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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m going to be discussing how we can maximize the efficiency of our drum lessons Tulsa. This is one of my favorite topics because I’m all about bettering myself, my lessons and my students. And so this is one of my favorite topics to talk about. It is a topic that everyone can use to help them better their content to help stay organized in their thinking and process and hopefully help them become more beneficial in music instructor all around. And so my first point, we’re going to talk about how being on time is crucial to maximizing the efficiency of your drum lessons Tulsa. 


Secondly, how the edge method is the best method to transfer skill. And thirdly, how ending on time is also crucial and beneficial to your students and yourself. And so without further ado, my name is Steven. I am a music instructor at the Curtis music Academy and I have been teaching for over a year now at the Curtis music Academy and have loved every minute and every day of it. And I’ve also been teaching music for about six years now. This this year and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment and every learning experience thus far. And so going into this, we are talking about maximizing the efficiency of our drum lessons Tulsa. 


So my first point I want to talk about is how being on time is crucial to maximizing the efficiency of your drum lessons Tulsa. And so being on time is first of all honorable and respectful to yourself and the student whom you will be teaching. And also, being on time, you know, being on time, what does that mean? Being on time to me means that we are at least 10 to 15 minutes early now. I have even caught myself being five minutes or if not two or one minute early. And that is unacceptable in my eyes and I have worked really hard to kick that take out of my body and be 10 to 15 minutes early, no matter what time the lesson is, no matter what day it’s on, no matter I’m feeling unless I’m throwing up and don’t need to be on a lesson, I’m always at a lesson.


 And so, being on time is going to be crucial because it says to the person you’re teaching that you care enough to be early, to be prepared to be ready to teach them and that you’ve provided even some buffer times so that you can maybe even chat and develop some rapport with said student you will be teaching. Also it’s respecting your own time and making sure that you know you are respecting your own time because if you respect your time then that will show to others. And other people though really, really notice that whenever you respect their time and it helps, it’s a win win situation for the both of you. 


Being on time also helps the music school or music Academy that you are working for because it helps to add to the reputation, to the aura of the name Curtis music Academy or whatsoever your music Academy’s name is. It helps to create consistency and dependability on the business that you work for or work at or if you have your own. And if you do have your own, it is paramount that you are on time and never late cause, winners are never late. And so being on time is crucial. It shows the student that you care, that you are excited and ready to listen, to teach them that you’ve provided buffer time, to take out of the day to just get to know them and to have fun. And so that this isn’t just about money for you just about getting it over with, but it’s about, you know, pregame. It’s about PR, you know, building rapport before the lesson starts and, and for the weeks to come. And so being on time is crucial. My next point is the edge method. 


This is probably my absolute favorite of all. And that is because the edge method has revolutionized the way I teach anything. The way I teach skills, mainly because that’s what it’s for. But the way I communicate it has helped dramatically, helped me become more effective in the way that I, administer or communicate information and also create skill in the person or student that I am currently teaching. And so you might ask, what is the edge method? Where did it come from? How do you use it? Well, a little bit of history for drum lessons Tulsa. The edge method came from the boy Scouts of America and it is a method that they use to train incoming Scouts, younger Scouts so that they can be better leaders, better communicators and better Scouts. 


They use this method to teach subjects like how to tie a rope, how to build a fire, how to set up a tent and other skills needed to thrive in the boy Scouts of America. And so what we’ve done here, what I’ve done here is taken this method and used it as a means to effectively communicate and effectively transfer skill in drum lessons Tulsa or guitar lessons. Mainly my guitar lessons here in Tulsa. And so you might ask now, what does edge even stand for? What does it mean? Well, edge method is a, an acronym for explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable. Again, the edge method is an acronym for explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable. And so the first point is going to be explaining what you want to do when you begin your music lesson is explain what’s going to be done and why it’s important. 


The D represents, demonstrate what you’ll want to do here is actually demonstrate what it is that you guys are actually going to do and the exact way that it needs to be done when transferred. So you’ll demonstrate exactly how you want them to do it. And so you’ll be in demonstrating what needs to be done and how exactly it’s done. And then G the guide you want to guide them and exactly what needs to be done. So you’ll kind of take their hand and walk them through it. And then lastly, you will want to enable them. 


So enabling them will allow them and we’ll tell you that there has been a full transfer of skill and that you were completely done with the topic shows that they are able, it’s the time where they are able to actually follow through and have a full understanding also a full scope of how it’s done and understanding exactly how to accomplish it each time. And so this is a wonderful method to use when, when talking about Communication and skill. My last point is how ending your drum lessons Tulsa on time are extremely crucial as well. The main reason for ending the lesson, the lesson on time and why it’s crucial is because if you end on time, you can start the next lesson on time and hopefully you are, your system is kind of similar to ours, which is I think by far the most time effective, which is, you know, starting a lesson on time, ending on time and then having another lesson right after yours. So as an example, if you had a lesson starting at 12 o’clock your lesson, and it was 30 minutes, would end at 1230 your next lesson would be gamut. Begin at 1230 and then end at one o’clock and so with that type of scheduling system that you have, it’s best to start on time and end on time. And also use the edge method when teaching your entire drum lessons Tulsa.