Drum Lessons Tulsa | Closing a Lesson

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And this lesson of the critic is addition, I should say, not lesson, but I’m very used to teaching, not teaching, but talking about drum lessons Tulsa. So that’s kind of where that word came from at the very beginning there, but, and this edition of the critic music Academy podcast, but I want to talk about for a little bit and probably about 10 minutes now, what we do in the first lesson. So this is what I spend most of my time doing. If you’re ever thinking to yourself, wow, I wonder what Erica does as an administrative assistant at Curtis music Academy. Well, this is what I do and this is what I put on my resume. Basically, I close first drum lessons Tulsa and what closing drum lessons Tulsa means. 


Not that I’m selling them anything necessarily, which is my least favorite thing about anything and everything. But what I’m doing is, you know, signing them up to take drum lessons Tulsa for the next month. So it occurred to me as an Academy. We don’t have any contracts or anything of that nature, which really just want to help students learn music because we know how valuable and important it is. So at Curtis music Academy, what we do, for the most part, we just call these lessons and we get new students. That’s my job. I’m the person who I don’t get to stay with students in this incident. I don’t recruit actively. I just do these podcasts, which puts us at Google, which then gives us new because they can Google us and find us online and they’re like, wow, look at this Curtis music Academy.


 They’ve got a bajillion stories and they pulled up first on Google. I should go there. And once we call them and tell them that they can take a lesson for just a dollar, it’s incredibly tempting and they really don’t have a reason to go anywhere else. So that’s really, really sweet and that’s a sweet thing that we offer and I think that makes my job closing drum lessons Tulsa so much easier. So after they’ve come in to take that one door lesson, it’s pretty simple. We’ve got a pretty straightforward strategy for how we close drum lessons Tulsa. 


It’s not like we’re doing anything fancy, but we just haven’t method of talking to them to make it seem casual and relaxed like it is. You know, we don’t want it to be stressful and all about the money. Although that obviously is the biggest factor for most people. The cost of taking music lessons to kind of what we do is from the very beginning, we make sure that we are incredibly hospitable and welcoming to all of our students. So when they’re coming in for their very first lesson, we want to make sure that everyone comes into our space and they feel, you know, calm, collected and super energetic taking drum lessons Tulsa and we want, we want that good, awesome mix of feeling welcome and invited, but also just feeling excited because you know, we’re really excited about what we do here at Curtis music Academy. 


So we want to make sure that we as employees are translating that into what we do and how we talk to our students. So that’s something that I think is super awesome that we do here at Curtis music Academy. Now, the next thing then I want to talk about is just the system there and the process that we do it all by it because that’s something that I would imagine most people don’t really understand in terms of how you close the lesson without it being salesy. You know what I mean by sales pitch? You know, we don’t want to be giving our students a sales pitch. We don’t want to be convincing them of something that they don’t need or ripping them off anything of that nature.


 We’re truly just energetic and passionate about what we do and we want to make sure that we’re allowing others to have that same exact reaction and respond to taking these drum lessons Tulsa because it’s super, super important for us. So the way that we go about doing those and closing drum lessons Tulsa is the second people come up to our door. We’re always there. We’re always there and opening up the door and making sure that it’s wide open so that they know that they can come right on it because our door is always open throughout the days. Students can just walk in and make yourselves comfortable. We don’t want them to have to ring the doorbell or anything like that. 


So we encourage our students just to walk in. One way that we do that is by making it to the door. The door is open when they come the very first time. So that’s something important that we do. And then the thing that we do is we greet them. Finally, That’s really, really important because as you know we’ve talked about in the book by Dale Carnegie how to win friends and influence people. It’s a book that Ron and Kelly gave us as gifts to read and learn from. In that book he talks about how important it is to speak to another person with their name. No one loves anything more than the sound of their very own name. 


So when you talk to people by their name, you know them by their name. It’s one really important way that you are able to get to know them and you know, make them feel comfortable and all that. So it’s pretty important that we get them by name. And then the next thing that we do is we just invite them inside and you know, give them a second to look around. I know it’s pretty overwhelming when you go to a new place for the very first time and we want to make sure that everything that we’re doing is not overwhelming, but that we’re calm and collected. Making sure that you know, everyone knows exactly where they are and they don’t feel overwhelmed and bombarded with information all at once. So that’s one thing that I tried to eliminate. 


They’re just telling them to walk in and take a deep breath and soak up their surroundings before I start talking to them about stuff. So that’s one thing that I do when they walk in ad. The next thing that we do is I take a brief second to, you know, offer them a beverage. Of course, hospitality is critical to our business here at Curtis music Academy. So I offered them a beverage and then I talked to them about what we do a little bit differently. So we’ve got that giant poster that I talk about all of the time. The critical music Academy, different sheet. Probably do another podcast about that in here in just a minute.