Drum Lessons Tulsa | The First Lesson Experience at Curtis Music Academy

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We ask our students when they come in if they would like anything to drink, whether its coffee, tea, or water. And, and they’ll usually say no, but if they do say yes, it’s really awesome because it makes them feel comfortable and welcome and it makes us feel like we’re doing the right thing and making sure that they’re comfortable and all of that that comes with it. So they’ll come in and we’ll get them of course with a smile and excitedly knowing them by name. That’s a big deal is knowing people by name know I’ve talked about before, but Dale Carnegie’s book, how to win friends and influence people, talks a ton about how important it is to know a student by name and call them out by name is no one loves the sound of anything more than their own name.


 So it really is psychological and all of that. So that’s what I want to talk about for that. After we’ve been hospitable and we’ve offered them a drink, typically I take them into our little living room area. This will all probably change once we get an ACD, but I’ll take them into the little living room and now say, Hey Jodi, I want to do you know much about Curtis music Academy for drum lessons Tulsa. And usually they’ll say no because there isn’t much about us on the internet. Typically you know, no one, no one really, really knows much. So then I will go into a little bit about us has a music Academy, so we’ve got a giant poster on a wall. Then it’s the Curtis music Academy. 


Differentiate like I’ve talked about a ton, but on the sheet it goes through all the things that we do differently than other music academies and everything like that. So I will go through this list and I usually just pick one thing, I’ll hand him a copy of it cause we have, you know, double-sided copies of this page that’s on the blown up in a poster form on the wall. And I’ll say, Hey Jodi, I’m going to give you this to read over on your own time. Not right now because it is kind of long and stuff. But what I want to do is I want to point to one things different about gross, then that’s different from other music academies.


 So usually I’ll point to growth, tailored instruction and I’ll point out how we always focus on our students’ goals first and foremost for drum lessons Tulsa. So we don’t have some sort of Academy wide curriculum, something that we put every student on the same path. We recognize that everyone has different goals and dreams and desires when it comes to taking drum lessons Tulsa. So we want to make sure that we are able to do that and point out just one, one at a time, which I think is really cool. So anyways, it’s really good to point out that we offer that and all of that kind of stuff. And once I go over a little bit about Curtis music Academy, I will introduce the instructor and I’ll say, Hey Jody, this is Andrea. Andrea is going to be your instructor today. She is truly the best. 


So are you guys ready to get started? And then that will go in there to take their lesson and all goes well about five minutes before the end of the lesson is when I come in and I go through all the details, everything that everybody wants to know, but we kind of wait til after their first lesson to make sure they get an accurate feel of it before they shut it down for being too expensive or whatever the reason might be. So we want to make sure that we’re always, if you will, uh, pointing towards the best things and all of that stuff. So I’ll start to go through all the nitty gritty details with them, beginning with asking them how the lesson was. And usually I write them a card. This is a thank you so much for coming out and taking a lesson with us. We sincerely appreciate it. That’s one of the things that I’ll do and I think that means a lot to my students because it’s a really personal touch that I think is missing from a lot of places when you take drum lessons Tulsa at any capacity. 


So that kind of personal touch really means a lot to our students. I truly think it plays a big role in their decision making process. So after Ruth and I know ask them about how their lesson went, I will go through the closing script and the script is super simple but it’s written out and scripted. So then I make sure that I hit all of the important points. It’s kind of the, it’s just kind of a guideline for what to talk about. Make sure you’re not missing any of the critical. So what I’ll typically start with is asking them if this time works for them in the future to make sure that we could get that in the schedule and all of that. 


That for us is really important here at critic music Academy. It’s going to make sure that we’ve, this is a good time for that. Make sure it’s easy for them to get here. You know, we want to make sure that it’s convenient that we can work with everyone’s schedule. So that is what we will do in terms of scheduling. Well make sure that time works for them. And all of that. And after that time works and we go through that, I’ll say, Hey Jesse, you know, the good news is that our drum lessons Tulsa, you know, started just $30 for that half hour lesson. And when we phrase it like that, when we put it in good news form, it kind of trains the mind to be like, yeah, this is good news. 


We are actually really affordable comparatively. We’re not the cheapest drum lessons Tulsa out there, but we are pretty affordable compared to others music schools. So we want to make sure that all of our students are getting a really great first impression of us when they come to Curtis music Academy. Just like important that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that all of our first drum lessons Tulsa are amazing.