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I wouldn’t say all of them, but the ones who’ve decided to rate us on Google, which is a significant chunk of them, I should say. There’s one more review down at the bottom that I’ll read really quickly. It says, Ron is awesome. I’ve been taking drum lessons Tulsa with Ron for a couple of months now and enjoy every lesson. He not only teaches me the fundamentals, but also was interested in what my goals are and teaches me songs of my choice. I would recommend Curtis music Academy to anyone of any age as just an incredibly high compliment in this are all things that we actually strive to do. 


So it feels really good from the perspective of working a year that we’re actually attaining them and make students aware of the things that we’re putting our effort into. So on the backside of the sheet that I was kind of rambling about at the very beginning it says, what does Curtis music Academy do for you? Since we teach music drum lessons Tulsa obviously does we teach piano, guitar, voice, ukulele cause you drum lessons Tulsa. I like to call myself the inhouse cause you instructor. But cause that’s about the limit of my immuno musical ability. But it also talks about how you’ll learn various techniques for performance. 


And I’m going to go through and list a couple of these, maybe talk about the ones that I understand. So some of these various techniques for performance or things like melodies and harmonies, what are things that you’ll just find in any general sheet music? The next peak div, different rhythm methods, which is actually pretty addressing because that’s also a cheap music. But it’s something that I wanted to highlight because when you’ve got things like steps and skips and you know, quarter notes, half notes, old notes, all those things in piano and drum lessons Tulsa and, well I guess it’s not really guitar music, piano, music, especially sheet music. 


We’ll talk about that. Rhythm methods, various JARAs. This one is interesting because we do tailor all of our drum lessons Tulsa to the students goals. So if a student is into like some sort of punk rock music, that’s what we will teach them. So we won’t really teach them, you know my girl by the temptations, but we’ll teach him, you know, this up, what they actually want to learn so that the various genres are dependent on what the studio, not the studio but the student wants to learn, which is probably pretty important to note there. It also talks about how we will teach you to play by ear to read sheet music, which is obviously pretty important for learning music, not necessarily for guitar unless you’re learning to read chord charts, which we do teach you how to do, but mostly for piano and vocal reading. 


That sheet music is pretty important. Another really interesting thing that we can do, thanks to the fact that our instructors are trained in this is we can do songwriting and composition. So that’s something that I think a lot of music academies do not offer, but we do here at Curtis music Academy, we definitely offer songwriting and composition because that is really good way to show people who want to be performance. So like we talk about everyone has different goals and we’re very much aware of that. We want to make sure that we’re treating everyone in the goals that they want to achieve. So one of the goals that some people might have is to be an actual musician or performer to perform either in public or you know, whatever it might be. So that is something really special that we can teach them, we’re able to teach them, is that songwriting and composition. 


And I think it’s kind of under, under taught around here in terms of that we also can do soloing and improvisation. So I know that in the guitar class that we teach that I’ve talked about a ton of guitar grillin chill. They just had a song called the 12 bar blues. One was sweet about the 12 bar blues is that it should everyone how to solo and it taught all of them. So throughout this song they’d play a little bit together and then every single person in the class would get the chance to do a little solo in this jazzy blues music. And that was so fun for all of the students. We’ve started teaching that and a ton of our beginner drum lessons Tulsa because it’s really easy way to solo and I don’t think that’s taught as often as it should be in drum lessons Tulsa in general.


 But then the only thing that we can do at Curtis music Academy, so we can give you the resources that it takes to master the instrument that you’re learning. You know, whether it’s vocal piano, guitar, drums, whatever it might be, we’re capable of giving you in your drum lessons Tulsa, the tools and the resources to make you successful. That means a video or writing your own songs or crafting songs that meet your specific skill level cords and need document sheet music, chord courtyards, supplemental videos, worksheets for improve learning. All these things I think that we can do here at Curtis music Academy to make sure that your music lesson and whatever it might be, where the drums or vocal or guitar or piano, we can use our resources that we have on the back end to make sure that you are incredibly successful in your music lesson because that’s what we care about. We truly, truly care about the success of our students and want to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can to make sure that they’re successful here at Curtis music Academy.