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In the second edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m going to be discussing how important it is to have a comfortable space for your drum lessons Tulsa. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been a music instructor for five years going on six and I have enjoyed every single minute of the teaching career this far in drum lessons Tulsa. I’ve learned lots about the ways people learn, the challenges that they go through and kind of the common threads of teaching an instrument and the problems that arise whenever you are communicating something. So there’s lots that I have to talk about.

And also I’ve been a musician for 11 years, going on 12 this coming March and have loved every minute of it. I have, there’s been so much to go over and there’s so much I can go into. There’s so much to pull out of the experience that I’ve had performing music. I’m playing music in big settings, in small settings, singing while playing an instrument. There’s many different things you can learn when you play and you can play well. And so, without further ado, we are discussing how important it is to have a comfortable space. And I’m also going to give a few references of what we do at the Curtis music Academy that you can begin to implement today.

My first point is going to be how we have drum lessons Tulsa in a house and how that affects our success as a music school to how we have comfortable furniture and how important that is to our students and parents waiting for their students in drum lessons Tulsa. Thirdly, how we’ve got drinks, beverages.This adds to the comfort of our students. And so without further ado, the first point, we have our music studio hosted out of a house for drum lessons Tulsa. Yes, a house, a house like you go to every day hopefully. And it’s a very nice house. It’s a very cute gingerbread looking house with a beautiful blue door and the front of the house there is a driveway on the right that leads all the way to from the front of the house to the back of the house.

And in the back there is a metal pergola so that you know, one car can fit underneath and be covered and it’s just awesome. One reason that I think having a house as a studio helps our success rate as a, an Academy is because whenever you are at a house, you feel more at home, you feel more at home, you feel like you can just relax and not think about having to impress anything or anyone or having to be uptight through a, because of an office building or something that’s been, you know, really tight. You know, it’s, it’s just kind of normal and it’s not very tense for taking drum lessons Tulsa. There’s, it’s very comfortable and you don’t have to be uptight whenever you walk in the door.

I think it helps our students because unlike an office building, when you walk in and smells like business smells like paper, brand new carpet and it’s not a very comfortable environment, very rigid and uptight environment usually for most people that is. And I think that that is a, a non conducive non assistive environment to learn in when it comes to music and drum lessons Tulsa. It’s kind of intimidating and I feel like it’s less effective. So, but having our studio hosted out of a home, an actual house actually relieves the tension. It relieves the commercial. It relieves the expectations a little bit that come whenever you are inside of an office building. It adds a homey warm element and brings relaxation subconsciously to our students and parents.

My second point is how we have comfortable furniture. Now when it comes to furniture, it’s important that your furniture is not what you would find at an office building or at a business. Instead you want to have very comfortable furniture. I feel like the furniture that you might encounter or sit on in an office building or a hospital somewhere very commercially, it would be uncomfortable. And because people don’t, people aren’t expected to sit for a very long time there. I’s actually a good end kind of get out, environment and therefore they’re not created for comfort. Most of the furniture is not created for comfort, but it’s more created for display and show to have a very presentable look for drum lessons Tulsa.

And so we have taken on very, very comfortable plush furniture. So you know, when our parents walk in the door, they can sit on the couch and read a magazine at our coffee table. They can listen to low-fi beats while they’re sitting on the couch listening to something in their headphones or on their phones or reading one of our awesome music magazines on our coffee table. It provides an environment of comfort and ease and relaxation to their probably long day that they’ve had at work or you know, something similar to that. My last point is how we have beverages. We’ve got drinks guys for our students and our parents right when we walk. Why when our students or parents walk in the door of the Curtis music Academy, they are going to be welcomed and encouraged to take part and a refreshing beverage of cold ice water, hot tea or incredibly stomach growling coffee, which sounds and smells amazing.

Whenever it’s perking parking and whenever you are tasting it, it smells and tastes amazing. Now for our seasonals, you know our seasons, we’ve got winter, we’ve got spring, we’ve got summer, we’ve got fall. We always have seasonal drinks as well. So in addition to water, tea or coffee, we’ve always got, you know, for the winter hot chocolate we’ve got for the fall, other teas, pumpkin spice things to kind of spruce up and spice up your day while you are taking your child or whether you are taking your guitar lesson. And so these are just the few things that kind of provide a comfortable space to learn in.

And you know, if you have a comfortable space you are more likely to learn, you are more likely to for that knowledge to stick in drum lessons Tulsa. You’re less tense, you’re less stressed out, you are less sad, you are happier actually when you’re less stressed. So if it, if it has an effect on the way we feel in a negative way, why do we continue to apply those items? Why do we continue to use those items? Why do we continue to sit on those couches? Why do we consider to continue to be in that office building? You know, it’s important to create an environment where kids and adults love to learn. That way, they can love the learning process and become lifelong learners and have fun doing it.

There’s nothing worse than not loving where you can play. There’s nothing worse than not loving where you work. There’s nothing less fun than, you know, not having fun. So it’s important for us to have fun. It’s important for us to think about those items of furniture, to think about those drinks, to think about those, people, whenever you’re creating a space for people and why are you creating the space? What are you creating the space for? What are you trying to accomplish? You’re trying to accomplish successful as many successful students as possible so that one, they will write reviews and also so that they keep coming back, if not anything they want to. You want them to come back so that they keep paying for drum lessons Tulsa so that you keep making money and you’re adding value. And when you have value, people pay you for it.