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Hi, guys, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another podcast about music. This time I’m going to be sharing with you some information about the best guitar lessons, Curtis Music Academy as you begin this wonderful adventure learning an instrument. We’ve got great instructors both in the past and in the present, and they offer significant insight to people who want to learn how to master the guitar. Now, I also play the guitar so I know a few things I mostly do strumming and basic chords. But you can actually go so much farther than that. And that’s what our guitar instructors are really great at, providing that insight. 

So currently we have a couple guitar teachers and they are great with their students. They have students of all ages from young, maybe six or seven years old to adults as well. And they also cover many genres of music, so. Pop, contemporary, jazz, anything that you can think of, the instructors are able and willing to help you learn it. Another thing I think is really cool about our guitar instructors is they actually have had a lot of performances in their past as well. They have done live music for things like weddings or venues such as that. So they can play the classical, they can play performance type things. 


And they have that experience that really shows the students that they are capable of bringing them to a level of full maturity in their music playing. Beyond that, to our guitar instructors, when they give the best guitar lessons, they don’t just tell you how to play the guitar, they give you the understanding of music theory. So understanding how music is built. And even just this week, someone said to me that music theory is just a way to describe how music works. So it’s taking something intangible and making it tangible. And I thought that was a really great description. 


And so music theory is so important to a musician because without it, you might be able to play a song or two or three on your instruments like the guitar. But if you really don’t have a foundation with music theory, you really can’t go beyond that. You might just be able to memorize one song at a time, but it doesn’t become internal and it’s pretty impossible to create new music if you don’t understand the music theory. And so this starts at a very elementary level, understanding rhythms, quarter notes, half notes or notes, and also understanding things about the notes themselves, intervals, note values, whole steps, half steps, those types of things, how a chord is created, all of the things like that. 


One of the things that most people don’t anticipate when they come and take an amazing guitar lesson at Curtis Music Academy is that you have to train your fingers what to do because this is a whole new action for your hands. And so usually it just takes a few months for you to really make that chord shape and to make it comfortably beyond that, your fingers will begin to create calluses on the fingertips. And that is also normal as well. And so those things, it just takes time. Now, that’s with the left hand. With the right hand, you’re usually creating a strum pattern or picking an individual note one at a time. 

And even that takes coordination that is developed over time. And so one thing that we really focus on at Curtis Music Academy, especially when taking best guitar lessons, is to really understand that you want to master the instrument. It’s not just about coming to one guitar lesson and being able to play one song. No, that’s really not our heart. Our heart is that you’re really comfortable with your instrument in that. Yes, we want you to play songs, but we want it to be more than just one or two. 


We want it to be a lifestyle where you have a repertoire or you have a pool of songs that you play from or even that you can create your own sounds and create your own melodies. So that is our heart. And teaching the instruments is mastery. And those building blocks on the very first days of best guitar lessons are so crucial and so important. And sometimes it comes down to just the discipline where it doesn’t feel fun to practice all the time. But because you want the end goal of being proficient at your instrument, you make time every day, whether it’s five or ten minutes. 


So those are some thoughts that go along with it that it isn’t always fun to practice your instrument. But I actually think that by telling the students that it prepares them for the reality that sometimes I would rather watch TV than practice a guitar for my next guitar lesson. But it’s still so important because it is a lifelong skill. That is another thing I would like to talk about, that music is a lifelong skill. It’s not just something that you’ll have for your high school years or your early 20s, but it’s something you can appreciate over a lifetime. 

And so even as my tastes in music have changed in 10 years, everyone’s music choices in their preferences change over time as well. And so it’s important to really have that foundational skill in your instrument so that you can have a lifelong hobby or a life long way to enjoy your time or even a life long way to make money in some. 


Weighs in a lot of other options as well. Those are just three that come to my mind as I’m speaking. So anyway, those are some thoughts and musings about learning to play the guitar and about what it would be like to take a wonderful guitar lesson at Curtis Music Academy with one of our guitar instructors. So I think anyone who comes to take a guitar lesson is pleasantly surprised and leaves with a smile on their face. So thank you so much for joining me for this podcast on best guitar lessons. I will look forward to seeing you at the next podcast.