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A lot of situations. We’ve got people who come in and they say that they were forced to learn things that they didn’t want to learn, they didn’t care about. But we really try to do things differently here at Curtin music Academy. Make sure that I’m only teaching people things that they actually want to learn. We don’t want them to get tired or bored or burnt out anything of the sort. We want to make sure that they are, you know, thrive in their music. So that’s something that’s really what I think is really important. So the next thing, and to the Curtis music Academy heading, it says you’ll love where you learn. And it says at Curtis music Academy where you’ll be learning these new skills. 


We make sure our spaces are comfortable inviting and conducive to optimal learning. And we do a ton of podcasts that talk about comfortable space and the importance of loving where you learn things of that nature. Because studies have shown that it makes an incredible impact on someone’s learning when they’re learning in a place that they want to learn a place that’s comfortable, warm and inviting. So we’ve really strived to create a space where that can be the case. A space where you know, you can come in and relax, sit on the couch, drinks and coffee or tea and just want to be here. We don’t want it to be a space that’s cold, dark or uninviting. 


Because when you’re in that space, you’re not getting natural light. You’re not getting fresh air and you’re not going to be learning as well or retaining because you won’t want to be there and you’ll feel like you have to be on guard. So, like I’ve talked about before in previous podcasts, a lot of our students, they get done with school and they come straight here. And the last thing that they want is to be trapped in another dark room where they have to learn stuff that they don’t want to learn.


 So we try to make this a place of reprieve and rest. So while you’re learning, we want to make sure that you’re having a good time and that it’s super fun. It is awesome. It’s an awesome place that we’ve created here. When you compare that to other music schools, it says, I guess we’ll do it here. So we found that other music schools then they might have talented musicians and have extensive knowledge to not dedicate thought into their teaching space, hanging in the same blink one 82 poster on the wall that they got back in high school. 


So this is true story. We’ve had ton of instructors because aren’t checkers obviously, you know, have taken drum lessons Tulsa for most of their lives, if not all of their life. So would they have a credible experience in those music academies? And we have found that they, you know, don’t take as much sock in the space as we do. So other music academies just don’t have a warm, inviting and comfortable space. You get there, you feel like you gotta be on guard. It’s not a fun place to be. So we’ve really strived to do the opposite of that here at Curtis music Academy.


 I think we’ve done a fantastic job. So anyone who comes in to take a music lesson, any sort, when you take drum lessons Tulsa with us at Curtis music Academy, you will take classrooms and a place that’s comfortable and warm and inviting and a place that you actually want to be, not a place that you have to be. And the last thing on this Curtis music Academy differentiator sheet, or the Curtis difference says joy, the rigor. So we want to make sure that we’re celebrating all of the small victories and your musical path. So as most of us are musicians here at Chris’s music Academy, I say, I should say all of us are musicians except for myself probably. 


But we all have background in music and we know how difficult it is to learn a song and learn, learn an instrument. It’s not an easy task and it’s not for the weak of heart because it takes a lot how to view and it’s exhausting. And there are times where it’s really frustrating but occurred to me that Academy and we try to really push through and show you that there can be so much joy through all the difficult stuff. So underneath this section it says as you make steady progress, we will celebrate your growth and efforts. We’ll have fun and make sure that you enjoy your experience with drum lessons Tulsa and performances. So we don’t want it to be a place of stress again. 


Well you’d have fun and enjoy what you’re doing here at Curtis music Academy. So when you compare that to other schools, it says how out of touch. So the training is typically led to a boring recital as it’s a hot sweaty church of this event will show off the pupil star pupil leaving you wanting to leave as quickly as possible. So both a new school is, I don’t try to prioritize those small wins. They don’t try to prioritize all of their students in drum lessons Tulsa. They focus on, you know, one star student and leave. 


Everyone else have been to us. So that’s not what we do at Curtis music Academy. We want to celebrate all of our students, all the progress that they make, no matter how small it might seem at the time, or no matter how, you know, minute or a tiny, the accomplishments might seem, because we recognize that everyone has their own pace in drum lessons Tulsa and their own goals, and we want to make sure that we’re celebrating each and every student as they accomplish those goals in drum lessons Tulsa.