Drum Lessons Tulsa | Why Google Reviews Influence People

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And this next edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, but I want to spend a few minutes talking about is that critical music Academy differentiate that I spent most of my time talking about, but I actually want to focus on a different side of it that we don’t often see or talk about when we’re doing these podcasts. Because while it’s a lot less boring for a lot more boring for me and it’s also slightly out of my wheelhouse. So as most of you know, if any of you are listening to this, which I am positive that you aren’t, gives us just a podcast. Basically I have no experience with music whatsoever. 


So I was in band when I was in high school and that was a lot of fun. But my experiences incredibly limited to that. So I played the trombone in the baritone. I can read bass clef, I can’t even read treble clef. I took one month of drum lessons Tulsa as most of you would maybe remember. So my knowledge of music is incredibly limited, especially for someone who happens to work at a music Academy. I feel left out of a lot of the conversations that they have simply because that’s not my background and that’s really not what I know is, it’s kind of funny to see and hear that I don’t work part time about 10 hours a week at a music Academy and I truly know nothing at all about music except for that.


 I like it. So I tend to just call myself an enjoy your music in drum lessons Tulsa, but that’s why I don’t really go over it. The second side of the Curtis different sheet because well, it’s a little bit boring for me and it’s a little bit out of my wheelhouse and I don’t quite understand all the things on it, but I’m just going to go through and discuss all of the things that are on the back of the sheet so that we can talk through it together in drum lessons Tulsa. But I guess I’ll take the rest of this minute, minute number two to discuss the things at the top of the critics different sheet that I also don’t talk about much. 


So at the very top it says see our great reviews and organizations and there are six little icons there, so it looks like that first one is an icon for five star ratings on Google, so it’s true. We do have 140 something, five star reviews on Google, I think it was 146 Clinitek today, which is just honestly really, really sweet. Cannot believe that we have that many reviews and they’re all five stars, so we don’t have a single review that’s under five stars, which is pretty distinct and sweet. The next thing is that there’s a little implement Epic charter schools for drum lessons Tulsa. As most of you know, we’re an Epic vendor, which means Epic is just a public school that is funded with public funds.


 Private school funded by public funds, I believe is how you would say. So these people, these people are homeschooling, but they’re given online classes and things of that nature. It’s pretty awesome. But they sent home extracurriculars. They’re given this money and this learning fund and it allows them to do things like take drum lessons Tulsa or sports and we accept Epic as a form of payment, so we work closely with them and people can take drum lessons Tulsa at us and they take it directly out of their school funds, so that’s pretty, pretty awesome. The next is just the emblem for the university of Tulsa, which is where most of our instructors go to school. Actually, Haley RPN own shuckers in law school right now from the universe at the university of Tulsa. Ron graduated from there with a degree in vocal education and music education. Garrett goes there.


 I go there personally, so the only person that actually doesn’t go there is Steven plus Andrea who we just hired after Olivia. Laughter. That’s, those are three of the things that are at the top of the Chris different sheet. The next thing is that on Thumbtack, we actually taught pro in 2018 not exactly sure what that means, but that’s pretty awesome. It shows that we do a good job teaching drum lessons Tulsa and Facebook. We also have a ton of five star reviews on Facebook. So have you all ever have time? It would be awesome for you to go and check that out. On the bottom of the Curtis different sheet, it actually shows three examples of our five star reviews that we pulled off of Google. But the person’s permission of course, but they say there’s three people here, Garrison, Neil and Lacey, and they all talk about what we do and how they, why they love us here at Curtis music Academy. 


So it says, see why people love us. And these are three really good examples of why these people love to take drum lessons Tulsa with us. So Lacey for example, says our six year old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Ron for a little over a year. This is our first experience with drum lessons Tulsa and we couldn’t be happier. Ron is a kind and patient teacher. He makes learning fun for our daughter, fun. And our daughter is always looking forward to her weekly session. We are so thankful that we found such an amazing piano teacher. So isn’t that awesome? Thanks so much. Lacey. We really appreciate it and it shows that she really loves taking music lessons her daughter does at least, and our friendly. A castle read. Neal’s gets a little bit shorter. It says amazing for guitar. Listen speedy when you need to make efficient use of bus and time, but always knows when to slow down when I get lost, easy to work with in great studio space, so we have a ton of positive feedback for all of our students.