Drum Lessons in Tulsa | Spending Time Helping our Students


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In this episode of the Curtis music Academy podcast. I want to spend a little bit of time talking about caring about your students when you’re teaching drum lessons in Tulsa. No matter whether or not the student is taking vocal lessons or guitar lessons or piano lessons, drum lessons in Tulsa, even anyone’s, the lessons that we teach here at Curtis music Academy, it’s really important that each of our instructors care about each of our students. So we’ve talked about this a ton, all of these podcasts, and I broke over this probably once a week when talking about the podcast to you all now that if you were listening, but if you are, I do spend a lot of time talking about this topic because it is incredibly important to everything that we do here at Curtis music Academy. 


So at Curtis music Academy, we spend a ton of time caring about our students, focusing on their needs and wants and desires as a music student, as a pupil, if you will, pupil of our instructors. Because all of my students are different and they each have a ton of value in their own right. So we want to make sure that we are valuing and caring for each of our students in their own way and not comparing them to all of our other students. So we’ve got a lot of people that have told us that in their past experience. 


So as you know, all of our instructors obviously took drum lessons in Tulsa growing up. They’re used to them, they’ve been in several music academies throughout the years. So they have the, you know, they’re really well aware of what, what it’s like to take drum lessons in Tulsa and when all these different schools are like, and they’ve been telling me that some of these schools, these different music academies, if you will, they’ve been prone to have one star pupil and then they focus on that people and no one else. So this is something that’s on our Curtis differentiate. You know, I’ve talked about that. 


She before, it has four columns, two columns, four rows. And it talks about the things that we do differently than all the other music academies in town, not just in Tulsa, but really anywhere else. Just what we do differently as a music Academy here at Curtis music Academy. But on this sheet it does talk about how we want to make sure that we’re not the type of people that fall into the trap of favoring some sort of star pupil. It’s one of our biggest things that we care about our students through celebrating their successes as they go along. 


So we are really keenly aware that it’s really difficult to take music lessons no matter if you’re taking drum lessons in Tulsa or guitar or vocal lessons, no matter the type of lesson that you are taking. As a music student who takes music lessons, it is really difficult to learn an instrument, truly difficult to learn, to sing, to read music. All of the things that it comes with when you take drum lessons in Tulsa, it’s all really difficult. So we want to make sure that we are that have music Academy that celebrates everyone’s success as they go through. So it’s been, you know, really difficult to go through this certain book or maybe a student has had trouble playing a song and it’s a pretty easy song. 


Maybe they’re struggling with it so they keep getting it wrong and wrong and wrong and wrong and wrong again. And if they keep getting it wrong over and over and over again, we don’t want to scold them for getting it wrong. We want to praise them for continuing to try and keep, to continue continuing to work on it. I’m going to praise their little successes along the way and the musical journey because we know that when you build someone up along the way, the end result is so much better than it would be otherwise.


 So it’s really, really critical that we’re students up, that we are caring about them along the way, you know, that we’re going through and actually putting in the time and effort to praise their successes. So we’ve had a lot of music students who come in from taking  drum lessons in Tulsa at another place and they tell us that the music instructor, you know, it was really rude, slap their hands with a ruler where they would get things wrong and they scolded them for not practicing enough or not getting the song right even after they’ve tried it six or seven times. And that’s just the absolute opposite of what we want to do here at Curtis music Academy. 


We want to make sure that we’re always celebrating students’ successes as they come. So prison them when they get something right after getting it wrong. So many times stuff like that, it’s are really, really important to us here. We want to make sure that we’re just always doing the right thing and making sure that our students feel welcomed and loved. And one of the ways that we show that we care about our students is actually through knowing their names. So I’ve talked about a lot before, but how important it is to know our students by name and their families by name.


 This really shows a ton of intention and effort and it’s a lot more than I can say about other places, but it’s really important to us here at Curtis music Academy that we focus on learning the student’s name and learning about them personally or their family members personally, just on a surface level because we want to be able to call them by name when they come in the door and not just the instructor who’s teaching them? No, it’s a big deal with it. All of us here at Christian music Academy, myself, the administrative assistant, the other guitar instructors, Garrett and Steven, the other piano and Jeff, Andrea and Hayley Ron, all of us need to know, you know, who is coming in the door.