The Science of Sound and Electric Guitar Lessons in Oklahoma

Hi, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy here with another awesome podcast about the amazingness of music and how it applies to piano and electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma. So my podcast today is going to be about frequency and about how it really affects music. And it’s kind of one in the same, to be honest, because frequency is kind of like the study of sound and sound waves and it’s measured in hertz or megahertz. And basically, scientists have discovered that everything in the earth, everything in the universe, when you look at its smallest level, it is actually energy. And so it is interesting. So everything responds to energy. Everything is energy. So it’s interesting. 

I read this amazing book about frequency and about sound and about music and it’s called I think it’s called The Sky The Sound of Healing by Michael Tyrrell. It’s just incredible and I definitely recommend it to all those taking piano and electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma. He talks a lot about frequency and about how as a musician, he went on this journey discovering how frequency really affects human behavior. And science has discovered that if you speak unkindly to a planet, the planet actually withers. But if you speak kindly to the planet, words of affirmation, words of love, it actually grows and flourishes. And they’ve done the same thing with snowflakes, same results. They’ve done the same things with other things in nature as well. So the power of words is so crucial, especially if you are taking piano or electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma.

And so I’ll just be speaking life words all the time anyway. But further than that, there’s actually hidden notes, hidden sounds that we didn’t know about that actually release frequencies of peace and wellbeing. So the really cool thing is that our pianos are tuned to four four four now four four four is actually it releases chaos and confusion. And so that’s not the cool part. But so we don’t even know it. We’re just this is just how music is for us. But if you actually take it and tune it ever so slightly upwards or down and find a different frequency level, it can have a major affect positively on the body. And so there’s in the book, it describes seven different frequencies that you can really tune yourselves to. Like the frequency 423 hz. You can use that frequency in your piano or electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma.

Two is a great one. I think there’s like two. Seventeen is another one. And there’s even one that’s like eight somewhere in the eight hundreds. But basically there’s these frequencies and if you just play them as positive effects, it helps your memory, it helps your even on the DNA level. So this is very scientific stuff. And so anyway, I have been playing that in my apartment when I sleep and I love it, I could go on and on about the positive aspects as well. People have even used these for healing for organs in their bodies. And it makes sense because the bodies respond to the sound and the frequency of peace. And that’s another one of the strongest ones is like feelings of peace, feelings of trust and forgiveness, all these different kinds of things. So it’s amazing, especially in piano and electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma.

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Some of the stories that he tells are secrets of the Gregorian monks who understood these things and that’s why their chance they were actually chanting to some of these frequencies and some of the actual facts of this have been lost over time. And Michael Tyrel is just really cool. He’s been on this adventure discovering all of this stuff. Another interesting fact is that in Nazi Germany during Hitler’s reign, that. They understood this principle and they actually tuned their instruments to a frequency release, chaos and confusion. So that should be pretty telling as well, that they understood this and they used it for the negative. And I just think that more and more people are understanding it and using it for the positive, especially if you are taking piano or electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma. 

So another thing biblically is that people have discovered that King David, when he played on his harp, brought peace to King Saul. So people believe that he had understood this truth about the frequencies and about how God has created music and about how God has created sound to bring healing and restoration. So that’s the cool thing about God, is that everything about science points back to him. And actually God has embedded these truths in our world and in our science that we can use for our benefit. So some of you might be wondering how does this really work? You can take those principles and apply them to piano or electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma.

And so, for example, I actually play in a band and every week that we get together, we tune like normally music in our culture is tuned to four forty four megahertz, but we actually tune it down to four, three, two, because for three, two releases a piece. And so every week that I go there, I play the cello in this band and every week I go, I just tune my instruments and I have a tuner app in it. It’s very accurate. And so it tones it down to four, three, two. It’s not even a half step like it’s somewhere in between. Like if you’re tuning to a it’s ever so slightly under a so the whole band is tuned to that and it sounds cohesive. It sounds great. So whether you are taking piano or electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma, this applies to you as well. And that’s just the thing. 

It’s like these frequencies are hidden in between our piano keys. How cool is that? And so I just really feel like there is that restoration of this truth that’s being brought out into light and can be used to bring a lot of health and wholeness to a lot of people. So I might be bringing more and more podcasts on this subject because we could really dive in and learn a lot about it. It’s really fascinating things that Albert Einstein discovered that correlates with the science of sound, things that Nikola Tesla discovered that correlate as well in the mysteries of the universe. And I just love it and how it relates to our world and our music. So thank you for joining in on this podcast about piano and electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma. And I will see you at the next podcast where we dive deeper into electric guitar lessons in Oklahoma.