Drum Lessons Tulsa | Most Amazing Bonus Checklist

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The next thing that I want to talk about, this addition at the Curtis music Academy podcast is what I ended the last podcast with and I was talking a lot about our team meetings and like I’ve mentioned before, our team meetings are really important and they’re really good for growth of the music Academy and just personal growth. It really allows us to get to know one another. All the instructors and whatnot allows us to get to know each other outside of work and also allows us to work on the things that we need to work on as a music Academy, whether that be scheduling problems or potential law students or things of that nature. Anything a student is struggling with. 


That’s what we do in these meetings is we get to have time just to go over it and talk about them. So what we can do, brainstorm, it’s really amazing to see what can happen when you find, you know, seven, eight brains on the same topic. It’s really, really awesome way to get things accomplished and we do get a lot accomplished. These team meetings that I’m talking about. So one of the things that has to do with those team meetings is we get an instructor bonus if we attend the meetings. So there are typically four in a month based there, depending on the holiday, you know, that’s on Thursday evenings. 


And if we show up, we’ll get the bonus that we’re, we’re awarded. So that is really important. It’s a really good incentive for us to attend those meetings and to be there for them because they are really incredibly important. So to get this bonus, there are a lot of things that we have to do besides going to the meetings. So going to the meetings is great to actually really critical for that, but we want to make sure that our instructors are doing a good job. So that’s my job as the administrative assistant, is to make sure that all of our instructors are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, doing what they say they’re going to do. 


You know, just to make sure that we have all of our bases covered. So we do have cameras in all of our lesson rooms for what anyone is taking the lesson, what they’re an adolescent, a child or an adult. We do have cameras in all of those rooms just to be mindful of anything, that we’ve ever had any problems or ever will have any problems. But it’s just really a good way. It’s kind of like a backup to save ourselves, if that makes sense. This camera. So what one of those things is awesome about this? Cameras does, that means we can observe drum lessons Tulsa from afar without having to be in there and we can observe them after, you know, a couple of months back. 


So it’s really good way to check in on things and see what’s happening at the studio while we are not in there. So anyways, all that to be said, one of the things that I do is I go over what makes sure all the instructors are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. And I do this by going back and watching some of their drum lessons Tulsa. So I think about once a week, once every other week maybe I’ll take a look back in all five of our instructors and I’ll pick one of their drum lessons Tulsa, any of them, and just pick one and I’ll go through and I’ve got a checklist of things that I’m looking for. So before the lesson, I want to make sure that the instructor arrived before the student.


 This is really important for us at Curtis music Academy because we always beat there to greet the student out the door. Really big deal. We want to make sure that even if our students are five minutes early that are truckers, they’re five minute certainly and ready to go that way it’s really professional and they feel welcome and they don’t have to walk into a dark house and feel weird about it, so always need a ride before the student. The next thing that I have on this checklist before the lesson even begins is that they have their materials prepared. So having me out prepared is a really big deal because sometimes I’ve seen people who take drum lessons Tulsa not from us but from other places and they go in and their instructor, you’re still fiddling around and trying to figure stuff out, printing stuff off while the drum lessons Tulsa supposed to start and not waste valuable time. 


So at Curtis music Academy we’ve realized that you’re paying per minute, you’re paying for our time and for us to give you a lesson. So for shorting you two or three minutes because our instructors aren’t ready. That’s not fair and you’re not, it’s kind of a rip off, you know, you’re not getting what you paid for. So we want to make sure that we’re always always on top of that and grading and having the materials prepared before the loss and began. So it does take prep work. The drum lessons Tulsa are just those 30 minutes or how long it takes proper before that. So we had to make sure our instructors are doing that in the way that we check on that, if by making sure that they have stuff prepared before the lesson starts. And like I mentioned, the next thing is greeting students at the door. It’s really important for us to make sure that they feel welcome, encouraged to come and said, next thing it has to do a lot with hospitality and we just want to make sure that we’re always offering our students Bedford.