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But we are truly adamantly focused on making sure that we tailor all of our drum lessons Tulsa to our students’ specific growth in their specific goals. So we have encountered a ton of music schools who put everyone on the same path and they don’t pay attention to the individuality of all of our students. So we want to make sure at Curtis music Academy that we are taking the time to get to know our students through being both their coach and their friend and using that knowledge to teach them what they want to learn. So we want to make sure that we’re not teaching our students only what the teachers want to learn.


 You know, it would obviously be incredibly easy for our teachers to play every student out of the same exact book because then they only have to one learn one, learn one book. They only have to prepare for that. They don’t really have to do any work outside of their drum lessons Tulsa. I just have to go in do the same book that they’ve been doing this whole time. Yeah, that would be incredibly easy for instructors, but we want to make sure that our students are able to reach their own goals at their own pace and in doing that it, it requires a lot more work out of our instructors, obviously requires them to prep material for each individual lesson as opposed to prepping the material for just every single lesson at once and making sure that everyone learns the same things, that they don’t have to do any extra work. 


You know, we like to make things difficult for our instructors. We want to make sure that they’re having to do the work because that’s what makes all the difference in the world for drum lessons Tulsa. You can truly tell when you go into a music lesson, if your introductory has put in the work, the time and the effort to prep this lesson for you. If they haven’t, it is painfully, painfully obvious. So this growth tailored instruction talks about how we pride ourselves on getting or getting the students to their goals at their pace. So I’m gonna read through this right now. It says growth tailored instruction.


 We pride ourselves on getting you to your goals at your pace. Whether you want to be a master or just play for your family reunion, we can help you get there. So this kind of points to the fact that all of us teams have different goals and that’s something that we are adamantly and keenly aware of in drum lessons Tulsa. We’ve had students who came in here before and they said, Ron, I want to be a jazz musician. This is my goal. Will you please help me become a jazz musician through teaching me the piano? 


And that is something that’s going to be dramatically different from a student who comes in and says, Ron, I really just want to learn a song to play at my wedding. You know, I really think that my wife would love this song and I want to learn how to play it for her. It’s just this one song. This is all I really want to learn. It’s the only reason I’m taking drum lessons Tulsa. So that is one of the things that I wanted to do and pointing out that we make sure that all of our students are on their own path because it’s not fair to put the person who wants to learn jazz music and be a jazz musician on the same exact path as the student who wants to play a song for their wife at their wedding. You know, those two people have dramatically different goals and it’s not fair and they’re not getting what they paid for. If we’re giving them the easy route in word, just teaching them what we want to teach them. So that’s one of the biggest things. 


And this is the thing that I do point out to all of our students when they come in because it’s one of the most important things on this entire Curtis music Academy, different sheets. So on the other music school side of the sheet, it talks about what other music schools have done. And like I said, all of our instructors have taken drum lessons Tulsa for their entire lives. So they are very keenly aware of what it’s like at other music academies and we want to make sure that we could get that perspective to make sure we’re doing the right thing and that we are not doing the same wrong things that these music academies were. 


Or if there was something that the other music academies did really well, we want to make sure that we’re able to do that as well. So this says my way or the highway, you’ll often be faced with teachers who have a plan in curriculum that they’ve used, says they were students who may not change for your goals or your needs. So we have found that I have a ton of other music academies. These instructors will teach the students the same things. They’ve been teaching all of their students for the entire time that they’ve been teaching. You know, whether it’s 20 years or 40 years, and that is simply not fair. Like we talked about. It’s not fair to teach a student who wants to learn jazz music. 


It’s not fair to teach them out of a normal book. It’s not fair to them and then they’re not getting what they paid for and they’re not getting what they deserve. So want to make sure that we are putting all of our students on their very own path and not falling into this my way or the highway trap. We know we liked it. Make sure our instructors are putting in the work and the time and the effort to go through and teach all of their students different things. That is really, really important to us here at Curtis music Academy and we want to make sure that we keep doing that and we don’t want to get caught up in teaching everyone the same thing simply for the sake of simplicity and ease.


 We want to make sure that we’re teaching all of our students what exactly they deserve. So this critic music different sheet is really, really important to us here at Curtis music Academy. Like I said, these top two things are really fundamental to who we are and what we do. In the next podcast, I’m going to go over the second half of this Curtis different sheet and talk about the importance of comfort and you know, praising our students and their small successes. That’s what I’m going to get through in the next podcast because this sheet is long. There’s four things on it and yep, that’s about all I have got from the first half of this Curtis different sheet on this episode of the Curtis music Academy podcast.