Drum Lessons Tulsa | Amazing Way to Receive an Instructor Bonus

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Now, like we’ve talked about a million times, we do have coffee and tea and water off the studio house and we want to make sure our students are really welcome. Make sure that we walk up to them with a beverage to make sure that they know that we have those always go is ask. Even if the student always says no, it’s so good to ask. It’s just a really good thing to show that we are a hospitable and stuff like that. So it’s important that you offer them Pepperidge even if they already have one or you know they’re going to say no, things like that. So during the lesson there’s a couple of things that I also check for. So that’s all we’ve got for before the lesson. 


But during the lesson, I want to make sure first and foremost, the lesson starts and ends on time. Like I said, we know that you’re paying per minute and we do not want it to ever be our instructors fault that you’re not getting the full 30 minutes of anything. If your lesson has ever shorted, it had better be because the student was late and not because our instructor was late. So that’s a really big deal for us. Want to make sure that our drum lessons Tulsa start and end on time, not in a minute past anonymously because it’s important that we know our structures. 


Time is respected so they’re not going to give long drum lessons Tulsa if the student is late. But that art student’s lesson is um, time is respected as well so that they’re getting exactly what they paid for and not anything less. So that’s why we focus on that. And then I’ve got a spot for bonus or shorter time. Like I said, it’s important that you are paying permanent essentially when you pay for 30 minutes or hour long package. So we want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you paid for. So we have spots that talk about lesson beginning, ending on time, and then that Bono’s are shorted time.


 And the last thing that happens during the lesson that I’m checking for is that they instruct your clearly communicated practice strategies to the students. So it’s a big deal for us at Curtis music Academy that our students know what to practice when they go home. We’ve seen a lot of people at different music academies and they don’t, they get home and they lost and they don’t know what they’re doing and they forget what, what it is, where they’re supposed to be working on. So we want to make sure it gives music Academy that we’re being very clear and communicative in our practice strategies, that our students know exactly what they’re supposed to do when they go home. 


And there’s no question in their mind about it. So that’s the last thing I’ve got for during the lesson and after the lesson. Just a couple of things here. We want to make sure our students aren’t ES escorted to the door by the instructor. So it’s kind of random, but it feels really odd when the student leaves the lesson and they’re like, ah, well, all right, I guess this is goodbye. We would make sure that our instructors are clearly and concisely ending the lesson on time when it’s supposed to be ended. And then walking vested to the front door. We’ve had times where instructors will leave at the same time as the student and it feels a little bit weird. It makes it feel rushed at the end, even if they gave a full, fantastic 30 minute, hour long lesson. If the instructor, I’m a student leave at the exact same time, if they’re packing up their stuff, it feels really strange. 


So we wanna make sure that the instructor is walking the student and that parent, whoever they brought with them to the door and opening the door for them, telling them goodbye, reminding them practice stuff, you know, just banter basically, and then goes and finishes up whatever they need to do to leave. So we want to make sure that they’re not leaving at the same time cause that makes it feel weird and rush, but that they’re leaving at separate times. I was to make sure everything is all in order, if that makes sense. And then the last thing on here post-lesson is that they greet anyone waiting for a drum lessons Tulsa. 


So we really clearly focus a lot on hospitality here at Curtis music Academy. We want to make sure that everyone who comes in our doors, but that really welcomed we’ve, that we are open and warm and receptive to everyone who walks in. So we want to make sure one way that we do that is to greet people who are waiting for our lesson. So it’s really important that we know people’s names, even if they’re not our instructor students. We want to make sure that our instructors notes the names of other students who might have drum lessons Tulsa at the same time. 


So if there’s slots, for instance, if Lucas is sitting in the, in the living room because he has a lesson in 30 minutes and you know that he’s there early for his lesson, it’s really important that you go out there and just say, Hey Lucas, I hope you have a good lesson today, or whatever it might be, but we just want to make sure that our instructors are acknowledging other students that aren’t their own. It seems a little bit odd, but it’s even odder when our instructors were walking in there and you know, we’re representing the critic music Academy, we’re representing our business and if we’re not being welcoming, opening and hospitable to our students who are waiting, even if it’s not an instructor student is a really big deal and we don’t stand for that. 


So we always want to make sure that anyone who’s teaching a lesson at Curtis music Academy is aware and acknowledges the presence of people who are waiting for a lesson, even if it is from another instructor. So these are just a couple of things that I look for when I’m going over and checkers drum lessons Tulsa, especially if they’re new, but not only if they’re new. I also do this too. You know, everyone’s drum lessons Tulsa just go through and make sure they seem like really simple things. But unless without going back and checking, we can’t make sure that they’re doing it. And this is one of the ways that we’re constantly able to improve ourselves at Curtis music Academy. Is this something that we talk about at the meetings? Just to make sure everyone is falling in line and doing what they’re supposed to be doing? We’re always trying to better ourselves and even in the small ways, like opening a door in knowledge and people who are waiting for a lesson, offering them a beverage. These are just small ways that we really make our drum lessons Tulsa awesome. Here at Curtis music Academy.