Drum Lessons Tulsa | We’re Getting More Space for Lessons

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Well, I want to talk about in this next edition at the Curtis music Academy podcast and you all know that we do these all the time and very frequently, but what I want to talk about on this next episode is what I talked about most of the time, and this is going to be our new space and I haven’t done a podcast yet on our new space. So this is a first for me on this one. We are so excited here at Curtis music Academy about our new space. Now to give you all a little bit of a backstory, we’re moving out of our current space because we have two studio rooms in here plus a back office and there are times when we joke that we, this back-office back here is called studio three because we’re consistently using it for drum lessons Tulsa. 


For example, there’s a keyboard back here and the drum set is back here. We’ve taught guitar lessons back here multiple times, at least five or six times. So there’s just been a ton of time in our existence as a music Academy where we’ve had to use all three rooms that we have. And that’s not really good luck, you know, it’s not very good luck to Justin’s out of it office, it’s clear you’re not supposed to be a lesson room. It’s in an office and it’s pretty obvious. So that’s one of the things that we are trying to alleviate by moving into a new space. So at Curtis music Academy we are expanding and we’re expanding rapidly. 


So like I talked about before, we looked at some numbers and at the beginning of 2019 in January, back before we had any of these new instructors, like Garrett, Stephen and I, we had 65 students. And this was a really big number to be taught out of Ron’s house back there, which was the one studio. So to give you a little bit of evolution of Curtis music Academy, Ron taught drum lessons Tulsa out of his house and that was just one little tiny studio room where we could just teach one lesson at a time and he had one other instructor with him, Garrett and Ronnie Garrett would teach drum lessons Tulsa throughout the week, but obviously only one of them could teach at a time. And that was all the space that we had. 


So one person did this studio space, it was really awesome because we were able to teach two drum lessons Tulsa at a time, which doubled the weight, doubled the number that we were able to have. And as of recently, Ron has actually had to start teaching out of his house again, which was the whole purpose of moving in here was that he wouldn’t have details and thought it was a house any longer. But since we’ve had so many students’ books, we are running out of space rapidly. So back to what I was saying before, and January of 2019 we had 65 students. In January of 2020 last month, we had 145 students, I believe is how many we had, which is well over 150% a hundred percent growth, 105% growth or something like that, which is just absolutely insane. 


It’s insane to see that we’ve been able to grow that much in just a year. You know, we’ve more than doubled the number of students that we have, which is just phenomenal because it’s more than doubling our ability to teach drum lessons Tulsa and our ability to do stuff and further expand. So that’s been really, really awesome for us. But the reason that we’re having to move is because we’re growing rapidly every single day. So if I look at our little tracking sheet here, which is where we keep track of all of our new students, and the month of January alone, we added, uh, it looks like 12, 15, 20 probably 20 more students. 


Yep. 20 students, which is just insane. In the month of January, I have been able to have 20 students. So that’s been, that’s been really crazy and awesome. But that type of growth is not sustainable in this building that we’re in. So we do have just those two lesson rooms and I’ve talked a ton about how awesome they are, but it’s just not enough space for us. So we’re able to grow and we’re able to grow by getting a larger space. So I want to talk about the rest of this podcast, I want to talk about our awesome new space. So this did you spaces 16th in Denver? It’s not too far from here. It’s about 12 minutes from here, I believe. If you take the 11th street all the way up to Denver and then turn, I wouldn’t take 15th street because it’s covered in traffic night covered in traffic, but there’s construction everywhere. It’s kind of a nightmare to drive on.


 But the awesome thing about our new studio space is this is about four. It’s five times as big. So there are actually 10 rooms and an office. So we’re actually not even touching the upstairs. That’s how big the studio house is, is that it’s so big that we’re not even touching the upstairs at all. So that’s insane to me. It’s insane. There’s so many rooms that we’re going to exclusively use the downstairs and still double our capacity to teach drum lessons Tulsa by just using the downstairs. So in prepping this new studio, as we’ve been focusing mainly on those areas downstairs, we haven’t really touched the upstairs at all, but downstairs there’s been a lot to do in terms of things like painting, getting things ready. It is crazy. It’s a bit of an older house. It’s cooler than this house events.