Drum Lessons Tulsa | Curtis Music Academy’s Amazing Music Instructors

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The Next thing that I want to talk about on this episode of the Curtis music Academy podcast is the importance of having good instructors and a good team around you. So at Curtis music Academy, we happen to have gotten really, really lucky in terms of instructors. We have been hiring for a while now and we have gotten a couple of new instructors in the past six months to a year, I think. I think really in the past year we’ve been growing a ton. It’s been really awesome to see that. But one of the things that we have done is just that we’ve grown in the best right away. 


So we’ve grown in the sense that we’ve gotten really, really excellent instructors to go along with the fact that we’re growing so rapidly as a music Academy. So in the past six months I credit music Academy has like nearly doubled in size. So we have a hundred students at this point in our music Academy. I’m thinking 120 probably, and that’s just a crazy number for such a sudden one that started out as such a small, small music Academy. So Ron started doing this music Academy out of his home.


 He taught drum lessons in the university that he attended, the university of Tulsa. He would teach lessons in their piano rooms there and then he would teach drum lessons outside of his home and now we’ve just grown so much and teach drum lessons Tulsa in the sweet studio space in Tulsa. We have our own space and we’re looking to expand even farther in Tulsa because we do have so many students. I met just such an awesome thing to see has a music Academy. 


So what I want to talk about a lot just as expansion in the things, the reasons behind it, I would say so we have expended quietly because we have good instructors, so we’ve gotten truckers who really care about the students and who do a good job teaching drum lessons Tulsa. Our business model is incredible in the sense that it allows us so much room for growth and we’re using the right tools, so we’re professionalizing things, if that’s even a word. You know, we’re working towards making sure that we’ve got streamlined systems for payments and holding cards on file waiting room area and hospitality and all of the things. 


We’ve got all these things going for us. It’s really phenomenal to see that we’re doing so well as a small business and it’s really exciting to see that as well. So we’ve been doing just so many things. Right. And I think it just goes down to the four core things and I’m going to talk about the next podcast where we’ve got just so many things that we base our business on and it’s done really well for us as miscue Academy. It’s been awesome to see. And one of the reasons behind that is just the phenomenal instructors that we have. So right now I think we have one, two, three, four, five. We’ve got five instructors I think so maybe more Kelly, Ron, Garrett, Haley, Steven and Andrea. 


So six. We have six instructors at the moment, which is really awesome. It’s kind of sweet. So we’ve got kind of a sweet spot of instructors, the perfect number where they all have plenty of students and still room to grow. We might even need to hire more instructors because our interprets are filling up quickly. A couple of them are almost doing this full time. So that’s super awesome to see for them. They’re able to grow their own personal business, if that makes sense. By having teeth for having lots of students. So that’s been super awesome. Super awesome to see when all of our students come in to take drum lessons Tulsa. 


They’re getting just phenomenal instruction because our instructors, we are incredibly, incredibly piggy and we have interviews all the time and we’re constantly in a place of hiring because we know how difficult and how long it takes to hire someone. We want to make sure that if we do need someone else, a new instructor that we have been looking for long enough to find someone that’s good. So we don’t just pick anyone off the streets or off a website. We really are picky in what we do and picky in how we go about hiring them. So, the interview process is pretty sure TJ as well. So we make sure that we ask them poignant, clear questions, concise questions, if you will, to get a good sense of what they are doing, why they want to do this, how they want to, how they want to proceed with their life and their goals and all the things like that.


 Because we recognize the importance of goals and teaching drum lessons Tulsa. Then we know how important it is for our instructors to have goals of their own. So in that and the hiring process, we make sure that the goals of our instructors match the goals, our music Academy growth and prosperity and moving towards the future. And you know, growing in a sustainable, really awesome way with the for the best reasons and the best, you know, waste behind it. So that’s one of the things that we look for and I think it’s really served us well and finding instructors who are awesome, frightening instructors to, you know, do the right thing and will help us grow as a music Academy. So it’s been really awesome to see that Curtis music Academy is scrubbing so much all of our students in any type of lesson, no matter the type of lesson, the instruction that they’re going to get here here, Curtis Music Academy is going to come from just world-class instructors, and that has been where the awesome thing to see.