Drum Lessons Tulsa | Practicing the Drums With Vigor and Enthusiasm

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The next thing you should do in practicing the drums is to focus on maintaining your posture. So posture is incredibly critical in any instrument, whether it’s guitar or piano, but particularly the drums in this case. So it builds habits and you’ve got muscle memory in drum lessons Tulsa. So if you are trying to memorize a song or something, it’s important to do it repeatedly that way your body from members and hold onto that and then you’ll be able to do it going forward so much easier. You’re not going to have to be constantly thinking about it because your memory, your muscles will memorize that for you. So what you can do, it’s really important is to practice that posture and pay attention to it while in drum lessons Tulsa.


 Make sure that when you’re practicing, you’re doing the same thing that you would be doing in the lesson that applies to every instrument, but you should always be practicing as if your instructor was standing right behind you. So maintaining that good posture, putting your where they supposed to go and all of that stuff, it really helps you warm up your muscles and keeps you in the right spot that you’re supposed to be on. So the next thing that you should be doing when you’re taking drum lessons Tulsa and at home practicing is using a metronome. So I’m sure this, you know, really common knowledge, especially among drum players that, metronome emphasizes rhythm and it might be incredibly, incredibly helpful for someone who lacks rhythm, but he’s trying and desperately wants to play the drums. 


I know for me, I would not be able to play the drums at all because I don’t have any rhythm. But I know that if I were to take some time to listen to a metronome while trying to play, it would make it so much easier because then maybe I would have a sense of for them in my head that developed from listening to that over and over again. So that’s something that actually does happen scientifically. When you listen to something repeatedly, for example, a metronome, you will gain rhythm. It will, it will implant itself into your finding memories and you’ll start to have rhythm when needs you do they think because you’ll have some sort of internal metronome, which is really cool. 


So when you’re taking drum lessons Tulsa, you should always be focusing on making sure that you use that metronome to help internalize it, to get it inside your mind so you can play whenever, but also just to keep you on top of your playing and to stay in control. That way you can develop a solid groove and make sure that you’re always playing on the right beat and everything of that nature. So the next thing that I want to talk about to be effective in your drum lessons Tulsa, the most effective I should say is particularly to mix up your practice strategies. So this says that you should focus on having fun while you’re learning more. You’re learning music and while you’re playing, it shouldn’t always be the hard stuff that you’re struggling with. 


You know, working on hard songs and all of that. I want to make sure that when you’re playing the drum, you’re having fun because in itself as its very nature, the drums are a fun instrument to play. You’re getting to, you know, use all sorts of parts of your body and use rhythm and all of that, but you don’t want to be really boring. You want to make sure that you’re able to CHAM out with friends or play along like that. Even doing something like playing with your friends, if any of them playing managers play for your friends, that is the type of practice in itself. It doesn’t always have to be so serious and structured.


 It’s important that you also make sense, some fun stuff along the way so that you don’t get too bored. It’s that sort of thing that I think is really important and we don’t focus on enough when we’re talking about drum lessons Tulsa or an instrument of any kind, really is focusing on that and making sure that we are sticking to having fun and mixing up the practice to be not something that’s all boring and all work but more fun instead. So the next thing that I want to talk about is having a comfortable inviting practice area. Now I’ve talked about this a ton in terms of the space that we’ve created here at Curtis music Academy and the space that we’re trying to create over at our new Academy.


 It’s just important that you’ve got a fun inviting and warm practice space whenever you’re practicing because if you have a space, it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s somewhere you don’t want to be, you are not going to be motivated in any way to practice there.  You know, you’re not going to be, you’re not going to desire to practice, but if you’ve kind of in a fun space and you have, you know, like maybe your favorite treat in there or you have a notebook that’s your favorite color or your drums that your favorite color, something like that. 


Anything that’s small that can motivate us to do something, it’s going to be incredibly effective in doing this and, and practicing and it’s going to help it be a lot easier because, you know, it’s one of the really critical things is having fun and enjoying where you are while you’re practicing and what you’re working on. Anything. We have focused a ton on that here at Curtis music Academy. It’s really, really, truly important to learning any instrument, but especially the drums that you carry that enthusiasm and that desire to practice and play back home with you. That way you avoid being burnt out and you are always enjoying your drum lessons Tulsa and your practice time. Both.