Drum Lessons Tulsa | The Importance of Comfort

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The next thing that I want to talk about and this addition to the Curtis music Academy podcast is something that I’ve talked about a ton on here. Other instructors have talked a ton on here about it, but I want to talk a lot about hospitality today and this is really, really important because we get compliments on all the time. I shouldn’t say all the time, but we have had several compliments and I know that it really does make a strong impact when we are hospitable, but I created music Academy. We take hospitality very seriously. In fact on that Curtis music Academy differentiator sheet that I’ve talked about a ton and that I give to every student when they come in for their first lesson, it talks about having a comfortable space and so that’s one of the four things that we focus on more than anything else. 


That Curtis music Academy. So I feel like it deserves another podcast about it. But this hospitality section on the Curtis music Academy differentiators sheet says a lot about what we do and why we do it. So it talks on there about how important it is to have a comfortable space when you’re teaching drum lessons Tulsa for a variety of reasons. For one, having a comfortable space isn’t the best environment for learning. It’s where your children’s brains thrive. It’s where adult brains thrive. If you’re comfortable, you’re so much more likely for one to learn and to retain and to keep up with that and to, to stay motivated to be in it while in drum lessons Tulsa. 


If you’re in a place where you’re uncomfortable, don’t like to be there, it feels gross. It feels dingy. I know everyone has been in this situation where they’re somewhere and they just don’t feel, they don’t feel comfortable. They don’t feel safe or secure or whatever it is. And if you’re in a space like that, you, you’re not going to learn. You’re not going to be thriving like you could be somewhere else because because you’re on guard and you’re not able to relax and you’re not able to soak it all in, you’re worried about a variety of different things. So it’s important to us. At Curtis music Academy, we’ve got a space where you don’t have to put up your guard, right?


 You don’t have to feel like you know that you can’t relax or sit back or learn and have fun with it. We want to be somewhere that you can have fun. And that’s what I think we’ve done in designing the studio space. We’ve been in this new studio space. Our studio house for about a year now, at least is in February. So we’ve been here for about a year and it’s really crazy to see how much we’ve been able to do to this little space. It has a small house, but we’ve filled it with lots of [inaudible]. Not a lot of things, but the things that we do have in the colors that we’ve chosen make it really comfortable space for learning. You know, a couple of weeks ago I did some work studying different, the types of space that you should be learning in and how parents can help a student at help.


And one of the things that this study showed was that if a parent creates a comfortable, warm, inviting space to learn at home, a student, their student is going to be so much more likely to go and practice for their drum lessons Tulsa. So you shouldn’t be putting your students at home if you’re wanting to help them practice and thrive on their instrument. Don’t put the piano in the basement, Tom, put it somewhere dark and scary. Don’t put it somewhere that they don’t want to be. If you want your students to practice at home and to be good at it and to want to learn and to practice it showed you need to put it into somewhere that’s well lit somewhere that’s warm and inviting and somewhere the student likes to be, you know, put some of their favorite things in there.


 Nice colored walls, just relaxing and not somewhere stressful, dark or whatever additive we should use to put in there. So at is really important. We have a comfortable space when we’re teaching drum lessons Tulsa because that is shown to be where students thrive. So here at Curtis music Academy, we of course take this very seriously and we show our hospitality to our students in a variety of other ways as well. So we did craft the space to be conducive to that. So we, you walk in, it’s very openly on, there’s glass doors on one of the studio rooms at move out windows that are always open for natural lighting and there’s just not a lot of stuff in drum lessons Tulsa. There’s two couches that are really comfortable.


They match, it’s not dingy. We’ve got nice wood floors. All of these things kind of give a warm aesthetic five to the, to the space that we’ve created. And I think they really do a ton for learning. So we do have those two studio rooms that we’ve talked about a ton, but in both of them, we always want to make sure that we have extra seating and that there’s natural light that comes in because those things are really important for a student who you know, has been in school all day, or for example, where there’s not a ton of natural light and they haven’t been able to breathe while in drum lessons Tulsa. We want them to be able to come in to this studio space that we’ve created and just to breathe and to want to be there and have fun. So that’s what I think we’ve done really well here at Curtis music Academy in drum lessons Tulsa.