn an instrument, go for it. Put all your effort into it and you will succeed. In fact, if you put your mind to it, I am absolutely certain that you will be able to learn the instrument at a easily accessible time.

Whether you want to perform for thousands of people, or you would rather just sit at home and play music for your own enjoyment, Curtis Music Academy can absolutely help you to get there. After many enjoyable beginning guitar lessons, and even times in-between the lessons, you will have what it takes to be successful. Whatever you invest your time and effort into, you will be able to play music for many years to come.

I once learned to play the Trombone, which was also pretty fun. However, I noticed that it is difficult to get motivated to practice the trombone because you can only play one note at a time. Rather than the piano or the guitar, the trombone doesn’t really sound all that great in and of itself. You have to be playing in a band or with others for the music really to take shape. Whereas the guitar and the piano, it just sounds really great all by itself. You can practice on your own and the music sounds exciting to listen to.

Whenever I have practiced the trombone by itself, I have sat back and tried to get motivated, but I typically was only able to play for about an hour, not much more time than that. However, both the piano and the guitar, I could sit around and play for hours. In fact, when I was learning the guitar, I could play for over 8 hours a day just practicing scales, playing songs, and building my calluses. Whenever you are ready to move forward with the beginning guitar lessons, I would encourage you to give Curtis Music Academy a chance to prove our worth to you.

We will give you an amazing experience for just one dollar, which you can come in and try us out for no commitment at all. We would love to just meet with you and hear about your goals for starting out a new adventure, and then we will help you to get there quickly. In fact, we’ll even help you to create a pathway specific to your goals so you can reach it in the quickest possible time. All of that, for just one dollar! If you have never taken beginning guitar lessons before, we even have a specific curriculum for you that you can pull from to help you move forward. Please, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be ready to have one of our team members speak with you and help you to get set up today. As for now, we’ll talk with you at another one of our amazing articles.