Drum Lessons Tulsa | The Amazing Curtis Music Academy Difference 

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The next thing that I want to talk about in the next edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, and again this is the thing that I talked about, the tone on these podcasts time because it’s one of the most important things about Curtis music Academy and I think the world really needs to know all about what we have to offer as a music Academy. But what I want to talk about is this thing that we call the critic music cat made differentiate or sheet or the Curtis differences with says at the top and there’s a fourth thing on this list and it goes through what we do at Curtis music Academy and how that shapes up and compares to what people do at other music academies on the sheet. 


It’s really just a phenomenal shape because it shows so well what we found in our business on and how we operate on a day to day basis and I think that gives us a clear purpose and direction and guidance for growth. That’s why the she is just so dang important for choosing drum lessons Tulsa because it again shows us how we can grow. And how we’re doing and why we’re doing it. So I think that’s really important to have these types of things written down and imprint. You can see them and go back to them and kind of meditate on them to see why we’re doing what we’re doing. 


That’s what this, she really served the purpose that she really serves some, it’s super awesome for us and it’s really critical of what we do as a business teaching drum lessons Tulsa. So what I want to take a couple of next few minutes going over is, are the things on this list. So I want to go over the Curtis music, kind of meet aside and then compare it to the other music school side. So on the critics music Academy side, it starts by saying your coach and your friend, and this means a whole lot of different things for different people. 


But for us, a Curtis music Academy, it means that we are a music Academy with instructors who care about the student, not only as a student and not only about the musical goals, but on a personal level as well. So we had to make sure that we’re able to teach them effectively as well as be their friend in drum lessons Tulsa. So we want to be someone that they can talk to you about their day and someone who genuinely shows interest in their life. But we also want to teach them in a way that allows them to learn. We’re not just someone who’s here for fun. What does that mean here? 


That’s here to teach them. It’s a really delicate balance, I think. And a lot of music schools don’t really do it right. So I’m under the coach and your friend, your coach, and your friends section. It says with excellent instruction that combined discipline and hard work, we will make sure to provide you with helpful and supportive guidance to lead you to your goals. So I think that really just shows that we want to be both that person who strives for excellence in teaching, but also someone who actually truly cares about the student and what they’re learning and why they’re learning it in drum lessons Tulsa. 


So when you compare that to the other music school side, it says Jekyll and Hyde and neither is good. So underneath this heading it says oftentimes other schools, why there’d be a dictator toward you or make sure that your best friend leaving you either crying in frustration or working on the same song for three months. So like I said to Ruthie is a truly delicate balance when you’re going, when you’re debating between being someone who is a hardliner the rules and wants to constantly make you learn, stop you. And if you don’t really care, you’re having a bad day or someone who just wants to talk and chat and be your bestie and not actually get things done. 


So a super fine balance there. But I think we do it really well here at critic music Academy through being both their coach and teacher and their friend. So the next heading under critic music Academy is growth tailored instruction. So for us here at Curtis music Academy, when teaching drum lessons Tulsa growth daily instruction means that we focus all of our instruction and all of our drum lessons Tulsa, not on some sort of curriculum thing, but more as based on the student’s specific goals. So that’s something that we do that’s really different from most other music academies is something like that. 


So under that growth tailored instruction section, it says we pride ourselves on getting you to your goals at your pace. Whether you want to be a master or just play for your family reunion, we can help you get there. So what that means really is that we tailor all of her art drum lessons Tulsa and instruction specifically to the students’ personal goals and musical goals. And we don’t teach them something that they don’t need to learn, they don’t want to learn. So if a student says, I hate classical music, I just want to play for fun, that’s what we’ll do and we’ll play for fun.


 So we want to make sure that our students in drum lessons Tulsa are having a good time because we recognize the importance of music and their lives. We do not want to be the ones responsible for them, not enjoying it or not liking it. So it’s really critical that we do that in every single lesson. So we go back to the reason why that student is taking the lesson. Then why the student is here to begin with and we focus everything on those goals. So that’s something that we do really, really well here at Curtis music Academy. And when you compare that to other music schools, the section here says my way or the highway, you’ll often be faced with teachers who have a plan and curriculum that they’ve used since they were students who may not change for your goals or need. So we have had that happen.