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And this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be talking about how important it is to have a comfortable space when teaching drum lessons Tulsa. Now, without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been an instructor at the Curtis music Academy for about a year now and I have loved every single minute of it. It’s been incredible. It’s been a joy. It’s been fun to get to enjoy and learn from students of all ages, young teenagers, or even older. And it has been a blast. I’ve gotten to learn so much about how to prep my drum lessons Tulsa, how to organize myself, how to time manage better, how to be better, be a better instructor, a better teacher, how to be a better friend, how to be a better coach, how to be a better at getting results, how to be better at achieving goals in drum lessons Tulsa. There’s so much to be learned in drum lessons Tulsa.

There’s so much to be earned as well. And so this topic that we’re going to be discussing is going to be an important one to me because I’m very, very particular about how things look, how things are perceived. And you know, when it comes to first impressions, you only get it one time. And so it’s really important to nail that because that will make or break a student sometimes that will, that will keep a student with you or it will deter them from you. It will attract or it will retract, it will stick or it will slip. And this is what your space can do. And so also I just wanted to state, I’ve been a musician for about 11 years, going on 12 this March and it has been incredible.

It has been so fun to learn more about music every single year that I’ve been playing it. And I’ve grown so much. I’ve grown in my skill, I’ve grown in my, my knowledge of theory, music theory, I’ve grown in just my performance ability, my comfort level playing in front of people. And there’s so many other areas too that I would like to improve in. And that is going to be my, one of my goals this year, turning 24 and so I can’t believe I’m 24 years old. I feel like I’ve had, I’ve done so much and I have so much yet to do. It gets exciting. Talking about the future, I get excited talking about the future, my future and my vision for life and God’s vision for in this life that I call mine. And I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to in drum lessons Tulsa.

I’m a very blessed young man. So a comfortable space and how important it is to have a comfortable space. So we’re just going to talk about some elements of the Curtis music Academy that really makes us great in the eyes of others. And this has been proven, this has been talked about from other students. This has been talked about by the parents of those students and things that they love as well as things that I love. So comfortable space. My first point is going to be how we’re in actually an actual house, not in an office building. Second point, how we have comfortable furniture, a comfortable couch in a comfortable and comfortable chairs and how important it is to actually acquire those. And then lastly, how we’ve got comfortable items or beverages to kind of maintain a comfort for our students and parents when they are waiting on their guitar students or right when they arrive, it adds an element of comfort.

So without further ado, our first point is how it’s in a house. Our drum lessons Tulsa take place in an actual house, something that you go to every night, hopefully, or maybe an apartment, but this is a house. And so it’s been awesome to get to teach out of a home because it really subconsciously breaks down the, the wall that many, many music schools, a PR come into contact with when it comes to meet their drum lessons Tulsa or trying to take off a music business is this feeling of this businessy feeling, this lack of warmth, this lack of homeyness, this lack of, you know, relate-ability almost. And so we believe music takes place in the home usually or is preferred anyway.

Music starts in the home for a lot of people. And, you know, it’s important for, for you to be comfortable as a student, you know, to us it’s important that you are, that you arrive and feel right at home, literally cause it probably looks like your home. However, I bet that you don’t have a big blue door that’s rounded at the top. But other than that, other than that it’s got brick, it’s comfortable, it’s got wood floors, it’s cute. It looks like a little gym or gingerbread house with a blue door and there’s a nice driveway that leads all the way to the backyard on the right side of the building. And there a metal pergola in the back, covered where you can park one car underneath it.

And so it’s important to us that we’re in a house and this actually assists us with a lot of different areas, but the first area is feeling welcome. And so it provides a good outlook on the home for a lot of parents and a lot of students. And so my next point is going to be how we have comfortable furniture for drum lessons Tulsa. Comfortable. Furniture is really, really awesome and has a greater impact than you think it might because whenever you are student arrived, they arrive at the house, we open the door for them and we wave at them as they’re coming in or as they’re parking in front of our house, our studio, as they’re driving up into the driveway, we have the door open, smiling at them as they come in, which is a sign of welcomeness and it makes them smile and makes them happy.

And then once they get past, they’ve get out of their car, they walk in, down the driveway, they walk in the house and we shake hands and welcome them into their lesson. Then we always offer them two things. The first thing is a beverage. Hey, can we offer you anything to drink before we get started? And before we get your lesson started, that’s what one thing we asked them. And then if the parents are there with the student, we always ask, would you guys like to sit in with your student, with your, with your son or daughter while we have the lesson? Or would you like to stay out here in the lobby where there’s a little bit more comfortable and you have beverages and either way we’ll make it accommodate for you in drum lessons Tulsa. Either way. Those are the two things that we typically, actually, we always say when it comes to especially new new students.

And so it’s important to us or if we’re talking about how uncomfortable furniture to have comfortable furniture at that time because whenever a student wants to, sit in their lesson, we’ve got comfortable chairs for them to sit in, not in hard wooden chairs that are uncomfortable and kind of create this disease through the entire 30 minute lesson or 45 or even an hour that they are there. It’s important that we create an environment that is conducive to learning and does not repel or disable the student or parent in any way. And so comfortable furniture is key in that as well as comfortable couches for our students to sit in or parents to sit in and while they wait for their students to finish their guitar lesson.

And then lastly, we’ve got the beverages, right? So the beverages, we’ve always offered water, tea, or coffee. However, in the, during the seasons, like the season right now where it is winter, we will always offer seasonal drinks such as hot chocolate or even, different flavors of coffee such as pumpkin spice or even mochas coconut mocha, so to speak. And so all of these things attribute to the, the comfort, the enjoyment, the, the process, the, the happiness of our students. And it really just testifies to the experience. It gives them a great experience. If you can give them a great experience, they’re gonna want to come away more often.