Drum Lessons Tulsa | How We Help Students to Reach Goals

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They just want to learn a couple of songs to play for their loved ones. But we also have to come in here and they say, I want to be a musician, I want to do this full time. Can you help me do that? And so we are really aware and we work towards all the students’ goals. So obviously a student who wants to play for their family and a student who wants to be a professional musician, their drum lessons Tulsa are going to look different because they have different goals and that’s one of the things that we do best here at Curtis music Academy is we make the drum lessons Tulsa tailored specifically to each student’s goals and we do that because we’ve realized that a lot of music academies don’t. 

They don’t do that and that’s something that’s missing, but what’s the point of taking a music class and if you know you’re not getting the instruction that you want and you’re not able to do the things that you want to do. For instance, if I was taking drum lessons Tulsa somewhere else and I wanted to learn to play a song for my fiance for example, if I wanted to learn that and they started teaching me all the stuff that had nothing to do with learning the song, whether that be a bunch of needless theory or things like music theory, things of that nature, they start teaching me stuff that I just don’t need to know to accomplish my goal. I would feel like I’m wasting money. 

Like I’m being ripped off because I’m not learning what I came in there to learn and what I wanted to learn. So it’s really important to us at Curtis music Academy that we give a good solid quality lesson to all our students that’s focused solely on the things that they want to learn. That way they’re getting the most for their money, like we talked about. It is a big commitment and we’re not going to ask our students to commit to something if we can’t follow through. So it’s really important to us that we have all of our instructors set goals and our students at musical goals. 

Actually, one of the things that we do when we have a job interview for a spot for a music instructor, whether it’s, you know, guitar vocal or drums or piano, we ask them what their goals are because we want to know if the goals of this person match up with the goals of Curtis music Academy. So, for instance, our goal at Curtis music Academy art is to grow and grow through teaching students with quality drum lessons Tulsa, with quality materials and quality instructors. If our instructors have different goals that don’t align with the goals of credit music Academy, we’re not going to hire them. 

So goals are important in every single aspect of life. We want to make sure that people are driven. That’s another thing that goals show goals in goal setting. They show that you are driven and you’re dedicated to making something happen. We know, like I talked about, if you set a goal in mind for whatever it is, whether it’s musical or personal or professional, you’re so much more likely to reach it and it shows that you’re willing to work towards it. If you just have goals that you keep inside your head, or maybe you’re just not really thinking about them and you don’t know where to go, it doesn’t show a lot of drive. It doesn’t show a lot of motivation. 

So when you’re applying for jobs and things of that nature, it’s important that you set very clearly defined goals so that they know what you’re working towards and what is just a lot about you as a person. So while musical goals might not show a ton about you as a person are their personal and professional goals, definitely, definitely do. So it’s really important that you set goals in every aspect of your life. But with musical goals, they’re pretty easy to reach once you start to write them down for drum lessons Tulsa. So if you write it down for, I want to learn to play this song in the next six months and you know why you want to play it. Let’s say I wanted to learn the song by the time my wedding came around so that I could play it for my fiance, something like that.

 If you have a clearly defined goal, it’s going to be so much easier for you to tell your instructor, Hey, this is what I want to do and I want to learn this for this reason. It’s going to be so much easier to, you know, work towards that. And so once you let your instructor note what your musical goals are, they can, they can craft a really, really good plan to help you reach them. So that’s one of the things that we can do at Curtis music Academy. When you set those goals, it’s really important that you do that.

That way we can help you reach them. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help all of our students reach their goals, personal and professional, our musical, whatever we can do to help you reach them because we recognize how important they are. So that’s about all I’ve gotten through this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast. We talk a ton about goals and musical goals, personal goals, professional goals, all of the different types of goals in drum lessons Tulsa. And I just want everyone to know who’s listening to this know how important goals are and everything that they mean for us as a music Academy. If you set professional, personal, or musical goals and you tell your instructor about them, that’s how we’re able to give you a really good lesson. And that’s what we thrive on here at Curtis music Academy for your drum lessons Tulsa.