Drum Lessons Tulsa | Here’s How You Can Schedule A Drum Lesson 

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The next thing that I want to talk about on this edition at the Curtis music Academy podcast is something that I actually don’t think I’ve talked about in any of these podcasts before now, which is really awesome because I’m finally coming up with creative new topics and things to talk about. But what I want to talk about is the importance of scheduling and finding scheduling. So, so at Curtis music Academy in drum lessons Tulsa, before I came onboard, and even for the most part while I was on board, we were using a scheduling system that was just not working for us. You know, it was sent out text and that was awesome, but it was only, you were only able to access it. 


One person was able to access it. So if Ron had the Curtis music Academy work phone, which he usually does because it also doubles us, his personal phone, if he had that phone with him, none of us at Curtis music Academy, we’re able to access the schedule on our own. So that made it really difficult. If there was ever a student and you know, we had a communication error. For example, if Ron forgot to remind the instructor of a lesson or something of that nature, it was really difficult because the instructor had no way of remembering or knowing. 


So we had to obviously find a new solution in terms of scheduling. So that’s where we came across Google calendar and Google calendar has really changed the game for us because I think what the coolest part about Google calendar is that when you go on there, you are able to, so at Curtis music Academy regarded Google suite and from that Google suite rehab super admin powers, which means that once her instructors give us, give us and myself access to their Google calendar, we’re able to go in and add drum lessons Tulsa to their calendar. So when they’re on their mobile device or on their computer, anytime they log into a Google account, they’re able to see all of their drum lessons Tulsa in real time.


 And on our end, at Curtis Music Academy, we’re able to see everyone’s lesson in book people accordingly. So it’s really awesome to have access to everyone’s calendar because you know when they’re available, when they’re not available and you know who you’re able to schedule them with. So Google calendar is really truly changed the game for scheduling and I think for the better in the best of ways because we are growing so rapidly, we’ve had to find creative solutions for the problems that we’re facing with all of this new growth.


 So we’ve pretty much fully linked all of our Google stuff. It’s where we send out emails and we use Google sheets to track our students, all the things like that. But another cool feature of Google calendar that we haven’t implemented yet, but you’re able to invite students to the event. So if they use Google, which most people do, we can add them to the event as a visitor and they will get a notification that they’ve got an event coming up with their instructor. So we’ll say, you know, we can set the reminder to an hour for it and we’ll say, Hey reminder, you’ve got a lesson with Andrea. I accrued this music Academy or something like that. It is really awesome that we’re able to do that. 


We have not done that yet. Like I said, but I think we’re working on phasing out the old system and moving towards this one because it is so much more sustainable for us to the Academy that’s growing as rapidly as we are in drum lessons Tulsa. So that’s one of the things that I wanted to talk about because that’s what I’ve been doing a ton recently is sinking everyone’s calendars and scheduling people there were on in life. Talked a little bit briefly about perhaps me, myself being in charge of all the scheduling that happens at Curtis music Academy. So in that case I would have, you know, access to the calendar, the admin role, and I would have the Curtis music app phone and that’d be really awesome because when there’s just one person’s good feeling. 


I feel as that makes it a ton easier to do the job because it’s really hard to schedule when you’ve got multiple people scheduling at the same time. That’s why we’ve got Google calendar set up the way that we do so that I have all the scheduling ability and then instructors are just able to view it so it makes it really, really handy for myself to schedule drum lessons Tulsa because I know that I’m, I’m the one that’s able to do that from my end and no one else is going to start accidentally scheduling over or making this giggling error like that. It’s a lot easier when there’s one person in terms of the skip and like I think that might be really helpful with as Curtis music Academy.


 And things of that nature. But another really cool feature of Google calendar is that when you’re typing in an event for my end, if I’m scheduling a $1 lesson, which is most of the scheduling is then I will go in to the calendar and start to schedule this unit, put all the information in with their proper instructor and everything, but then at the bottom I can go down there and click on notes and I can add a detailed description of the students. 


So anything that they told me on the phone, you know, what their goals are for taking drum lessons Tulsa, what instrument, but what they’re wanting to do. Any pertinent information that we would like to bring up and talk about with them and their first lesson. that is what we want to put in that little box at the bottom for nodes. So that’s really awesome thing that we can do at Curtis music Academy is nothing because it allows our instructors to see on their phones, like I’ve talked about, they can click on it and they can see all of that information before even walking in the door. So it updates immediately and it is a really awesome way to go about things. And it really has helped us a ton in terms of scheduling.