Drum Lessons Tulsa | Effective Practice Strategies for Beginners

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Just as I did in that last episode of this Curtis music Academy podcast. In this upcoming episode, I’m going to take about 10 minutes and go through what do you have active, wasted practice for the drums are. So this is going to be going through a couple practice strategies that we’ve come up with here, Curtis music Academy to get better at the drums to get better quicker. So practicing is clearly one of the most important and critical aspects of, you know, taking drum lessons Tulsa. And if you’re not practicing you’re not going to get any better. That’s that is what it is. Practice makes perfect and you can’t get perfect with that practicing. 


I think that should be the second half of that quote there. But for drum lessons Tulsa, it’s especially important that you practice because for a lot of people at this does not come natural as for any instrument I should say. So whether you’re taking piano or guitar for very few people, does it come naturally and they are just able to sit down a and do, you know, handpick notes and it makes sense. For most people it doesn’t make sense. And it doesn’t click or fit. So I want to go through the tips for effective lesson taking and practicing at home for each of the instruments that we teach, including focal. 


So this, I’m on the second one right now and these are some best tips and practices for practicing the drums. So a lot of times I don’t think people talk about drum practicing enough. At least we don’t typically hear Curtis music Academy. We’re just not venturing into the realm of drum drama. So if you ever wanted to take drum drum lessons Tulsa and at any point, Curtis Music Academy is the place to do so. So I’m going to go through how you can make your practicing really efficient and effective while at critic music Academy when taking the drums, drum lessons Tulsa I should say. 


So number one is make a practice plan. So for example, this is the same as setting a goal for any other instrument. It’s important that you write out the things that you want to achieve because then you know how you’re able to achieve them, if that makes sense. Without a destination, without a goal is almost impossible to figure out how to get there. So if you will just set, sit down at your drum kit or jumps at whatever you’ve got at home and write down what you’re wanting to learn, it can be so much easier for you to go about learning it. 


So if something like this article talks about, if you got foot, 10 names, foot techniques that you struggle with and you’re not good at, you know, hitting the bass pedals or things like that, you should spend more time focusing on that as opposed to things that you’re more advanced in. But obviously it is also incredibly important that you focus on not only the things that you’re struggling with, but also going back to the basics and the fundamentals and doing the things that are easy for you. Because sometimes you don’t want to loose them. And if you don’t work on something, there’s a chance that you really might lose what you have worked on so far. 


So that’s the first tip for taking drum lessons Tulsa is making a practice plan that suits the things that you’re wanting to learn and the things that you’re wanting to get out of the drum lessons Tulsa. So depending on what that is, it’s going to be personal and specific to you. So that’s why it’s important that you take the time to go about doing it. Now the next thing that I want to talk about, the second effective practice strategy for the drums is to have a positive attitude. So for example, it is kind of nerve wracking to play any instrument, but especially the drums I would say because it is really hard and it requires a lot of focus and concentration, perhaps more than other instruments at times because you’ve got a moving so much if your body at once, even your feet, it’s the only instrument that requires that as well. 


So it’s important that you maintain a positive and up uplifting attitude when you’re doing something difficult like this, no matter if it’s drums or anything else, but any of our students that take drum lessons Tulsa saved to maintain a positive attitude while practicing. At home because if not, they’re likely to get burnt out because it’s hard. And if you don’t have that positive attitude, you know it’s going to be something really difficult for you to do and all of that. So the number three on here, so that’s a follow the 80 20 rule, which means that 80% of your success is determined by only 20% of your efforts.


 So what you need to do reflecting on your practice plan Is going back to the thanks that you’re truly struggling with and folks in the majority of your practice on that to make up the 20% of your efforts that you need to achieve. So it’s really important that you are able to eliminate one talked about is the useless parts of practicing the times where you’re just kind of messing around and not actually doing anything effective for yourself and actually learning or teaching yourself anything. But you just kind of messing around, playing with different things, which has its place, that’s for sure. 


But when you’re honing in on that 20% of things that you need to do to be successful, 80% of the time when you focus on that, it’s going to make all the difference in your practicing and it’s going to make your practice time more effective. And this sense that we used to get 30 minutes of practice out of an hour long session of practicing. Now you might get 45 or 50 minutes by working on only the things that you struggle with and you know, honing out and hunting down things that you don’t really need to waste your time on.