Drum Lessons Tulsa | We’ll Be Your Mentor and Also Your Friend 

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I’m going to spend the next 10 minutes in this upcoming edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast and I’m going to use this time to go over what we call the Curtis music Academy different sheet. Now, I have done this in probably 15 or 20 podcasts at this point, but it’s really important and it really shines a light on what we do here at critic music Academy and why we did it. So I want to take some time in this podcast just to go through the couple of things that make us different from every other music school by going through the critical music Academy different sheet that I go over at the beginning of every lesson. So in my previous podcast I talked about how we do first drum lessons Tulsa and that would be the $1 lesson that our students are taking. I went over how we do that and when they come in the door. 


When I, one of the first things that I ask them about besides asking them to offer them a drink is I talk to them about what we do differently than the music Academy. So we’ll just kind of generally ask them, you know, Hey Jody, what, what do you know about Curtis music Academy? Do you know much at all about us? And they usually say no. And that’s when I go in and bring up this Curtis music Academy different sheet. So I’ve got a copy of this and here with me right now and I want to go through the couple of things that we do indeed do differently here at critic music Academy. 


So I’m going to start at the beginning and spend about two minutes on each, on each section. So the first section is your coach and your friend on the critical music Academy side. We really value this here at Curtis music Academy. We want to make sure that our instructors are not only the coach to the student, they’re not only the person that he just them drum lessons Tulsa, but they’re also the person that the student can talk to about their day. We want our students to truly feel comfortable with them, with their instructor, and make sure that it’s someone that they can trust to talk to and chat with and not just be some sort of cold instructor who only teaches them what to do and doesn’t actually talk to them.


 So on this sheet it says, I’m going to quote this here with excellent instruction that combines discipline and hard work. We make sure to provide you with helpful and supportive guidance to lead you to your goals. So we’ve really value instruction that does indeed combine both friendship and proper really fine tuned instruction. So we focus a ton on both of those things. When we go through our team meetings, we want to make sure that we are always focusing on always focusing on both being friendly and kind to our students. And then also being, you know, someone who’s truly going to teach them. 


So that’s what, that’s what we want to focus on and that’s why we strive to be both our students coach and their friends. So the next thing that the next column over is the other music schools column. And this kind of talk to that what we have found through all of our instructors experienced at other music Academy. So like I’ve pointed to before, most of our instructors, actually all of our instructors have taken drum lessons Tulsa throughout their entire lives so that they’re very keenly aware of what it’s like to take drum lessons in a different place. And that gives us some really great perspective because then we’re able to, you know, figure out what we can do differently than all of the places that our instructors have been and all the things that they’ve seen throughout taking drum lessons in other places. So that is one of the most effective ways of doing things. 


It’s just having people that have been to other places and seeing what went wrong, what, what can we do differently here at Curtis music Academy, it gives us some really good perspective. So anyways, back to my point, the other music school side says Jacqueline Hyde and neither is good. So it says that oftentimes other schools will either be a dictator towards you or make sure that they’re your best friend leaving you either crying in frustration or working on the same exact song for three months. So our instructors have shown us and talked to us about the fact that emotionally in music schools it’s an either or situation where they’re either your coach or your, they’re your friend. 


And that is something that we tried to do both of. Because if you’re simply just friendly to your students then you’re not actually going to get anything done. You know, if you are trying to talk to someone on a peer to peer relationship, the quality of the instruction there is not going to be nearly as effective as if you’re actually their teacher. So I think that’s what you kind of get caught up in doing is just being peers as opposed to an instructor and then you’re losing that valuable and checked in that this didn’t deserve. 


So I want to make sure that at Curtis music Academy we are definitely able to balance both being your coach and your friend. So we don’t want to be on one extreme end or the other. The next point that I want to talk about on this card is a different sheet of growth tailored instruction for drum lessons Tulsa. So with growth tailored instruction, we want to make sure that we point all of our students in their own specific direction. So again, like I talked about in my last podcast on the first lesson, I tell all of our students this when I’m on the phone with them and then I reiterate it once they come in.