Drum Lessons Tulsa | What a Wonderful Room

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We’ve created a space like that. So another way that we show our hospitality to our guests who come in and all of our students and their families, whoever they might bring with them, is we always, always, always offer them a beverage. So of course a lot of people say no, this, they say they don’t want to drink, whatever, for whatever reason they don’t like it. Or maybe they’re just being obsequious. But it’s important that we ask them anyways. Even if they said yes 50 times. It’s important that we ask them because they know that we are offering and that it’s available to them if they wanted and once you stop offering they’re going to feel like they can’t have it or something like that. 


That’s just basic psychology, but it’s really important that we are, you know, constantly asking them if they want a beverage when they come in. Even if they probably said no, it’s just a really good way in a simple way to ask once events to show our hospitality to them by offering them a beverage. That’s what we do at Curtis Music Academy we have drinks, so we have coffee and tea and water. We always try to make sure and ask people if they want anything in to tell them what they we have in case it changed their mind. So that’s one way that we show our hospitality to our guests here at Curtis music Academy. 


Another way that we show our hospitality by names, so we try really, really hard to know everyone’s name. No, it’s not easy. We have a lot of students, I think we’re at well over a hundred, maybe 120 students at this point, so it’s not easy to know everyone’s name and their parent’s name and their siblings name, but we do actually try that. So I know one of my jobs here is to kind of get to know everyone’s name into their parents’ names so that when they come in I can recognize them and point their name. I think right now Ron is probably the only person that has everyone’s name memorized and that’s incredibly impressive for all the students in drum lessons Tulsa. 


But we all try to get to know them and know their names that way. If they’re ever in the studio space, we can make them feel welcome. When you read the book ways to win friends and influence people. One of the things they talk about a lot in that book is how important it is to know people’s names in drum lessons Tulsa. Because when you know people’s names, they felt welcome. They feel warm, they feel invited, and everyone likes to talk about themselves. So if we can make our students feel like they’re in a place where they can talk about themselves and where we know them and would care for them, then it’s really hasn’t really large impact on how their learning and their desire to be in this place. 


So getting to know their names is way more important than most people make it seem. And I think a lot of music academies don’t focus on that and enough, but we want to make sure that all of our instructors, since we’re representing the same unified credit music Academy, that our instructors know students that aren’t their own. Because we do talk about these students a lot. You know, we talk about them in our drum lessons Tulsa and the best of ways, I mean, I don’t want to say we’d talk about them in a negative way, but we, we speak about their successes and things they’re struggling with. So it’s important they, they get a sense of knowing that, that we care. Every single one of our instructors cares about them, even if it’s not their instructor. That’s one of the best things that we do is that all of our instructors get together and talk about students that aren’t even their own in drum lessons Tulsa. 


You know, we brainstorm ideas for students who are not their student, even maybe even for a different instrument, but they still care because we’re all teaching for the same Academy and we all care about the students and the importance of music and learning. So it’s important that we do get to know all of our students, even if it’s not the injector student that they’re able to kind of bring up, ring a bell if they’re saying in the thing in the waiting room, I’ve talked about this when I’m checking in on drum lessons Tulsa, I say that it’s important to greet anyone who’s waiting for a lesson. And this definitely holds true.


 So definitely a form of hospitality to know someone to name. So what we’ve tried to do in the past is get instructors to know the students who are going to be in the studio house at the same time as the lesson. So, for instance, carrot has a six 30 lesson, and if there’s an inch in a lesson right before his, let’s say at five 30 it’s important that when Gary gets here, he knows who is in the studio taking a lesson, have five 30 so that he can greet them. 


Because again, our students have the same times every week, and unstructured is teach at the same times every week so that they know that the students there when they get here, it’s really important that they know their names, that they can greet them while they’re waiting. So one of the things that we do best at Curtis music Academy is that we are incredibly hospitable, hospitable, where you take hospitality very seriously and want to make sure that everyone who comes into our studio house feels very welcome and invited. And this is one way that we do that is through learning people’s names in drum lessons Tulsa.