Best Piano Lessons | Why You Should Take a $1 Lesson

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Hello and welcome to another episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. Thank you for joining me today. I hope you’re all having a great day. Today I wanted to speak mainly to those who have perhaps just found Curtis Music Academy or have been toying with the idea of taking best piano lessons for a while but have yet to make that jump. And for those of you who are already students with us, perhaps just send this podcast along to a friend that you think would benefit from it. So, of course the first thing that I want to address is that your first lesson with Curtis Music Academy is always always always just one dollar. So there is a totally negligible financial risk to you if you decide either that Curtis Music Academy isn’t the right place for you or that you aren’t ready to commit to putting regular music lessons in your schedule.

But what we find is that the vast majority of students enjoy their first $1 lesson so much and feel they will learn so much from their instructor, and get to know Curtis Music Academy a bit better and just how much we care about accommodating their needs and doing what it takes for them to be happy and successful that they are more than ready to come back for their next best piano lessons as soon as possible. And, again, for those who don’t, they have just gotten a full-length music lesson for just $1. And our goal of our $1 lessons, even if the students choose to not continue with Curtis Music Academy, is to help them enough in that lesson that they are better able to go into the future and grow into a more successful musician, either teaching themselves or with another instructor that is more to their style and liking.

So regardless of whether you have intentions of continuing with best piano lessons, and regardless of whether you are a complete beginner to your instrument or have been teaching yourself to play it for years, scheduling a $1 lesson just to meet the staff and experience Curtis Music Academy is a great investment. We have such a wide variety of instructors that we are almost guaranteed to have an instructor to fit your musical ability and goals. I want to especially impress this upon those who are newer to their instruments.  Because of the surplus of available music books and instructional online courses and youtube videos, more people than ever are trying to teach themselves an instrument.

This is an admirable undertaking, and it can absolutely be successful, but what all of these options lack is an aspect of personalization, which is something we excel in with our best piano lessons here at Curtis Music Academy. Each student’s lessons are unique to them, we have no set structures of lesson plans that we apply to our students en masse. This allows us both to cater to what each student wants (we ask students specifically what music they enjoy, and regularly ask if they have any songs they would want to learn in order to keep their lessons as fun as possible), and what each student needs. All of our students come to us with differing ability levels and goals for their instrument. Some students just want to get better with their instrument to better enjoy playing for themselves in their own homes, and some want to go on to be performance musicians.

We keep this in mind when deciding how to structure each student’s lesson, and how rigorous versus how light we should keep the material for each set of best piano lessons. Our instructors are also all very skilled musicians and teachers who will be able to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of each student. This allows them to prioritize working on those weak areas in lessons in the future. This level of personal attention and customization is something not offered by generic remote or self-taught music via videos or books available online. And this personal tailoring of each student’s lesson plans allows our students to advance and progress in their learning for more effectively and at a faster pace, and they are able to retain more of what they are taught because it is presented in a way that is customized to how that student learns and what they find enjoyable.

Additionally, having your best piano lessons presented in a personalized way by a friendly instructor can be encouraging to your continued learning of an instrument. Many people who try to teach themselves ultimately abandon the instrument because teaching yourself is really very difficult. Learning an instrument is not a smooth process, there are lots of bumps and struggles along the way, and the areas where everyone struggles will be different. This is something that learning on your own or with the help of generic resources can’t help with, as those mediums are unable to answer specific questions or concerns about areas of your instrument and music that you will inevitably have. And being unable to bring those questions to an instructor can be very discouraging because you have no way to really resolve the issues, and those bumps and holes in your understanding just start to add up and it seems almost impossible to master this instrument.

Plus, having a friendly instructor who cares about you and whom you are genuinely friends with makes learning an instrument so much more fun. You are able to have a coach when you are struggling and a cheerleader when you make progress in your best piano lessons, and there is always an audience to hear you perform your pieces. And being social while studying just makes it so much more fun for lots of people. It’s almost like having a study group for a school subject, except it’s more fun because you get to study an instrument and you get to play it as you learn instead of having to just read and write on paper. Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast.