Children’s Choir and Benefits | Vocal Lessons in Tulsa

Whether you are an adult or a child, we are always looking for ways that our students can have a phenomenal experience at Curtis Music Academy. Today, we will be discussing children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa and some other ideas about music that might help inspire and train future musicians and also people who are interested in music at Curtis Music Academy. We do offer piano lessons, vocal lessons and vocal lessons primarily. And this particular podcast will be about one of my most inspirational people ever when it comes to music. In fact, there is a choir teacher in a large school for a fifth grade class that is a great example of that.

And so in the fifth grade class, there are opportunities for children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa. I think there’s usually a large group of kids, maybe 75 or 100, and they have become an inspiration. This fifth grade class literally seems like the voice of angels. It is so amazingly beautiful. The instructor or the leader of this choir, is just phenomenal. He has trained them to be so accurate with their pitches and they even sing in two part harmony, which is unusual for elementary. Normally at that stage, for school choirs, they would only sing one part, but they have a soprano section and an alto section. 

But what is even more inspirational about this particular choir is that every single video on YouTube of them performing a song, each and every kid is just singing with all their hearts. They also do children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa. They love it. They’re having the time of their lives. It’s obviously not something they’re forced to do, but it’s something that has really captured their hearts and it’s something that they really feel the expression and the love of music. And the music just seems like it’s a living being when they’re singing it. It’s not just dry and boring and dull. And I have watched multiple videos from twenty to over the years and each one is just incredible. 

So they normally take pop songs or classic songs or traditional songs like Christmas songs or songs that you can use in children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa. and they’ll perform and perform them and they’re just incredible. So they have done covers of Adele, they have done classic 80s songs like Queen. They have just done everything in between and it’s just really epic. It’s just a really inspirational story, and there’s even been a documentary created about this experience with him and the twenty two choir, I believe they have even performed at the Grammys. They have traveled all over the US performing with hit singers. And it’s just really cool. 

Engaging in Children’s Choir near Tulsa

They’ve gotten to meet all kinds of artists who do children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa, which would be really cool, as if a greater part of why this story is so inspirational is because a lot of those schools do not have large music programs. It’s kind of like one of those Cinderella stories, if you will, about just a normal school full of normal kids. Probably a lot of those kids deal with poverty and things like that and don’t have the ideal upbringing. They don’t usually have the opportunity to take children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa. But this guy came in with a dream and with a vision. And it really wasn’t to become anything big. It was really to express the love towards the kids and to build them up and to also just experience the love of music as well. 

And as a result, it’s just been phenomenal, especially in children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa. The cool thing is year after year, I mean, obviously it’s a school. So each fifth grade class graduates at the end of the year. The next one is just as incredible as the last one, which points to the leadership. So that is really excellent. And you’ll notice if you happen to watch these videos on YouTube, that he is just a really charismatic leader and just it almost feels magnetic or energetic or electrifying when he’s talking to the kids. It’s not boring. It’s not class. Turn to page forty seven and we’ll get started. But it really is an experience. So if you have a chance, definitely look up some of the songs and you will definitely be inspired. 

A background about the leader of this group. He wanted to go into music, but he was told that he didn’t quite have the talent it took to become an artist himself. He also taught children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa. I don’t know if I agree with that, but that’s what he was told. But I do believe he got a bachelor’s degree in education and then a masters in music of some sorts. And so he actually started off his first year at twenty two as a second grade teacher and then transitioned the next year into the music program, which obviously is where he found the magic. Right. And so it’s just a really cool story. 

Obviously, as musicians and as instructors, we can kind of learn a lesson from that. You could even teach children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa. But it’s really not about the level of teaching that you want to do. It’s really about making a difference in the lives of the kids or the students that you have. So we can definitely see that through this choir. And I think they have won hundreds of videos on YouTube. I mean, I started noticing them on YouTube, like probably about 10 years ago. And at the time I was teaching choir and music at a small school as well. And so I actually did a lot of the songs they did in the arrangements they did them in. And it was just incredible. So I got a lot of my inspiration for that time of my life from that teacher. 

So just a really cool story, really heartwarming. I will probably do podcasts like this from time to time where I just feature someone who’s just really found their niche in music or in teaching music or all of the above. And I hope it will be an inspiration to you where you can look up more and more of the details. So thank you for tuning into this podcast from Curtis Music Academy. We do offer piano lessons, vocal lessons, children’s vocal lessons in Tulsa and have a great day. We will see you at the very next podcast.