Drum Lessons Tulsa | Hospitality 

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And this addition in this episode of the Curtis music Academy podcast. What I want to take a few moments and buy a few, I mean probably about 10 minutes here to go over what we do in the first $1 drum lessons Tulsa. I’m going to start all the way from the very beginning when someone fills out a form on our website all the way up until the end and we’ll see how long that lasts. So to begin, when it comes to scheduling a $1 lesson, whether it’s for piano or drums or guitar or vocal, what we do is people have fill out a form on our website and on this form it’s simply asks you for your name, your phone number, and your email address. So what we do with that information is we’ll put it into a spreadsheet that we’ve got and I will give you a call. So I will call you now, get to know you, get to know what instrument you’re wanting to learn and a little bit about yourself, whether that’d be your goals or anything of that nature.


 So what I want to go through when talking on the phone to someone is I want to know if the drum lessons Tulsa are for them or for somebody else. If it’s for if they want evening or afternoon or morning, if what instrument they’re wanting to learn, why they’re wanting to take music drum lessons Tulsa to begin with to make certain, so make sure that we’re a good fit. All of that kind of stuff is what I want to go through when it comes to that first $1 lesson and trying to schedule them. So like I said, they’ll fill out a form and then we will go ahead and go in and talk to them and try to schedule them for a lesson.


 So I’ll, but once I scheduled them with one of our phenomenal instructors, what I will do is put it in the Google calendar for them to see and I’ll add any notes at the bottom. So that’s one of the best parts about Google calendar, in my opinion, is that on the calendar, when I add notes to people’s calendars, we can put in an endnote about the student themselves. And that’s really sweet to see that we’re able to do that because then I can put in all the information that I learned from the student, make sure that our instructors are aware of that as well when it comes to what [inaudible] and what, what their goal is and all of that kind of stuff. So that is what I do when I’m going through and scheduling a pupil. 


I go ahead and I put them in the calendar and then I put them in there. So what I do after that is once the student comes, we send them a text message and email and then a second text message reminder all to confirm their appointment and remind them of their upcoming $1 lesson. This is really critical because we have a ton of students who will, if they ask to be taken off the reminders list. This is pretty funny, but we’ve had students who ask to not receive texts anymore and then they showed up 45 minutes late hour long lesson. So believe it or not, these reminders are actually incredibly handy. This sense that they’re always making sure that the student is on time and that the instructor is on time. So the instructor gets a notification through Google calendar and the student gets a notification through the appoint fix app that we use. 


So that’s what we’re going to do. And it’s really cool because it always allows our students to be on time. And that’s something that’s really important because we do value our instructors time, we the students’ time. We want to make sure that everyone is on time and then not missing drum lessons Tulsa that they already paid for because we do have that 24 hour cancellation policy. So we want to make sure that if they paid for a lesson and it’s, they don’t show up because they didn’t get a reminder, they still have to pay for that lesson because they didn’t cancel and 24 hours in advance.


 So that’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking to do one opt out of those reminder messages, we send them for a reason to make sure that you’re not losing any money and that you’re getting the most out of your piano drum lessons Tulsa. So that is all I’ve got to talk about that. And then once it comes to the real lesson, about 15 minutes before the lesson starts, I’m usually here and I will go up to the window and watch out for the student to make sure that they can find us. So this studio house is a little bit difficult to find at times, but we want to make sure that all of our students are able to find it for drum lessons Tulsa. 


And so I’ll stand at the window and usually cars will drive by really slowly and that is a sign that they are looking for us because obviously we don’t know what car they drive or what they look like or anything about the student loans and their name and their phone number. But if there’s a car that drives by really, really slowly, obviously they’re probably trying to find us and I will work open the door and say hello so that they know that they’re in the right place. I know it’s really kind of nerve wracking when you’re going to a new place. So by opening the door and inviting them in in that regard, I think it allows our students to feel very welcome and warm, comfortable in our space in turn. So that’s the thing that I want to point out a lot is that we are very, very intentional about greeting our students at the door when they come. 


So that’s something that I believe is truly, really, really important and all of that for students in drum lessons Tulsa. So when we greet our students at the door, we say, Hey, you know, whenever your name is, hi Jody, it’s so nice to meet you. My name is Erica. Come on in. And once they come inside, you know, we want to make sure that they’re welcome into this warm and comfy environment. So that’s what we do when people come in the door. And once I come in the door, the next thing that we do is we immediately try to be as hospitable as possible. And that for us means offering them a beverage. Say, Hey Jodi, what can I get you to drink quick coffee and tea and water?