Drum Lessons Tulsa | Getting a New Space for Lessons

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It was built in 1910 I believe. It is huge. Like I said, there’s 10 rooms, multiple fireplaces, less I’m booked in, but still fireplaces in the last and all kinds of stuff like that, so it’s really awesome to see that we’re able to grow into such a large space. It’s going to be really awesome to see that filled up with students. At this point, it looks like we can actually teach 10 lessons at a time, which is insane and will be phenomenal for us once we start to grow so much as to need to open up that upstairs. We literally have the capability to teach students 10 students at want pushes Justin sane. In addition to this, we’re going to be able to have a recording studio where our instructors are able to record things for the students, plug up their phone record and then leave all set up already, which is going to be awesome. 


We’re going to have a room dedicated specifically to the first lesson, so as you all know, we focus a ton on $1 drum lessons Tulsa here at Curtis music Academy because that’s where all of our revenue comes from. Yet in this new space, we’re going to have our room dedicated to those first drum lessons Tulsa where everyone is taking the first lesson. We’ll be in the same room. It is going to be truly awesome to see how that turned out. We’re going to do it a moody color, something really cool. We’re hoping to get a grand piano to put in there. We’ll just really make the space so it’s such a large room with so much natural light, you know, we hope to be able to do that. It’s going to be, it’s going to be so awesome to see.


 But this first lesson room, I’m not sure exactly what it will look like, but it’s going to have everything that we need to teach a first lesson and to do a really great job at it. So hopefully there will be a seating area there and everything like that. It’s going to be sweet. But the only thing that’s awesome about this new studio space for all of our people who come in to take drum lessons Tulsa is that we’ve actually got, you know, a specific room for guitar in a specific room for piano. So in these duty rooms that we’ve got now, obviously we use them for each instrument. We also, you know, have vocal lessons in there as well because they’re not exactly instrument specific. 


But what we think is that in this new city space, since we have so much room, we will have a ramp dedicated to teaching drum lessons Tulsa. In essence that will no longer be in the office. But the jumps out get to be in its very own room, which is really cool. And that means we can hook everything up, plug it into the sound system and all of that without having to worry about, you know, someone else coming in to take a lesson, having to get it all prepped up. It’s already going to be there. It’s already going to be ready and prepared up and ready to go to teach. Awesome, awesome drum lesson. So we’ll have a drum room, we’ll have a guitar room, we’ve got electric guitars in there, amps that are plugged up, acoustic guitars, all of that in its own very own room. So it’s going to be really cool. Distraction to the rooms in that way. Maybe decorate them slightly differently to lean towards piano or guitar. 


Even a vocalist, I’m sure we’ll have our very own vocal room because people are very self conscious when they take drum lessons Tulsa about pupils. Hearing them and being able to hear them sing. So perhaps a vocal room could be on the second floor or in the corner or something where it’s not going to be as noticeable or you won’t hear as frequently or as the, so that might be something awesome that we’re going to do. But it’s just crazy the amount of growth that we’ve encouraged to be able to have this awesome new space. And I’ve only seen the space once so I can’t really speak to what it looks like other than it is very big. 


You walk in, it’s pretty old, so it’s really cool cause it has a ton of Darkwood features and all the things like that. It’s really awesome to see how grand and beautiful it is. It truly is a beautiful home and that’s the only thing it is still at home. So that’s one of the things that we’ve been looking for at Curtis music Academy is stay in a home studio because we love the vibe. I’ve talked to Todd on here about being comfortable in the space that you’re in and your drum lessons Tulsa. And we have found that having a home studio is the most comfortable place for all of our students to take lessons and for all of our instructors to teach drum lessons Tulsa. 


So it’s a really big deal that the space that you promote in that you provide for your students is and all of that. So it’s really important for us that we were in a home, but at this point beginning to large the same home. So we thought we would have to end up, you know, moving to a commercial building or something like that. Something boring that we didn’t really want to do. But thankfully since we found this building, it’s actually a home as well. So it’s just a home that’s about five times the size, which is just so awesome. So it has the same feel, has the same warm and comfortable vibe that our current city has. 


But it is so much cooler than this one is particularly just because of the size and all the details. It’s going to be a really spacious place for us to grow, and that’s what we’re really looking for is we would need to have the space and the ability to grow when we need to grow because we’re growing so rapidly right now and that if we say in a small space like this one, we won’t be able to sustain ourselves as a business. So it’s really awesome to see that we’re being proactive and taking the steps to move into such a low order building to continue and foster the growth that we’ve been seeing. That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Curtis music Academy podcast.