Drum Lessons in Tulsa | Celebrating Little Wins

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


One of the most important things in teaching music lessons, whether they are vocal or piano or guitar or drum lessons in Tulsa, is definitely making sure that we celebrate the little wins and always make sure that we are caring and kind to our students. Its critical that we build our students up and celebrate them at every turn. Not only as an instructor telling a student, you know, but as the student, as one instructor to a student celebrate the little wins, you know, let yourself indulge in just the fact that you just played half of a verse or that you just nailed one chord of the song. 


You know, in a song there might be 10 chords, but if you can get one right, let’s celebrate that one chord because you’ve just gotten one step closer to learning all 10 chords. It’s important that we celebrate the little wins, the little wins keep us invigorated. It keeps us staying positive. It keeps us on our toes. It keeps us feeling like we’re, we’re moving forward, that we’re making forward movement and that we are getting closer every week to our goal in drum lessons in Tulsa. They need to know them by name because that shows that we are a unified, you know, music Academy that cares about its students all in a unified way that we care about each and every one of them. 


Not just the ones that we teach are the ones that were around, but all the ones, even if we’ve never met them before. It’s pretty important to us here at Curtis music Academy. And when we’re teaching drum lessons in Tulsa of any kind that we know everyone’s name, we know about them in DOE parents eMAR because we do talk about our students in the best of ways. You know, we talk about their successes, maybe ways that we’re struggling so we could brainstorm, make it easier for us to, you know, get to know them and help them when they’re struggling. So that’s something that we do. 


So it is important that our instructors are, you know, getting to know all the students by name, not just their students themselves. So that’s one of the, I’m pretty important ways that we show that we care about a student. Another way that we show that we care about our students is that whenever we come in to take a first lesson, $1 lesson four from us, because we do have a deal promotion running all the time, where if you come in, take a music lesson with us, your first one is only a dollar. So there’s no commitment there, but you know, then you can sign up to take drum lessons in Tulsa afterwards.


 So anyways at this $1 lesson. So the first time people come in and get to know them and stuff. And then after their lesson, my job, mr read them a little card and we used to have gift cards that we’d put in there. We’d put a little gift card in there to, you know, Sonic or Maritz bakery or Barbee cookies or one of those local places that we want us to port. But we would put a little gift card in there for $5 or something just to say thank you. And it was a handwritten card that I always wrote myself, but just we just want to say thank you and we’re so glad that you decided to come out and take a lesson with us.


 We really appreciate it. And as a token of our appreciation, here’s a card for you because we do sincerely appreciate it. So other key ways that we show our students that we care about them and we try to become their friend. Another thing that shows that we care, I think are critical music. You had me is also something that’s on that Curtis different sheet that I’ve talked about a ton. Oh two columns and four rows. One of the things on that sheet says that we focus a lot on making sure we have a really comfortable open and inviting space for all of our students and not some way that they dread to be. So it’s pretty important to us at Curtis music Academy that we care for our students that are providing them with beverages when they come in that door.


 Always asking them how their day was, things like that. We show them we care through being their coach and their friend, not just someone who slaps their hand with a ruler or someone who scalds them for failing at the piano or music or drums or whatever it is. So we wanna make sure that we’re always being uplifting and kind and caring to them at all times because especially for the most part, most of our students are children. That’s pretty clear, but it is pretty awesome to see that you do care about our students in that way, in that we’re always looking to make their day a little bit brighter because it’s amazing what a student can do when they feel looked up and when they feel like they’ve been cared for cherish, because that gives them so much confidence.


 It gives them so much power to take on the rest of their day. So it’s a really big deal, especially in children that we’re building them up because there are plenty of people in the world that are trying to tear them down so in drum lessons in Tulsa we don’t do that. So it’s important that as a music Academy, collectively, we all work together to make sure that they feel welcome and invited into our space to actually, the reason why we created such a comfortable space was to make sure that everyone felt welcome and warm and inviting. So that’s pretty awesome thing that we do here at Curtis music Academy, just showing that we care about our students in each, each and every one of them, not just the students of our specific instructors, but all of them in drum lessons in Tulsa. Even if they’re not their instructor. We wanted to make sure we know them and their parents by name and all that kind of stuff.