Drum Lessons Tulsa | Bonus Checklist

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Today in this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast. What I want to spend a couple of minutes talking about, and by a couple, I mean probably 10 to 12 minutes talking about today is this bonus checklist that I created for all of our instructors. So as you know from talking in all of these podcasts, all of our instructors are not required but strongly encouraged to attend our weekly team meetings. And these team meetings are really awesome places for growth for all of our instructors and for myself, the administrative assistant included, Hey glutes, all five or six of our instructors, both Ron and Kelly and myself and we all just get together and we kind of talk about the problems of the week. So there’s a couple of sections of this meeting.


 One of the first things we do is we just hang out and talk to each other. It’s good to get to know each other outside of a work setting while it’s still a work meeting, it’s good to get to talk to one another and see how the week was just without work involved, you know, outside of the eye. To see what was going on in their lives. That’s been a really good part of those meetings at the beginning. But after we go around and talk about what that was, Brian has this all go around and talk about what the best, the best part of our week was. So he wants to know what the best thing that happened to us this week was. And it’s also a really good way to get to know people outside of work. 


So he wants something that’s not a working answer, not anything having to do with it. So, and like I said, this is just a really good way to get to know one another outside of work. So after we go around and talk about the thing that happened to us this week, we spend a couple of minutes going over other things. So Ron likes to take a second and talk about the student win of the week. Now, this obviously applies to everyone but myself, everyone had taught a lesson and everyone goes around and they tell what the best thing that a student did that week, whether it was a student who really improved a lot or a student, whoever came in obstacle or whatever it might be.


 Just something that happened that was really impressive even if it was just a small one because like we talked about a ton here at Curtis music Academy, we love this small celebrate the small victories and the small wins when our students are taking lessons no matter what the type of lesson it is. So I never, any of our students are taking lessons. We love to smell, celebrate their little small victories every single day as they go on. Cause we recognize that it’s really exhausting and hard to take drum lessons Tulsa and we want to make sure that we’re being encouraging and calm and helping your students all along the way.


Even when the victory seemed small. So as soon one of the week might be something really small, like a student finally finishing the course of a song or something of that nature. But we really want to do our best to encourage and help them along the way. So that’s what we do. We talk about this in one of the week and this kind of brings our meeting to a really positive turn. Make sure that what we’re talking about is uplifting and positive and gets to talk about all the students and everything that they’re doing great. And we don’t really talk about what they’re doing badly. We didn’t want to talk about what they’re doing. Great. So after we do that and everyone shares the student one of the week, we kind of vote together, all of us, we vote on one person. 


Out of all of those students for an instructor, we vote on one to when the student one of the week award. And this is just the little award that we love to give some of our students when they’ve done something outstanding because we want them to feel encouraged and excited to keep taking drum lessons Tulsa and sometimes winning some sort of award like that. As small as it might be. It’s a really good way to show our students that we care and that we notice that their effort, their attention to detail and things like that. So we want them to know that we are aware and following and that we get to talk to them about them and about their progress every week. 


I think it’s really encouraging for a lot of our students to know that all of the instructors are there and talking about their performance. So that’s one of the awesome things that we do at these team meetings here at Curtis music Academy. And after we go about that, we do talk about student concerns. So we talk about some of the things that we’re concerned to have for our students. Sometimes we don’t really know what’s going on or if there’s a student that we think might quit drum lessons Tulsa because of X, Y, or Z reason. We want to just talk about those things and see what we can do to keep them in.


 So, for instance, there was one student in one of our classes and we thought that maybe they wouldn’t want to stick around. They seem to be getting bored and pen going faster than their peers. So we had to sit down with all of us and brainstorm what we could do to keep them, to keep them excited. And we actually were able to come up with a really awesome song that made it challenging for the student but easy for everyone else. It was really awesome way that it really showed that our team meetings are worthwhile and we get a lot out of them because it showed that we were able to actually keep that student and keep him excited, impressed, involved in his drum lessons Tulsa. 


So that’s one of the one awesome things that’s come out of our team meetings every week. But that is really, really awesome. So one part of the team meeting is obviously like we talked about the student wins of the week, the best thing that happened to us in the week concerned. But then what else we go over is we go over all the drum lessons Tulsa for the week. So recently we switched over all of our stuff to Google calendar and this has been super, super easy. It’s been an awesome way to streamline the process of scheduling and all that kind of stuff because in this Google calendar, all of our instructors can see the schedule on their own phone and we can schedule events and drum lessons Tulsa for them. 


So that is a really awesome way for me and Ron, Ron and I should say to control the drum lessons Tulsa from our end while still having students or not students, but instructors, they’re able to put in drum lessons Tulsa on their end and we can stick it directly to their friends that they’ll get notifications and all that kind of stuff when they have a lesson. I think it’s going to make it really easy for students to not miss drum lessons Tulsa or anything in the sword. It’s a really, really awesome way to streamline this process. 


For us, we really needed it. And M I think that Google calendar is going to be one of the most awesome ways that we’re able to do that. But, so one of the things that we talk about at the meeting is the first drum lessons Tulsa of the week. So first, all funds are kind of their big thing. We have a lot of them throughout every week, usually three or four a week. And we, it’s important that we talk with them at the meetings that we can, everyone hasn’t heads up and we know who’s close it and who’s going to teach it and all the things of that nature. It’s a really awesome way to do that, is to talk about it at the team meeting when everyone’s there at the same time. So this podcast is just been about our team meetings and how important, productive, they are. Hard. They’re a really awesome way for all the instructors to get to know one another, talk about work in a really productive, awesome environment. So that’s all I’ve got for this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast. And the next one I’m going to be talking a lot about the instructor bonus checklist that I created.