Playing in a Band Setting and Electric Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

Hi, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy, and I have another wonderful podcast about playing music and playing different instruments at Curtis Music Academy. We give piano lessons, we give electric guitar lessons in Tulsa, we give it vocal lessons, and we also give a variety of other lessons as well. Other instruments. Today’s podcast is actually going to be about learning to follow the singer. And so I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a band setting, but this is one of the most crucial aspects, is following the person who’s really leading, which is the singer. And so even today, I was playing in a band setting and I really had to be in connection with the person who was singing because she was flowing throughout the song. 

And our band plays very spontaneous music, similar to electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so it’s very normal for us to just kind of whine and do things differently than the way we’ve heard the song and to even flow spontaneously. And so in those instances particularly, it’s really crucial to just be really cute with what the singer is doing. And so today she was on my left and I was just really looking over with her. Where is she going to go? Is she going to bridge the chorus of the song and these types of things, or is she going to ad lib with a section while I’m playing the chords for the chorus and all of these different things? And so it was, to be honest, a little challenging for me this morning as I was doing that. 

But that’s one of the really cool things about music and electric guitar lessons in Tulsa, is it’s supposed to be challenging. And so I ended up having a really solid piano experience this morning following her, and it just turned out great. And also another thing that I was thinking is being in tune with the other instruments. And so this morning there was a drummer, there was a guitar player in there with me on the piano. And so, you know, we don’t want to just be doing our own things. Each one of us is just having fun and playing whatever sounds good to us during electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s actually all about making a bigger sound. And so it’s not just about the drummer playing whatever he wants. It’s not about the guitarist playing whatever he wants. That’s what electric guitar lessons in Tulsa is for. 

It’s not about me playing whatever I want and then the singers doing their own thing. So ultimately, four different people kind of in their own little worlds, doing their own little things that don’t really produce great music, unfortunately. So we really have to be thinking as a one and one sound. It’s important to think of these things during electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so I’ve noticed that a lot with the piano and the guitar. A lot of times you don’t want to be doing the same exact thing, playing the same notes, using the same exact frequencies, because it just ends up sounding kind of muddy. You want to be playing something a little bit differently. So I was challenging myself with that as well. 

Being in a Band and Children’s Electric Guitar Lessons in Tulsa


And so I was playing like a little bit of a different rhythm pattern than the guitarist was during his electric guitar lessons in Tulsa, and it just ended up sounding really great. One unfortunate thing was we actually didn’t have a chance to practice with the drummer, which is just one of those hilarious things. Again, we’re a very spontaneous band. And so he actually came when we were like in essence we were performing and he just jumped up and started playing the drums. And so it was great and it turned out fine. But it’s just hard to be on the same page when that happens, which is normal. And so that is one thing just to have eye contact with the people in the band, like if you’re going to make a change in direction, just kind of give a look. 

And even if the people don’t know what that look means, they’ll be aware that something’s changing, something is going to happen. So that is a great idea I’ve ever been to is being aware of the sound on the stage, hopefully that’s what the people out in the audience or in the crowd or whatever you want to call it, that’s what they’re hearing. And so the mix of the sound is really good as well. So all of these things are things to take into consideration. Are you hearing your own instruments loud enough or is it too soft, all of these different things? And that’s another thing that I’ve been in several different bands throughout the years. And it’s just fun to see how different bands are formed and how they’re led. This is really helpful in guitar electric guitar lessons in Tulsa.

And I was a part of a band probably about 10 years ago while I was taking electric guitar lessons in Tulsa, and we actually practiced everything very carefully. Sometimes we would review just passages of the song over and over again to really. Make sure that all of us were in sync, and that was a really cool experience. We had some really seasoned musicians. I think the drummer was very seasoned and he had played for decades and was really great. Same thing with the keyboardist.

And actually the same with the guitarist as well. And so it was really cool for me, like a person in my early 20s to be able to kind of rock out with these different people and had a lot of fun compared to the band I’m in right now, which is very spontaneous. And a lot of times we practice the morning off and so things aren’t exactly exact, but there’s a lot more free flow. And so it’s just really kind of cool to see the different varieties of the way that you can take the music. So anyway, I hope that gives you some wisdom on how to follow the person who’s leading. Thanks for tuning in for this podcast about electric guitar lessons in Tulsa. We’ll see you next time.