Creative Guitar Lessons | Starting Your Musical Journey

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Hope you’re doing amazing. I know we’re doing great here at Curtis Music Academy. The weather is amazing. The sun is out. It is 72 and perfect and sunny. And we are just soaking up every minute of it. Things are slowly going back to normal and we’re hoping that they do get back to normal again at some point. I know that a lot of people have been saying that there is going to be a new normal, but we believe that everything is going to be better than it was before the pandemic happened.

I think a lot of us during this time have realized the power and importance of creative guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy. We know all about the importance of this, and we don’t know all about the importance of creating art. We saw ourselves as an essential business, regardless of what the government thought or made us do. Music and art is an essential part of our lives. And so there are a couple of things that I wanted to talk to you about if you haven’t started music.

If you’re wondering how to start music and where do you start? And what do you do? Well, first off, you’re gonna want to call us at Curtis’ Music Academy and schedule a one dollar creative guitar lesson. But before that, put some thought into where you want to be, vision yourself. If you start music invision where you are in a year and envision where you are in five years and envision where you are in 10 years. And what do those three little blips on your timeline look like?

Where are you in a year? Where are you in five years and 10 years? Now, while you’re envisioning that you might want to see in your mind’s eye when you’re envisioning yourself in these little moments. What instrument are you playing? Are you playing the piano? Are you playing the piano? Are you playing creative guitar lessons? Maybe you’re a percussion person and you like to play the drums.

Well, now is going to be the time that you pick your instrument and you really get to know the instrument. Now you can pick a secondary instrument. And I suggest doing that in the future because it just really rounds you out as a musician and it enables you to do more with music. And that’s what we’re all about.

We’re about learning music and then being able to do stuff with it and doing more and lots of creative guitar lessons with it. So picking up that secondary instrument can really help round out your musicianship and help you get to the next level. Sometimes all we need is to switch over to another instrument and that will destroy all of our roadblocks.

Right. Kind of like a writer might have a writer’s block. Sometimes musicians have little roadblocks, sometimes just getting on the piano if you play guitar or vice versa. We’ll totally help you think of things in a new way. So keep that in mind. But we do want to start by choosing a primary instrument. Now, if you don’t know what you want your primary instrument to be.

We would suggest maybe starting out on piano because the piano is so fun and it can be a little easier on your fingers. And it really is the gateway to learning music and learning music. Well, because when you look down at the piano, it’s almost like an old time musical computer because every note is laid out for you and all you have to do is push down on it. If you want to do it softly, it’ll play softly.

Right. Or if you do it hard, it’ll play loudly. Right. So it’s almost like a musical computer in that sense. So when we see all the notes down there, when we’re looking at the keyboard, we can see. Each and every individual note whereas with a creative guitar lesson, it’s a little bit different. There are two ways to play the same note in different places on the creative guitar lessons and on the piano. It’s not like that.

So the piano is a little bit more straightforward as far as learning music and music theory in general goes. Now, if you do want to start off by playing guitar and you choose that, that is great. And that is amazing. And we applaud you for choosing creative guitar lessons because the guitar is a wonderful instrument. If you are somebody who just wants to be a singer and be trained in vocals, then we applaud you for that as well.

We do offer vocal lessons at Curtis Music Academy. If you are wanting to begin music, though, and your musical goal is to be composing or writing songs, then we would suggest again to you to take piano lessons up to a certain level. And this will really help round out your songwriting. You’ll get to know the structure of songs and just the general feel for how a song should start and end the different parts of songs, how they go together and knowing the instrument that’s playing behind the vocals is really a next level thing to know and be able to do in order to write good songs or compose good creative guitar lessons.

Speaking of songwriting and composing, this leads us to our next point. Now that you’ve chosen your instrument, what is your musical goal? What is it that you want to achieve with music? Where is it you want to go and where is it you want to be in music? Once you figure that out and you might know if you did the exercise we talked about in the beginning, we can then begin to create a roadmap to improve your skill in your chosen instrument.

And depending on what your musical goal is, your road will look different than somebody else’s road. They may look similar, but there will be differences. Now, this is leading me to one of the greatest things about Curtius Music Academy is that all of our lessons in all of our lesson plans are tailored specifically and geared towards the individual that is taking the creative guitar lessons.

This really helps people progress in music because it makes sure that the students enjoy their lessons. And when the students enjoy the lessons, they enjoy practicing outside of their lessons and when they practice outside of their lessons, man, they just get amazing. They just get better and better and better until they reach their musical goals.

So we’ve chosen our instrument. We’ve chosen our musical path and where we want to go and what that’s gonna look like and our goals. And another thing we oughta take a glance and a look at is we ought to have someone that we know that inspires us. At Curtis Music Academy, you’re going to have amazing instructors and they will not only be your instructors, they will be your mentors as well as your friends with creative guitar lessons.

We would suggest, you know, your inspirations, because this is what we’re going to use to help you to sound like and learn different songs like the people that you know and love and the techniques that they use and the way that they write their songs. And this is going to be a stepping stool that we are going to use to get us to the next level. It could be anything. It could be rock. It could be folk. It could be rock. It could be electronic dance music.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but how is learning how to play real instruments going to help me to play rap or EDM? It will help because there are musical instruments that are played live. And we guarantee you there has been a piano in the vast majority of rap and EDM songs. So piano or creative guitar lessons are going to be your best bet for choosing a primary instrument.

So with all that said, if you’re ready to start at Curtis Music Academy, please call us today and schedule your first lesson. It’s only a dollar. We can’t wait to meet you. And we can’t wait to hear all about your life and what brought you into Curtis Music Academy. Until then, you guys stay amazing. Stay awesome. We will see you soon.