Drum Lessons In Tulsa | How to Reach Goals

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And this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be discussing how to reach musical goals. In a previous podcast we talked about how to set musical goals and some tips and tricks on how to do that very practically. Now this next one is going to be how you can reach those musical goals and what that entails as well and how you can do it the quickest and the most fun way. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I have been a music instructor for five years, going on six years now. And in this sixth year it will have been at the Curtis music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And I would beg to argue, I would argue the best music Academy in all of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As far as character of ownership, character of leadership, leadership in general, how well the organization is led, how would the schools is hell, how well the instructors lead. I’d say all of this is top notch at the Curtis music Academy and has integrity, honor, respect, love, sincerity, quality and fun for all of our students. So also not only have I been an instructor at the Curtis music Academy for a year coming this January, I’ve been a musician for 12 years coming this March, so 12 years of my life, which ends up being half of my life. And it has been one of the incredible aspects of my life that I’ve gotten to experience thanks to my dad who is awesome, who took a step in maybe an uncomfortable one at that where he simply purchased a cheap guitar and the house one, one Christmas and from work.

And it wasn’t Christmas day yet. It’s more like a few days out. And he offered all of the kids, which one of you? He said, someone’s going to learn how to play this instrument. He had a little black guitar in his hand. Someone’s going to learn how to play this instrument. I looked at him and looked at the guitar in his hand and I raised my hand and said, I will. I took the opportunity, I raised my hand. I said yes. And because of that he handed it to me. And ever since then, I’ve played for about an hour a day most of my life. And because of that, I’ve gotten better. I’ve, I built calluses, which allowed me to play for long periods of time.

I developed skill, I got drum lessons in Tulsa, which was all I have for only two months, but it was all that I needed. I developed a relationship with who is now my brother in law, who taught me guitar, who lives in LA and is incredible and is one of the best guitar players I’ve ever, ever met in my life. Still to this day, extremely talented. Now he’s family. And so, you know, I’ve really just enjoyed the, the road, the journey so far. And I know that this isn’t the end, but there’s so much more yet to come. And I’m excited. I, I get excited talking about it. And, doing it though is my new, my new goal. I want to do more of that. I want to definitely be better at the execution of my musical ability and my musical goals.

I want to be better at executing that in the future and helping you reach these goals as well. And so that is how, and what we’re going to talk about today is how you can reach those musical goals. So my first point is how being patient is going to be a key virtue and key in your success as a goal. Reacher second, how to break big goals into smaller goals in drum lessons in Tulsa. And then thirdly, to celebrate the little wins and how important that actually is to your success. So without further ado, we’re talking about how to reach musical goals in drum lessons in Tulsa. First point, be patient in drum lessons in Tulsa. Patience is going to be key to your success when trying to reach a musical goal. Now the reason it’s going to take patience is because it isn’t. It isn’t fast to learn in drum lessons in Tulsa.

A lot of students, they, some things they learn quickly. Some things take a little bit more time for other students. And it isn’t always something you can pick up and just hone or pick up and be excellent at your first attempt. It takes time, it takes repetition, it takes, it takes enjoyment, it takes fun, it takes patience. And people are not always willing to be patient and be always willing to do the time and pay their dues when it comes to this. So it’s important that you do it. It’s important that you allow yourself the necessary time to get good at your, your craft or to get good at your, your instrument. So take time and understand that it will take time. It didn’t happen quick for me. I mean I’ve been playing for 12 years now, this coming March and am I where I need to be or want to be?

No, not at all. I’ve got about five to ten five to 10 years left when it comes to becoming a master at something I’ve got or when it comes to, you know, 20,000 hours of to become a master at anything and it’s like I’ve been playing guitar for 12 years. You would think I’d hit that Mark by now. Really. I’ve been playing somewhere around 5,000 hours. So I’ve got another 15,000 hours to go to become an incredible master at this, you know? So in that case, be patient because it will take time. It will take effort. It will take physical transformation, which is not quick by any means. There are shortcuts, but I want you to practice being patient. Practice doesn’t just make perfect but perfect practice does in drum lessons in Tulsa.

Practice does make permanent and so whatever you’re practicing is going to stake whether it’s good or bad, so make sure you’re practicing good things. Second point is breaking big goals into smaller goals. Now this is strategic planning at its core and so if you know what that means, good. If you don’t, what it means is if you have a destination you are trying to achieve or a goal, you want to break that goal down into smaller goals or another word for this is reverse engineer the goal. You want to reverse engineer it and you want to reverse engineer at the right way.

This is going to be key in your ability to reach the goals because you know if I’m going to California and I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there’s one way to, there’s multiple ways to get there. There’s about three different ways to get there. I’m in a straight in the straightest lines. That is about limited to three, but if I said, Hey, I’m going to stop in now, I’m going to stop in New Mexico first and then we’re going to go to Colorado and then we’re going to go to Nevada and then we’re going to go to California. That’s breaking it down. You know you’re going to stop in one place first, then the next, then the next in the next or another way you could say it is we’re going to drive. If it takes you about a thousand miles, say, Hey, we’re going to drive 250 miles this one day, 250 miles another day, and then two more rounds of 250 miles.

Or you could just knock it out in one swing whenever you want to do. However, nonetheless, you’re going to have to break that trip down into manageable steps that that is clear, concise and that everyone understands so that you guys are all on the same page, mainly you and your spouse or you and your friend or roommate or whatever family member. It’s going to be key. And then lastly, celebrating the little wins in drum lessons in Tulsa. The little wins are the, the steps along the way. That’s a little win. You know, if you’ve broken your goal into four steps, there are four wins, four little wins that you can, that you should definitely celebrate. Without a doubt, you need to celebrate these. Now, in between those four steps or the four wins, there’s even smaller wins in drum lessons in Tulsa. You know, if the first win was to, you know, play the G major scale correctly using the right fingering at no particular speed, that is a small win for drum lessons in Tulsa.